Are Your Feelings Real, Or Are They A Facade?

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Consider the rights of others before your own feelings and the feelings of others before your own rights. ~ John Wooden

Proverbs 29:11 Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. 


Do you want to get more control over your feelings and emotions? Also, do you want to deal with others’ disturbing emotions without hurting their feelings? Here are some encouraging scriptures about feelings people have.




How Do Feelings And Emotions Work?



Time Wasting Emotions And Thoughts To Try To Stop!

Are Your Feelings And Emotions Are Controlling You?

Your feelings and emotions can be very intense if you allow yourself to be controlled by them!

Feelings Can Be Hurt Sometimes Very Easily!

1. Refrain From Comparing Yourself To Others.

When you compare yourself to others, it is like comparing your insides to someone else’s outward appearance, which in most cases, you will end up on the short end of the stick.

Stay in your lane, and be sure you are doing the best you can. Appreciate the person that God created you to be with both your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Resist Entertaining Regrets of The Past.

Like my brother, Tom taught me years ago that if I did all I could do to make the situation the best that I could, then turn the page and refuse to remain enslaved in remorse or bitterness.

Try to learn from the situation, then move on. If you don’t, you’ll be kept a prisoner in the memories of the past. Ask God to help you with letting the situation go.

3. Reflect On Negative Comments Others Say To You.

Before you reject negative comments, others say, be sure that they are untruthful. Dismissing something true can be harmful and cause more problems. So be sure that what the critics are saying is not valid.
If what they say has any truth, reflect on the fact, and apply it to your life to become a better person.

4. Redirect Unnecessary Drama Into Your Life.

People are people, and there will always be some level of drama in life. What you want to avoid are the relationships if your efforts are not appreciated.

Also, the other person becomes draining and generally toxic instead of supportive and uplifting. I am not saying to dump them off at the curb, but I am speaking to guard your heart and not allow them to drag you down emotionally, mentally, physically, or even spiritually.

Sometimes we need to put others on the back burner for a while. People have their issues, but sometimes their problems can be too overwhelming, and they might need spiritual or professional help.

5. Realize True Happiness Comes From God.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or do not have in the bank or what title you may have in the world. External accomplishments can be excellent, but you will never find true happiness if you allow your happiness to depend upon external affirmation.

True happiness begins with a good relationship with Jesus Christ and knowing His will for your life and how to accomplish it.



Do Our Feelings Need Healing? How To Resolve Things?

Feelings can be excellent, devastating, or somewhere in between. Feelings and emotions can be positive, or they can be overwhelming. Some people have thin skin, making it hard for them to control their feelings or emotions. We need to be able to handle our feelings, good or bad. Learn about your feelings! Learn the importance of feelings.

But when we are walking close to God, He will prompt us to do what is right. God will keep us from harm and be a blessing to us rather than a curse.

If you have some questions that need answering, check out Got Questions to help you get your feelings and emotions in line with God’s wisdom and plan for you and your life.

Often Satan gets into our minds to try to destroy us in different ways. The thing is to guard your hearts and seek the truth of God’s word. 

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline 2 Timothy 1:7.  

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Below are some links that will point you to answers to your feelings and emotions about some topics that need attention. ~ Bill Greguska



Here Are Some Helpful Links:



Feeling And Emotions Being Like A Train Analogy?

Feelings are like the caboose, and wisdom is like the engine. Often people get the two mixed up, and they allow their emotions to run the train (their life) instead of the wisdom that God has given us in his word. ~ Bill Greguska.




Out Of These 194 Feelings Listed Below:

How Many Did You Experience Last Week?

  • Do you allow God to help you process your feelings, or do you do what feels right to you?
  • Trying to include God in your dealing with your feelings, you will feel much more peace and find that doing God’s will is always better than doing your own will!
  1. Cheerfulness
  2. Love
  3. Affection
  4. Compassion
  5. Generosity
  6. Anger
  7. Enjoyment
  8. Admiration
  9. Freedom
  10. Realization
  11. Justice
  12. Acceptance
  13. Goodness
  14. Appreciation
  15. Pride
  16. Hope
  17. Kindness
  18. Relief
  19. Empathy
  20. Humility
  21. Attachment
  22. Approval
  23. Concentration
  24. Sufficiency
  25. Harmony
  26. Honesty
  27. Tolerance
  28. Motivation
  29. Happiness
  30. Endurance
  31. Gratitude
  32. Force
  33. Autonomy
  34. Honorability
  35. Solidarity
  36. Optimism
  37. Satisfaction
  38. Security
  39. Understanding
  40. Simplicity
  41. Affection
  42. Passion
  43. Esteem
  44. Enthusiasm
  45. Respect
  46. Peace
  47. Pleasure
  48. Compromise
  49. Competition
  50. Fullness
  51. Omnipotence
  52. Euphoria
  53. Extasy
  54. Support
  55. Interest
  56. Confidence
  57. Joy
  58. Care
  59. Dignity
  60. Energy
  61. Vitality
  62. Complacency
  63. Sadness
  64. Melancholy
  65. Abandon
  66. Boredom
  67. Abuse
  68. Frightening
  69. Bitterness
  70. Anguish
  71. Aggressivity
  72. Oppression
  73. Hesitation
  74. Anxiety
  75. Disgust
  76. Revenge
  77. Courage
  78. Emptiness
  79. Distaste
  80. Hostility
  81. Humiliation
  82. Disapproval
  83. Awe
  84. Terror
  85. Betrayal
  86. Harassment
  87. Piety
  88. Manipulation
  89. Fear
  90. Phobia
  91. Failure
  92. Frustration
  93. Fury
  94. Loneliness
  95. Paralysis
  96. Suspicion
  97. Modesty
  98. Misery
  99. Concern
  100. Bullying
  101. Pessimism
  102. Pain
  103. Laziness
  104. Hate
  105. Wrath
  106. Deception
  107. Stress
  108. Envy
  109. Offense
  110. Surprise
  111. Impatience
  112. Confusion
  113. Bewilderment
  114. Inability
  115. Incompatibility
  116. Misunderstanding
  117. Indignation
  118. Instability
  119. Integrity
  120. Unhappiness
  121. Inferiority
  122. Injustice
  123. Destruction
  124. Unsatisfaction
  125. Insecurity
  126. Insufficiency
  127. Intolerance
  128. Wrath
  129. Irritation
  130. Jealousy
  131. Blame
  132. Dependency
  133. Depression
  134. Defeat
  135. Discouragement
  136. Abandon
  137. Dejection
  138. Misery
  139. Remorse
  140. Disenchantment
  141. Despair
  142. Listlessness
  143. Disappointment
  144. Disorientation
  145. Disdain
  146. Discredit
  147. Pain
  148. Exasperation
  149. Remorse
  150. Affliction
  151. Nostalgia
  152. Lust
  153. Unity
  154. Attraction
  155. Alarm
  156. Surprise
  157. Courage
  158. Arrogance
  159. Vulnerability
  160. Validation
  161. Temptation
  162. Patience
  163. Tenderness
  164. Desire
  165. Shyness
  166. Tranquility
  167. Regret
  168. Paranoia
  169. Frenzy
  170. Confusion
  171. Serenity
  172. Shame
  173. Submission
  174. Calm
  175. Rebellion
  176. Belonging
  177. Commitment
  178. Resentment
  179. Confidentiality
  180. Obsession
  181. Excitement
  182. Indifference
  183. Impulsiveness
  184. Calm
  185. Restlessness
  186. Curiosity
  187. Closeness
  188. Hesitancy
  189. Disdain
  190. Apathy
  191. Inspiration
  192. Seriousness
  193. Obstination
  194. Audacity


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