Do You Want Help For Addictions?

Addiction does not have to steal your life, because, with God, all things are possible!

Are you wondering if you possibly are chained down to something? If you have thought that thought, remember that there is help for addiction. At least look into the possibility that you might have an obsession because, with God and a teachable spirit, I was fortunate to overcome my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Keep in mind that every human being is susceptible to these types of things.

  1. Fleshly weakness
  2. Sin nature from the curse of Adam and Eve
  3. Our self-centered ways and our rebellious nature
  4. Pressure from society and social media
  5. Free will

Addiction is a theif!


Talk To A Christian That Cares! Many of these Biblical encouraging helplines are open 24 hours a day, just open your Bible, and it is there! 1-800-633-3446   Also Prayer & Phone Helplines   Alcohol/Drug Help Line (800) 621-1646 AIDS/HIV Information (800) 448-0440 Al-Anon for Families of Alcoholics (888) 425-2666 Alcohol & Drug Abuse [...]


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Addiction Information Proverbs 23:31 Do not gaze at wine when it is red when it sparkles in the cup when it goes down smoothly! Addiction Is Like Being Handcuffed Where Ever You Go! You Are Never Free! Learn How To Become Free Again! These links will offer you insights into addictions such as [...]

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Bill's Book Chapter 12 - Recovery From Addiction Addiction is a monster, but it can be conquered, and recovery from addiction is common if and when, you do not give up on yourself! I wrote this book below to have it published but decided to put it on my website instead to share [...]

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There Were Many Problems Drugs Caused Me! There were many problems that drugs caused me, but I am thankful that with the help of God,  I could overcome my addictions and live a decent life! How I Started By Getting Kicked Out Of 3 Different High Schools! The More Major Problems Drugs Caused [...]

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End Your Addiction, Before It Ends You! End your addition, because your addiction has power over you without your consent, this may be difficult, but it can be accomplished with God's help. Freedom from addiction goes for drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, pornography, etc. Here are some encouraging scriptures about the bondage of addiction. [...]

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