Our Emotions It is incredible to think for a moment about how many emotions we express each day? God has equipped us with a variety of different emotions. Some are very pleasurable. Others are not. Here is a list below of many emotions. Take your time to explore those emotions that stand out [...]

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Are You In A Pity Party And Want Out? Feelings are real, but pity parties are non-productive! 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.   Can A Pity Party Do Any Good For Anyone? There is nothing at all wrong with our feelings unless your feelings [...]

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Character Qualities There are many important Christian character qualities.   Each one of us has our own character qualities, some are positive, and some are negative. God has delivered me from some of my negative character qualities, yet we all will be wrestling with them the rest of our lives. Please take a [...]

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What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed? How To Avoid / Stop Being Overwhelmed? We all get overwhelmed at times, learn how to prevent it from happening, or get out of the trap of being overwhelmed. Prayer and scriptures are the one, two punch when it comes to staying calm. There are other things, such [...]

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Shame Related There are many things that people feel shameful about.  Sometimes people feel shame when they fail, struggle, lie, steal. We have some links on this page to help you put things into perspective. When I grew up, shame was used as a tool for check and balance. If you stood a chance of [...]

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Fear Related Fear is an instinct that protects us from danger. The fear of walking on thin ice helps us not take a foolish risk walking on the thin ice. Yet fear out of control can limit the freedom in our lives. Here are some fear-related topics. Fear can be something good that keeps us [...]

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Stress Information What Causes You The Most Stress? When you answer that question, you will be on the right path to begin to get rid of some of the stress. Each one of us has anxiety in our lives to some degree or another. A little stress can motivate us to get things done. Too [...]

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Joy Information What Are Some Things That Bring Joy To Your Life? Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or would just like some encouragement? Real joy does not come from our circumstances, but from the peace, we find in knowing and following Jesus Christ. People generally tend to seek joy and [...]

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Anger Information Ephesians 4:26 “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Anger, We All Have It At Times! Anger is just one letter short of spelling danger. It causes broken relationships, lack of peace, physical problems and can even lead to murder. [...]

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Avoid Bad Counseling It is wise to avoid bad counseling at all costs, think before you let someone into your life, and help you make sense of your situation! Prayer Is Never Bad Counseling!   Talk with someone who cares! Free Christian Counseling! Find Biblical Encouragement and practical help! Seek wise counsel Or [...]

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Negative Triggers Can Be Prevented! What Are Negative Triggers? Negative triggers are events or circumstances that may produce very uncomfortable emotional negative feelings such as anxiety, panic, or discouragement. Reacting to negative triggers is very normal, but they may shoot fiery arrows in our armor if we are not aware of them. It helps to [...]

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Do You Want A Better Attitude? Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or would just like some encouragement? We all have a bad attitude from time to time, but are you one who can let go of a cynical disposition? Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning having the right attitude.  If [...]

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Trust In God, And Do Not Worry!   Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or would just like some encouragement? When I worry, it reminds me of a rocking chair, basically getting nowhere at all even though I rock back and forth frantically! ~ Bill Greguska   The good [...]

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