Prayer List 8

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  1.  Melissa  R(WI) – has lymph cancer and a tumor was removed. She will be starting chemo.  She is also a single Mom too. Lord, we ask you touch Melissa. We thank you that you have drawn her closer to you. Lord, we ask you to touch her body in a mighty way…heal her body of this cancer Lord.  We know you are able Lord.  
  2. Abner – Having Hernia surgery Today. Lord, we pray for a successful surgery. Lord, we pray this will stop all pain he has been going through. Lead and guide the doctors doing the surgery.  May his recovery go well and swift as he is self-employed and will be out of work.  Lord provide all the families needs in all areas. Also pray for his wife and family too.
  3. JR- Lord will find out if she will still have her job at the end of the month.  Going through a lot right now and battles high blood pressure  She is applying for new jobs now.  We ask you to open the right doors Father.if it is your perfect will that she can keep her job. then the Lord could do a mighty work. If not, then Lord open doors for her new opportunity.  We know you are with her Lord.
  4. Anonymous teenager- Battling depression.  She needs our prayers.  She is hurting a lot.  Lord, we ask you to touch her mind and heal her emotions.   Lord may she feel the hope in her life Father. Bring others to encourage her. 
  5. The family of Melissa G-  In the loss of her precious Father Vernon. Visitation is today…and funeral tomorrow.  Lord be with her family Father and provide them with your comfort, strength, and help during this painful and difficult time.  
  6. For those looking for work or needing it.  JR. SL and JP.  Lord, we know you are able to open doors. Right now lead and guide them all the right opportunities.  Lord help them to focus on you and your promises Father and not be discouraged at this time.  That you are in the miracle business Father and can change any direction.
  7. Steve – applying for jobs and also met with recruiters this week. He applied today for a Route Delivery Driver 4 Day Workweek – No nights, No weekends!  He really would like that but trusting God is in control. Lord, we ask you to open doors right now for Steve. Help him in his job search. Open the right doors and bring forth your favor upon him. May the right people get the applications.  Lord keep his health up and may he sleep well too.  May he sense your presence like never before.
  8. Peter- hurt his foot after running.  It is feeling better today than yesterday. Lord, we ask you to touch that foot and heal it. May pain subside and leave.  May his foot feel like normal again.  
  9. HB- applied for a new job with better pay and job level. Lord, we pray you open the floodgates for her. She loves you and knows you are in control of all of this. We pray you provide favor with the Manager reading her application and resume.   We know it is your perfect will if this is the job for her. We place all this in your hands.
  10. Anonymous- needs prayer due to extra stress in her life.  She is getting it in many areas and stated today she feels like she may have an ulcer. Lord, I was able to tell her today…. that many will be praying for her.  We know this is not of you. Elevate the stress she is under. May others step alongside to help her to in the areas she needs. And touch this situation.
  11. Melissa- Been very sick this weekend.  Battling lymph cancer and started chemo.  Lord she even wants to work but right now not feeling well and has a young son.  Lord, we ask you please touch this precious one.  We pray for her illness to stop the illness she is feeling. Keep her strong and help her sleep.  Lord, we ask you to bring healing to her body.  
  12. Julie  TN  – Has MRI tomorrow and meets with the neurosurgeon Wed. Today she is battling headaches. Was told she needs to have surgery due to a tumor on her pituitary gland.  Lord, we ask you to touch Julie right now. Stop all headaches and heal her symptoms Lord and we pray that you will dissolve the tumor so she will not need surgery at all.  We know you are able to do a miracle in her body.  But we also know you use Doctors and medical procedures to also bring forth healing. Lord, we place this in your hands however you do it. Lord, we pray for her husband Steven who is also a Pastor in TN.  We ask you to touch this family and surround them with your peace and strength.
  13.  Julie ( TN). – She saw the doctor and things are not adding up. More tests. They don’t want to jump into surgery because there are a lot of side effects and they don’t want to do anything till all the tests are done. The other issue they found is the type of tumor or cyst normally do not affect the sodium issue she has so they have to do more testing. She has to now see an endocrinologist and also another MRI. Lord, we thank you that YOU know what is going on. You created Julie from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.  You are able to do your divine work in her body.  Lord, we ask you to please direct and lead the doctors to the right issue.  May the right people read the MRI and tests.  May they do the correct testing to ensure her care is correct. Lord, we ask you to touch her husband Pastor Steve H. and also her parents and in-laws who are also Pastors. They all know who to trust and turn to but it’s still difficult not knowing.  
  14. CC and MW – Lost their Mother late last year and now lost their aunt also this past weekend. Lord touch this family and bring your comfort like never before. Help them in their time of grief and bring others into their path for support and encouragement.
  15. Aron- That he may get the RA job at college dorm he applied for and for a favor in this. It would help him also with his college costs.  He finds out tomorrow.  Lord, we ask for your divine help and in getting this job but your perfect will be done. We will stand in agreement.
  16. Praise Update – My nephew Aron got the job as the RA Resident Assistant at his college.  Thank you all for standing in the gap for him. He is a wonderful young man that God has many wonderful plans in store for  We are thanking God for this as he is a freshman too so this is really huge….Original Prayer…Aron- That he may get the RA job at college dorm he applied for and for a favor in this. It would help him also with his college costs.  He finds out tomorrow.  Lord, we ask for your divine help and in getting this job but your perfect will be done. We will stand in agreement.
  17. Please continue to pray for Julie.  As many of you know she was told she had a pituitary tumor that they believe was benign and had issues in getting the right doctors due to insurance to remove it.  She now has the neurologists and other staff and the MRI’s done.  They have discovered more things. She is being tested because she has high ADH hormone. Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) is a group of symptoms that develop when there is too much antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the body. ADH plays an important role in regulating the balance of fluids in the body. The doctors also relayed that this is not normally related to the pituitary issue but many times it’s related to cancer. They are testing her now also for that.  Lord, she needs your divine help right now. She is dealing with so many things at once and being told to her the last through days along with her husband Pastor Stephen. They are both young adults and just starting their lives together. They both are strong Christians and know whom to turn to but they are very concerned as expected and overwhelmed.  This is a shock.  Lord, we ask you to please let this not be cancer. Lord, we ask for your mercy and help in this situation.  They need your comfort and strength right now.  May they continue to stand on the solid rock that is you, Jesus.  By your stripes, we are healed.
  18. Anonymous- Needs huge miracle in their situation. God is able to do it.
  19.  Marilyn H – Just found she has stage 4 lung/liver cancer. Her son John is a close friend….he just let me know.  Lord in heaven….we ask you to touch Marilyn. We know you are with her Lord and she loves you  We know you are the mighty healer and are the Master Physician.  You are control of each day of our lives.  We ask that you help her right now with all she is dealing with and all her care.  Also be with her family at this time. May they all draw close to you and surround them with your peace.
  20. So Many Prayers for health and illness issues…..please be praying.  
  21. CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR JULIE – who has been on previous prayer requests sent so you can fall back on those. We know God is the Master Physician and can heal and restore her body. She too was married a few years ago….and just starting her married life with her husband Pastor Steven.  They are strong believers but need our prayers that she DOES NOT have cancer.  I will update you all when I get them from her family.
  22. Erma- My coworker asked for prayer for her sister Erma.  For tests coming back and a good report. No other details.  Lord, you know the situation and we ask that you work in this situation and for the tests to be normal. We know you are able.  
  23. Lail- Started chemo this week and has no nausea thank you, Lord. We ask you to touch her body. We pray against cancer in her body in the name of Jesus.  May it be eradicated.  We know you are able to use medicine and doctors but most of all Your divine healing #1.  You are the MASTER PHYSICIAN and are in control.  Please keep her immune system strong. Help her during this season to stay at peace and surrounded by people who love her and can encourage her during this time. She loves you Lord and trusts in YOU for everything in her life.
  24. CD- Battling severe alcoholism…. we spoke to him last night and he was appreciative and very kind about it.  We told him how much he is loved not only by you God but his family and friends.  That you have a plan for his life and it is not this.  Lord, we pray right now he will get the help he needs. That he will stop drinking and be delivered. For healing in all the unspoken places of his heart that need mending.  We pray for his freedom from this bondage.
  25. Anonymous – Needs physical healing in body and also in the family. Just pray for God’s help.  
  26. Continue to pray for Julie. Many more tests and MRIs to pinpoint all she is battling. We pray against any cancer in her body.  May tests come back negative. She is a young married Pastor’s wife and we pray for her and her husband Stephen who need your strength and our prayer covering they wait for the unknown at this time
  27. Lynn: just diagnosed with breast cancer. Going for a pet scan Friday. May God give the Dr wisdom on the correct treatment! Lord, we pray for Lynn Father that you do a divine touch to her body.  Lead and guide the medical staff helping her. May you use whatever means to heal her. We know you are able. Be with her and bring her your comfort and peace during this difficult time in her life.  
  28. CC- Wants prayer for things to improve in her life.  She is very discouraged. Had multiple loss’s in a short amount of time. She doesn’t understand but so many things are happening at once. Lord, we thank you that nothing is a surprise to you for CC and that you are in control. We know we will face trials on this side of Heaven but you can use all of them for purpose in our life. Lord, we ask you to encourage her and also strengthen her. She is really trying so Lord we ask for your mercy and help for her.  
  29. Anonymous Mom and Newborn- Just received word for prayer.  Newborn Baby’s in ICU organs are not functioning properly and are being kept cool and Doctors believe a lack of oxygen and told the family things do not look good. Mom also had a lot of bleeding too.  Lord, we ask you to touch this baby.  We know you are in control of everything and are the Master Physician. We ask for your healing and help in this situation for baby and mom  Lord we also ask for prayer for mom too. May she draw close to you during this time and feel your strength and comfort.  
  30. SL- We continue to pray for a job and for a favor in this situation. We thank you for the interview Friday and give thanks for the unexpected financial blessing you gave him yesterday. 
  31. Anonymous female – We pray for her sleep as she is having a difficult time lately.  Lord, please help her to sleep well and sound.  Give her your peace and rest.
  32. Update Bob H – Today Bob was breathing on his own, till receiving oxygen through. Therapists sat him up on the edge of the bed & gave him commands. A little response to leaning forward & backward. With that said, due to the brain not functioning to respond caused his blood pressure & rate to rise high. Again, an ongoing process and we continue to thank God for each day. Please keep on praying! God answers prayer.Praise update Steve ( SL) has a second interview on Monday. Lord, we thank you for this opportunity  We ask you grant him favor with people interviewing him and if this is the job you want him to be at open all doors.  We give you the thanks and praise in Jesus name.
  33. Original Prayer April 9th SL- We continue to pray for a job and for a favor in this situation. We thank you for the interview Friday and give thanks for the unexpected financial blessing you gave him yesterday. 
  34. H.F. is a young woman struggling with a destructive eating disorder. She is a Christian.  Lord, we ask you right now to touch this precious one.  That she will be healed from these negative choices and thoughts and know who she is in Christ.  May the Lord heal her in all the broken places.  (d suddenly. We ask you to touch CF and all the friends and family who are hurting.  Be with them and give them your comfort and peace.
  35. CF- Pray as he lost a very close dear friend suddenly. We ask you to touch CF and all the friends and family who are hurting.  Be with them and give them your comfort and peace.
  36. Family of LE- Funeral Saturday for LE after a short courageous battle with cancer. Lord, we ask you to be with all her family and friends who are hurting and miss her.  Be their comfort and strength.  May they be drawn closer to you.
  37. MF- We thank you that he started a job yesterday. Lord continue to strengthen and heal him and we thank you for the miracles you have done already.  Let him see how much You love him and have a great plan for him. May he put you first in his life.  Open others doors and may financial need be met.  
  38. My friend FW just found out today her sister who had been on our prayer list and is on hospice was told she only has weeks to live…due to aggressive terminal cancer. I am asking you all to be in prayer for this family.  They are Christians and know God is with her and them and is able to do or change anything.  Many are coming in this weekend from out of state.  
  39. Danielle A- Pray for Graduate School. A lot of work.  Pray against stress at home and for her children.  Also, pray for her son Joshua his engine in the car has gone out completely. Pray for finances to be met to able to pay for the repair of the engine to get fixed or for a new car to use.  Pray that he will be encouraged and not discouraged.
  40. Curtis F- Lost a dear close friend.  Pray for the Lord’s comfort for him and for his friends family who are hurting.  
  41. Ciarra – Lost her boyfriend suddenly at the end of March. Is hurting a great deal and needs the Lord’s strength, comfort and needs our prayers and support.
  42. Just received this prayer need- No other details but just to pray. Little boy named Dakota.  They had to life flight him.  He is having seizures.  Forward this to everyone you can please! Lord we know you know all  We know you are able to stop those seizures. You are the mighty physician Father God.  As we celebrate you today and the Resurrection Power we can stand on your promises and Word in faith and hope that you can do a mighty healing to this little boy……be with his parents also and his entire family. Use whatever means you see fits and we thank  you for the doctors and medical staff you placed in his life.  We know you can use anything or anyone to bring this forth.
  43. Anonymous young couple with 2 small kids- Having marital issues.  Father God we thank you that the husband agreed to go to counseling. Lord, we know you hate divorce and do not want marriages split up.  We thank you in advance for what you are doing to bring strength and reconciliation to this marriage and family.  May the Love they had in the beginning and brought them together be even stronger now. 
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