Get Rid Of Time Wasting Emotions?

Time wasting emotions...

There are so many time wasting emotions that we allow ourselves to get caught up into. Not every emotion is worth fighting about, many are best to let go of!



Get Rid Of Time Wasting Emotions?

Time wasting emotions do exactly that, waste our emotions and drain us!


Time Wasting Emotions…

Letting go is a wonderful way to rid yourself of time wasting emotions that just ultimately drain us.

I am sure you are aware of those emotions and also activities that waste your precious time and energy, they need to be addressed and dealt with otherwise you will continue to be doing the same things day after day.

Take a short inventory to determine if you need to be pruned from your life.

A few of the time wasting emotions that come to the top of my head are; jealousy, envy,  rage, sorrow, grief, fear, frustration, disappointment, shame, embarrassment, anxiety, self-critical thoughts.

Yes, all these emotions are a part of everyone’s God-given DNA, yet when they are overused, abused, or when people get stuck on them, then they are without any doubt, time wasting emotions and potentially damaging to the person and others!

I believe that things that have to do with God and people are safe to say that they are not included in the list of wasting time.  Love and Laughter are also two things that I would not consider to be a waste of time.

I am thinking more about the things that are pleasurable for the moment are usually time wasting emotions that need to be weeded out of our lives.

Keep in mind that we are human beings, not human doings, so with that in mind, there needs to be balanced in one’s life. Work, rest, play. ~ Bill Greguska



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Do You Find Yourself Wasting Time And Emotions?


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…

  • A time to be born and a time to die
  • Plant and a time to uproot
  • Kill and a time to heal
  • Tear down and a time to build
  • Weep and a time to laugh
  • Mourn and a time to dance
  • Scatter stones and a time to gather them
  • Embrace and a time to refrain from embracing
  • Search and a time to give up
  • Keep and a time to throw away
  • Tear and a time to mend
  • Be silent and a time to speak
  • To love and a time to hate
  • A time for war and a time for peace


Time Wasting Emotions Need To Be Addressed!



>>>5 Time Wasting Emotions And Thoughts To Try To Stop<<<

1. Refrain From Comparing Yourself To Others.

When you compare yourself with others it is like comparing your insides to someone else’s outward appearance, which in most cases you will end up on the short end of the stick.

Stay in your own lane and just be sure you are doing the best you can. Appreciate the person that God created you to be with both your strengths and weaknesses.


2. Resist Entertaining Regrets of The Past.

Like my brother, Tom taught me years ago that if I did all I could do to make the situation the best that I could, then just turn the page and refuse to remain enslaved in remorse or bitterness.

Try to learn from the situation, then move on. If you don’t, you’ll be kept a prisoner in the memories of the past. Ask God to help you with letting the situation go.


3. Reflect On Negative Comments Others Say To You.

Before you reject negative comments others say, be sure that they are untruthful. Rejecting something that is true can be harmful and cause more problems. So be sure that what the critics are saying is not true.

If what they say has any truth, reflect on the truth and apply it to your life to become a better person.


4. Redirect Unnecessary Drama Into Your Life.

People are people and there will be always some level of drama in life. What you want to avoid are the relationships your efforts are not appreciated.

Also the other person becomes, draining, and generally toxic instead of supportive, and uplifting. I am not saying to dump them off at the curb, but I am saying to guard your heart and not allow them to drag you down emotionally, mentally, physically or even spiritually.

Sometimes we need to put others on the back burner for a while. People have their issues, but sometimes their issues can be too overwhelming and might need spiritual or professional help. 


5. Realize True Happiness Comes From God.

It doesn’t matter at all how much money you have or do not have in the bank, or what title you may have in the world. External accomplishments can be nice, but if you allow your happiness to depend upon external affirmation, will never find true happiness.

True happiness begins with a good relationship with Jesus Christ and knows what His will for your life is and how to accomplish it.



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