Prayer List #9

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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska



Prayer List #9

  1. AR – Has a cold/upper respiratory and now it has triggered her asthma too.  Lord, we ask you to bring relief to her. Ease her breathing and open her lungs, Father God.  Help her to feel better and bring her swift recovery. We wait for answered prayer. 
  2. Anonymous adult male – He stopped going to outpatient treatment for several issues, and he had been living with his mother and grandparents at different times. He is rejecting the help at this time for emotional health issues, so he is now on his own as he has impacted his family in a very negative way.   Please pray that he will agree to go back to treatment and get the professional he needs.  We know God can heal his mind and heal all areas of his life. We pray for complete healing. Also, most of all his Salvation because without the Lord we honestly have no hope. Also, pray for peace and strength for his mother and siblings and extended family who all have been impacted by his actions. We hope for answered prayer.
  3. TS- Having a lump/cyst removed from the breast. They do not believe its cancer.  Lord, we ask that it for sure be benign and that this experience will draw TS close to you Father. We pray for her salvation. We wait for answered prayer. 
  4. TH- Found out has a cancerous tumor in bladder and surgery removed it, but now they also found a tumor on the backbone and will be having surgery to remove that.  Lord, we pray for those who are going to minister to TS and pray with him and share the gospel.  He does not know you Father, but we pray for his salvation most of all and complete healing.  May this be the thing that draws him to you and his need for you.
  5. From JR-  her grandchildren Luke and Colton – Both are having speech issues, and speech therapy and Luke is also in a special education class.  Lord, we ask you to touch these boys. We pray for your healing to their speech and help them with the therapy they are receiving.  We know you can heal and restore in all areas needed.
  6. From JT – Her friend’s grandbaby who survived a problematic ordeal at the hospital. She is a miracle baby, but now she needs to gain weight. She is nursing, but her mother is sick right now. Please pray for a full recovery. JT also has a bad cold and was off work for two days. She is to leave to Arizona with her son to see family. Lord, we ask you to touch her and heal her and open her breathing, top congestion, illness, and symptoms, and may she feel relief.
  7. MF- Starts a new job next week.  Its contract to hire position. Lord, we thank you for this job and opening the doors. Lord, we ask for your favor and help and that this job could go permanent for MF.  Lord, we thank you for all you are doing in his life and continue to do. We give you ALL the thanks and glory. We wait for answered prayer. 
  8. Anonymous- Their sibling is terminally ill and family does not believe they know Jesus.   Some have tried over the years, but the sibling has not been a reception.  Two of the other siblings will be speaking to their family member ( sibling) this week and sharing the love of Christ and the gospel with their loved one.  Lord, we ask for the heart to be opened and receptive to you Lord and your saving grace and precious blood for the forgiveness of sins.  May they see their need for you before it’s too late.  We know you do not want anyone to leave this earth without their assurance of eternal life with You. We pray for salvation for this family member.
  9. Baby Sophie-  Pray for ears to open and for hearing. Don’t have all the details but was told to have people pray for her ears.  Lord, we ask you to touch her ears Lord and heal all areas needed.  
  10. I heard from Brenda this morning. The surgery went well THANK YOU LORD!!  for your help…. guidance, and protection through it all. She was up this morning and taking it easy.  Lord, we thank you for being with Brenda and for a successful surgery. Lord, we ask you to continue to strengthen her and bring forth your swift healing and recovery to her body. We are grateful to you Father God.
  11. The family of James Daniel Brown, he passed away April 30th of a massive heart attack. His funeral is Wed., May 10th. Lord be with this family. Comfort them in their time of deep sadness and grief. Lord, we ask that they will draw close to you Father God.

    Keep praying daily!

    Pray for your marriage. It is the best protection you can have when you have the Lord working in your marriage.

  12. Demetre H. Prayer for her family, Elvira, Jim, General, and Cory.  Lord, you know every need for this family and all they need even before they ask, so Lord we pray you to do a divine work in these people’s lives and meet their needs. We wait for answered prayer. 
  13. Brenda T- Is having hernia surgery tomorrow early afternoon  Lord we ask you to touch her in a mighty way. Prepare the medical team doing her surgery Father God.   May it go smoothly and may she feel stronger and pain-free after this. May her healing and recovery be swift. Keep her immune system healthy. Lord, we ask you to be with her and give her your peace and rest as we know You are the Master Physician and our Healer. We wait for answered prayer. 
  14. One more added from Evangel – Pastor Jay’s Mother….please be in prayer.  We thank you, we have our Father God who is our Master Physician. Laverne Fischer (82yrs old) -Pastor Jay’s mom is recovering from cancer surgery on Monday. Surgeons removed one kidney & parts of the stomach. Last year the cancer medication used almost killed her. Of course, taking her off that treatment resulted in cancer returning. Our God is the healer and restorer of life! We stand in faith for this post surgery time to be quick with life-giving strength, peace, and wisdom for the doctors.
  15. Jeanne’s sister asked for prayer for her friend Mary – she unexpectedly didn’t show up for work on Monday. When a search began, she was found unresponsive on a trail where she had been walking her dogs. She is on life-support. She’s a widow who recently became engaged again. Please pray. Thank you! Jeanne
  16. Jan H is home from the hospital. Breathing has improved but still no prognosis. She does have a nodule in her lung, and a little fluid both the doctors feel has not been the issue — continued declaration of healing and total restoration in Jesus Name. We wait for answered prayer. 
  17. Brenda T is home and recovering well from the hernia surgery. Praise the Lord!

    Answered prayer!

    Answered prayer come not only on our knees, but it is a good start!

  18. Please be praying for Julie and Stephen today. She will be having a CAT scan and an MRI between 2 and 7 PM today. Julie’s surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8 am. Please pray for God’s miracle to happen even before surgery: –for this tumor to be dried up by the roots. –for her pituitary gland to bounce back and work correctly without harm or injury —for her hormonal levels to go back to normal production including her cortisol levels —that every trace of the tumor will be removed with no re-occurrence —that every negative thing the doctor has said could happen, will not occur. —that God will give Julie and Stephen faith, strength, comfort, and peace for this journey. At this time they are saying that Julie will spend a week in ICU after surgery. Thank you for joining us in prayer for Julie’s miracles and supernatural, speedy recovery!
  19. Julie -scheduled tomorrow morning for tumor removal surgery on the pituitary. It is supposed to be about 5 hours. She is a young wife, and her husband is also a young Pastor of a church near Nashville.  They just celebrated their anniversary.  Lord, we ask you to please prepare the doctors and medical staff assisting with the surgery already. Lead and guide them Father.  We pray that the entire tumor can be removed and no complications. We pray the Lord’s strength and comfort on Julie right now. May she feel your divine peace and strength. May this surgery provide her immediately feel relief and symptoms and that the debilitating headaches will cease in Jesus name.  Julie’s husband’s parents were my former Pastors whom we love them very much. Please pray for the entire family. Julies parents also as everyone need the Lord’s strength more than ever. We wait for answered prayer. 
  20. TH- He has surgery to remove a tumor on his bladder and then they found one on his spine and did surgery…..  He just found out that cancer has spread to the liver and other parts of his body.  Some Christians will be sharing the gospel and visiting him as he does not know the Lord.  Lord, we ask for your mercy and help for TH. We pray for his salvation and healing to his body.  May this entire situation draw him near to you Father. He needs you desperately. 
  21. From Pastor Stephen: Thank you all so much for your prayers! I just spoke with Julie’s neurosurgeon, and they said that everything went well! They were able to perform the surgery without causing significant trauma to her pituitary gland or nasal cavity. The tumor ruptured as soon as the surgeons neared the pituitary. Believe it or not, this was a good sign! Going into surgery, doctors weren’t sure whether she was suffering from a craniopharyngioma or a Rathke’s cleft cyst. Based on the fluid that was removed, the tumor appears to have been a Rathke’s cleft cyst which has a much smaller chance of regrowth. The tumor doesn’t seem to be malignant. However, they weren’t able to remove the lining of the cyst without causing further damage to the pituitary gland or damaging the membrane that prevents spinal fluid from leaking. Doctors are still unsure whether her pre-existing issues will return or clear up, but are hopeful that there will be some improvement. Both her neurosurgeon and ENT said that if Julie were their wife, they would be delighted with the results of the surgery. We appreciate your continued prayers that: -Recovery will go well-Her hormones will quickly stabilize.-Her pituitary will return to normal functioning levels.- Praying that the tumor will never return.
  22. We cannot say thank you enough for your prayers! Julie surprised the medical staff with how steady and cheerful she was going into surgery. Undoubtedly that strength is from God! We are so appreciative of the overwhelming response of prayers and support. It’s been so encouraging to know that we aren’t walking through this alone! We wait for answered prayer. 
  23. Please pray for Julie. Although the actual brain surgery went well yesterday, recovery has been brutal so far. She is in ICU and has a nurse with her nearly 24/7. They think she has a spinal fluid leak, and she is in excruciating pain despite the constant heavy meds. She hasn’t slept even a minute, and she is currently in the worst pain she has ever experienced. We are in desperate need of your prayers. Please pray for comfort and relief today!
  24. Just received an update from Julie’s family, She has made a remarkable improvement. Please keep praying God is hearing. Thank you all for praying for Julie.  Lord, we THANK YOU and pray for your complete recovery for Julie. May all the negative symptoms subside completely. May she get rest and sleep tonight.  We give you ALL the Thanks and Glory! We wait for answered prayer in Jesus name.

    Pray each and every day!

    God hears your prays so be confident that He will respond in some way or another in His perfect timing

  25. AP- a young adult, had her wisdom teeth out today..they had to crack some too. She needs our prayers, for pain relief, for swelling to reduce, and for her rest…no infection or dry socket.  I told her Mom we would be praying.
  26. Please keep praying for Julie. Her husband is Pastor Steven H. ( Nashville) She has some negative turn around. She is numb in half of her body. Her sense of smell and taste have not returned to normal. She has been gaining weight even on a 1200 day calorie diet of fruits and vegetables. Her sodium, potassium, and cortisol have all gone out of control. Lord, we ask for a miracle for Julie. We are thankful the pituitary tumor was addressed, and surgery could be done. Lord, we are asking for all her levels to fall in the normal range. Lord that all the side effects would cease in Jesus name.
  27. The family of Terry H – Funeral was this evening, he was my coworker ( he worked their 38 years) funeral. Please be in prayer for the family at this difficult time. 
  28. UPDATE Felix- In hospital with congestive heart failure. Lord, we pray for the fluids to leave his body and his heart to pump and function properly.  May he already feel relief tonight. Lord, we pray that he can recover quickly and be able to go home.  We also pray for his wife who just had a total knee replacement. So both of them need a healing touch. The entire family needs prayers. We ask this in Jesus name.
  29. Praise the Lord, JP just contacted me, and her car was recovered. There is damage to the bumper and wheel area. Lord, we thank you, and we pray it is ONLY minor damage that can be easily repaired.  Lord, we thank you for answering this prayer.  All Glory and Honor goes to you. 
    Thank you, ALL who prayed.
  30. Felix – being taken to hospital this morning possible heart issues.  Had significant heart surgeries, in the past year.  Lord, we ask you touch Felix, right now. May it be nothing serious and non-treatable, Father God. Cover him with your help and healing to his heart, body and any other physical symptoms.  Give him your peace and comfort. Please lead and guide the physicians caring for him. 
  31. Helbreck Family- 1 Year anniversary today of the loss of their precious daughter Jessica. Lord be with them today and bring them your comfort.
  32. TH- Passed away a  few hours ago, after a battle with cancer. Please be in prayer for his family. Many of his longtime coworkers and friends are hurting as some worked with him for over 30 years. May the Lord of all comfort be with them all.
  33. Luka- a small boy with cancer, he has battled for a while, it now has gone to his spine. Just received word for prayer.  Lord, we ask you to touch little Luke. Bring forth your divine healing upon him.   Be with Him Father God, bring him comfort and peace. May he be pain-free.  Also, we pray for his parents and family and friends.
  34. Lord, we ask you touch Pam’s Dad right now, Lord reduce all the fluid in his lungs, Father God.  May that fluid builds up to stop in Jesus name. Lord may the heart rhythm fall into a normal range, and stay stable.  May he get out of ICU. Lord, we pray for your complete healing and recovery. May he rest in you Father God.  Lord, we pray for Pam and her sister also for peace, comfort, and strength during the time of their Father’s recovery.  We ask all this in Jesus name.
  35. JP- Had her car stolen at the gas station tonight, Lord, we pray that the car will be located, Father God. That there will be no damage to it Lord.  Also for your comfort and peace for JP and we are thankful that she is safe and was not harmed.  Lord, we pray for convictions for the thieves that stole it too. May they get caught in Jesus name.
  36. UPDATE FROM PAM TONIGHT. Dad’s open heart surgery. She is thanking all for the prayers for her Father. Please keep praying for him and complete recovery and that his immune system will be good and strong too for healing.
  37. Just wanted to send you a note to update you on my dad’s open heart surgery today. The surgery went well, he had to have a triple bypass, and the valve replaced, and everything went according to plan. The operation took about 5 hours. He now is in ICU for the next few days. Thank you for your prayers for a successful surgery and please continue to pray for the recovery process and for no complications that. Pam

    Meditate on God's word!

    After you pray, be sure you also try to listen to what God is telling you which is called meditation on His word.

  38. SW- Pulled hamstring and in a lot of pain at this time. Lord, we ask you to please touch his body and ease the pain.  We thank you in advance what you are going to do in Jesus name. Also, please be in prayer for today’s outdoor church service and outreach at the Woodlands. May all go smoothly with set up, food prep, cooking and serving, all the areas and most of all the that many come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  
  39. Peter’s Uncle Ron- Had triple bypass surgery.  Lord, we pray for his complete healing and recovery Father. Thank you that you brought him through the operation and may there be no permanent complications. Lord, we pray that this will draw him to you.
  40. Cheri- having major dental procedures Tues. Lord, we ask you to please touch her now, keep her healthy and may there not be any residual pain from this.  May all go smoothly and no issues on the procedures. 
  41. Anonymous Female Initial A – Attended a church service today for the first time in many years.  Was very hurt by many people and also struggles with a significant health issue.  She said today was the first day she smiled in many years.  Lord, we thank you for today. We thank you that she felt your love and hope again in her life.  We thank you for the brothers and sisters in Christ who showed her love and kindness.  We pray for complete emotional and physical healing upon her. Praise God she is going to church next week again.
  42. Anonymous (initial J) – tried committing suicide twice and wasn’t successful, depressed, Anxiety, shame, self-hate, and loathing. Gospel has been shared.
  43. . Anonymous (initial A) – miscarriage of a baby, had to have surgery because of it. Feeling the physical pain and very depressed due to the loss of the baby.
  44. Anonymous- His family needs prayers.  Some information will be determined this week and truly needs our prayers.  May the Lord bring healing and may His perfect will be done in the situation. 
  45. WG- Not living life for the Lord even though he knows Him. Lord, we pray you will bring him back to you, and for healing in his life also in the areas hindering him from being who You want him to be. 
  46.  AF and BG- Both have hip issues..pain and problems.  
  47. BG will have shots on Friday in the hip area.
  48. AF will be having surgery due to defects on the hip during his winter break from College.  Lord, we know you know every need here, and we know you are ready and willing to heal both of these men from hip issues.  We pray for your divine touch to their bodies.  
  49. Lillian’s Johnson’s sisters – Both battling health issues who live in Louisiana, need healing and recovery to their bodies.  Lillian is also a widow too so; please continue to pray for her as well as she has adjusted to life without her precious husband.  
  50. Young Adult Initial B  – he is currently in the ICU in ketoacidosis ( a complication of his type 1 diabetes ). He is in critical condition – only 22 years old — a solid Christian man. Please pray, as the doctors said that the next 24 hours are crucial. The Lord is sovereign, Lord, we ask you right now to touch his body, reduce that blood acid and sugar affecting his body, organs, we know you are able Father God. I saw you do it many times for my sister who had Type 1 Diabetes since age eight who had the same condition….you are the Master Physician, so God I know you can do this for him too. We are standing in the gap for him, and Lord we need your divine help now. May he feel your comfort and peace be with his family.
  51. When you pray, that is the best way to change somehting in your life!

    Prayer works and changes at least the way you look at things. Help us, Lord, to be more like you each day and less like ourselves.

  52. Anonymous Female- Found out re-occurrence of cancer.  Lord, we ask for your healing to her body, and may there also be reconciliation with some of her loved ones that there is a strained relationship.  We pray for your healing touch in all areas, and her comfort and peace also. 
  53.  Glen P…..  He’s in the hospital with complications from the liver cancer he currently has. Lord, we ask you to touch Glen right now. He is a believer, Lord.  May your divine healing and comfort touch his body. We pray complete wholeness, and may the cancer cells that has affected his liver leave in Jesus name. By Your stripes, we are healed. Please guide and lead the doctors in his care Lord.  May you help him with all the needs and aftercare he has too and may he be able to go home soon.
  54.  Bill- Having a hip cortisone shot this morning. He has been battling a lot of pain. Bill was an accomplished basketball player throughout high school and early adulthood, and after many years of overuse, he is suffering now with the hip issue. Lord, we ask you Father God to help him now. Lord, we know you use medicine, doctors, to help aid healing. You can use anything, Lord, we pray for divine healing to his hip and body, may he feel the relief of pain…be able to walk and be mobile. Lord, we thank you in advance for what you are doing. IN JESUS NAME…
  55. AF- Jr in College. Has to see an orthopedic doctor, regarding a sensitive hip issue.  Was referred to today.  Lord, we ask you to please bring out and reveal to the Doctors what is causing the pain and concerns for him. Lord, we pray for your divine healing to his body and if there is some way he will not need surgery we know you are able.  But Lord no matter what you use to heal him, being through earthly physicians or you as the MASTER PHYSICIAN, we know you are able. Please reduce the pain too.