Prayer List #7

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Prayer List #7

  1. Anonymous female-Young adult still battling with depression also. Been through a great deal at an early age.  Lord, we ask you to touch her powerfully. She knows you, Father.  She loves you.  We ask you to do a divine touch and healing to her life of depression. Give her hope and let her know she is not alone, bring others to minister to her also.  Also right counsel and support groups. 
  2. Keep praying for my cousin Amy who has some job tests today.  She was on the previous prayer chain.  Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need. Please pray.
  3. Please pray for my brother in law Paul (Tennessee) – This is George’s brother. He was admitted to the hospital tonight. He may have some type of serious infection or possibly septicemia. They are trying to figure all this out now. He is very ill right now. He also has overcome cancer but has diabetes due to the chemotherapy that affected his pancreas and also has had heart issues. Lord Jesus, you know Paul from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. You know every cell in his body.  Lord, he loves you very much. We ask right now that you guide and lead the doctors treating him. Give them wisdom and direction in his care right now. Lord, we ask you will heal his body of whatever infection may be going on now. We ask you to bring all his levels back into to order.  His kidneys, his blood, his enzymes.  Bring strength back to his body. Help Paul to feel your comfort and peace right now.  May he rest in you, Father. We also pray for my sister in law Melissa and father n law Alex.  Be with them all right now.  Bring your comfort and peace to them all. We ask all this in Jesus name. Peg Brother in Law Paul- Home from the hospital today.  Thank you, Lord.  He had IV and fluids and felt much better today.  Yesterday he passed out twice and they discovered he has a viral infection and he needs much rest. He will be doing that.  Lord, we thank you for this rapid answer to prayer. We pray he will take this time to really rest and get strong. We pray for complete divine healing in his body. We give you all the Glory God in this.
  4. B. K- Pray for him he is a young adult. He is battling depression.  His Mom  P.K also needs prayer as she has been a widow quite a few years now and has been through so much too.  Lord, we know you are able to bring hope to BK.  We know that you are a mighty healer and great Physician. You love your children.  You are a Father to the Fatherless. Psalm 68:5 Lord we know you can use counsel medicine to help BK but most of all we pray you will touch BK’s heart and mind.  Bring hope and peace to BK. May he turn to you now and place his trust in You for his life.  We pray for the healing of depression in the mighty name of Jesus. Please pray.
  5. Renee- Told me she got a job in the area she wanted.  Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.  We give you the Praise and Glory. Continue to bless her in her new job.  Original Prayer Renee- Still in need of a good job.  Father, we ask you open doors for her and make a way for a new good job that she will be happy with.  Lead and guide her to the right job sites and divine favor with employers. Lord, we know you are able.  We place this in your hands. Spoke to my sister in law this morning. Here is the update. Thank you again for your prayers for Paul and God allowing him to be home and recover as being taken to hospital on Thurs.  He is still battling the viral infection at home but improving. Please continue to pray he can get the rest he needs…he didn’t have the best night sleeping …..also for fevers to finally break and not continue to come and go as they are.  Please pray for the virus to completely leave his body and be gone in Jesus name. We know he is anxious to be able to work and do his normal activities. 
  6. May he rest in you now, and trust you are working out all this and will bring your divine healing relief to his body. Also, pray for my sister in law, Melissa, and my father in law Alex and nephew Christopher that they will all stay healthy too.


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    In Jesus name. Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  7. Buck- Please pray for him. He has battled a lot of health issues and challenges.  He and his wife are moving closer from out of state to Wi to be near his son and family. She is having a more difficult time in caring for him and needs more help and family support too.  Lord, we pray they can sell their home quickly.  We also pray for health to his body and strength.  We know you can use any circumstance to draw him closer to you Father. 
  8. Cheri -Still battling kidney stones. They may be giving her some medication or treatment for them to break up.  Lord, we ask you to help her with the pain of these and also that they will leave her body swiftly.  
    Anonymous- Need for healing and restoration in a situation.  Lord, we ask for your divine help now.  May this get resolved peacefully and your Glory is shown through all this. Continue to pray for the needs on the other prayer lists.  Thank you all. Please pray. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  9. CF- 53 years old has stomach cancer and is now in a coma and doctors state she will not live long.  They are an active Christian family.  They are continually by her side and praying over her.  Lord, we know you are in the miracle business.  You are in control of the day we were born, and the day we are called home to you Psalm 139:16.  Lord, we know you are the Master Physician and are still in the healing business and can heal anyone at any time.  We place her in your hands.  May she feel your comfort and peace and not be in any pain.  May her family be strengthened by your love and help too at this difficult time.  
  10. We ask all this in Jesus name.  Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  11.  SR’s – oldest son just got a job but was bullied by a fellow employee.  He quit the job.  He is very hurt and the family also intervened in this situation and contacted the establishment regarding it after it occurred.  Lord, we pray for healing for SR’s son. We also pray that this employee is reprimanded correctly for his hurtful behavior.  We pray for the Lord’s peace and protection for SR’s son and family. Healing upon him. That he will know God cares about him and will handle this situation. That he will completely turn his life over to the Lord. We also pray he can get a new job that he will be happy with and enjoy. Please pray.
  12. Brenda- Is having a detailed medical scan this week pain in stomach and swelling occurs.  Lord, we pray for your divine healing to her body. Give her your peace and assurance.  Lord, we know you can heal and stop all these symptoms.  Whatever the situation is Lord we know you are in control. You are the master physician, but we know you also provide us with your earthly helpers the doctors to do your work.  Give them wisdom and direction in her care and may she get a resolution quickly.
  13.  Julia ( Pam’s daughter) many years battling moyamoya disease, was admitted to  Hospital Wednesday night; the left side of her body was numb for the whole day & wouldn’t subside, so she was admitted. They did a CT scan with contrast dye & are waiting for word from her Doctor. Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  14. Lord, we ask you to touch this family in a mighty way.  They all love you Father God and Serve you Faithfully.  They have been through so much Lord.  Please provide relief. We ask you to do a divine work in this family and bring health, healing, and wholeness to Betty and Julia. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  15. Buck- Has heart surgery tomorrow.  Lord, we ask you to guide and lead the physicians doing the heart surgery. Direct them in all they do. Lord, we ask for all to go smoothly and no complications and successful operation. May this correct the heart issues and bring forth your healing and health to buck. May his rehab after, go well, and he will regain his strength, and we pray for his entire family as well during this time. May this situation draw them closer to you Father. Please pray.
  16. KK friend – Don’t have her friend’s first name yet but received an email that KK’s friend lost her mother recently, she passed away in a car accident, and now her father is in the hospital. Lord touch this family right now. They are grieving the sudden loss of a Mother and Wife….and now her father is in the hospital too. Lord, you know what he is dealing with medically.  you are the Master Physician. Lord, we ask you to heal him physically and help him emotionally during this very difficult time of pain and loss. We also ask that you help KK’s friend who is grieving the sudden loss of her Mother and overwhelmed now having her father in the hospital too. May you surround this entire family in a mighty way. May father be released from the hospital healthy and whole.  We know you are the Lord of comfort and compassion and most of all love. Please give them your strength.


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  17. Praise Update Buck. I found out today his heart procedure surgery went well. Drs. said his heart looks good they said as he had heart stents last year.  Lord, we thank you for answering this prayer and for good news. Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  18. Cheri- Seeing a doctor for her lower back and spinal area tomorrow. She battles brittle bone, arthritis, and also low-grade lymphoma which they monitor throughout months to see if there is change. Lord, we ask you touch Cheri in all these areas, bring forth healing to her body.  May she gain the strength she needs and builds her immune system also. Also, help her with the kidney stones and may they pass naturally.
  19. Cheri- Still battling multiple kidney stones.  Some are not moving, and some are. Had procedure with urologist last week.  Lord, we ask you to touch those stones, dissolve them all naturally. May they clear out without pain.  Touch her body Lord and bring healing in all areas needed. Please pray.
  20. Tim is battling bad sore throat, lack of sleep and chest pain and fevers up and down. Lord, we ask you to do a mighty touch to Tim’s body and open those lungs, stop a sore throat and chest issues.  Stop the fever. Help him to sleep and rest.  Lord, he needs relief. We ask you to do a mighty work in the name of Jesus. AMEN.
  21. Cheri – Results from doctor indicate “spondylosis of the lumbar spine” which is from degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis of the vertebral joints.  Lord God, we know you know every cell in our body.  Lord, we pray for healing in all areas needed and for those in her body that are in pain Lord. 
  22. For those in the path of the bitter cold and then next winter storm Decima for some areas in Wis possibly 8-12 inches Fri-Sat to already additional snow last weekend and then bitter cold again Sunday.  We pray for your protection upon those driving, flying and trying to travel to and from places during the time.  Also for those homeless, that they will find shelter and help and also those with health issues or the elderly that people will help them with shoveling. 
  23. HB- Pray for the possibility of new job opportunity in her company. She is praying about applying for it. Lord may your perfect will be done. Giver her your peace and wisdom in if she should use or not.  Make the path clear for her and give her your confirmation. 
  24.  LW – Feeling under the weather today.  Lord touch her and help her to feel better and stronger.  Bring forth your healing. Please pray.
  25. KA -blood test is way too high – for C-reactive protein.  The doctor put her on a special diet to bring it down.  She also mammogram last week and she has been called back and will have additional testing tomorrow.  Lord, we ask you touch KA right now.  Touch her body and lower the C-reactive protein for inflammation in her body. May this diet helps her and also give wisdom and direction to the doctors and KA.  Lord, we also have for her second mammogram to come back normal. We know it’s very common to have this and there can be shadows or fatty cysts or lymph nodes too.  Lord, we thank you in advance for what you are going to do for KA.  Please reduce all her stress at work too. She works so hard and Lord do a divine work in that area to help her. She loves you Lord and serves you faithfully.  
  26.  Uncle DJ – Had the colonoscopy and it came back perfect. He had some intestinal bleeding that has since stopped, they are keeping him overnight to watch him, but he is okay per the family.  Thank you all for your immediate prayer and Brother Jim for praying on the phone too.  God is so good and Thank you, Lord, for ANSWERED PRAYERS….so quickly…..
  27. KH’s Dad- Battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and also a severe infection. He is in rehab right now. Lord, we ask you to touch him right now.  Bring forth your healing upon him. Heal the lymphoma and also the bacteria infection in his body.  May he gain his strength back. May he feel your comfort and peace. Please pray.
  28. Uncle DJ  – In hospital….due to bleeding. They are doing colonoscopy right now on him also to check his colon. Lord, we ask you to touch him right now. May it be nothing serious and something only minor Lord. May the bleeding stop and may he get the rest and care he needs. Lord lead and guide the physicians taking care of him too.  May he feel your peace and comfort right now.  We ask you to do a mighty work. 
  29.  Bart – currently has the same diagnosis as Cheri (my sister below) spondylosis of lumbar spine. Extremely painful. Bart had surgery on the upper part of the neck but now is looking at one more surgery sometime in early 2017. Lord touch both Cheri and Bart who have the same diagnosis.  Lord, we ask for relief of pain in their bodies.  We ask you to do a divine healing touch in their bodies. Keep them healthy…and their immune systems strong.  Lord, we know you use doctors…medicine…surgery….also to bring forth healing and can use any situation in our lives for Your Glory.  Lord, we place them both in your hands.  Whatever means you had to use for relief we trust by faith you will provide. 

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  30. For those missing loved ones over the Christmas Season.  As we know nothing is the same. It can trigger much emotion and even anxiety. They have to experience a ” New Normal” to their lives because that person they love so dearly is not there.  Lord may you comfort those who are grieving and bring forth your love and peace to them all. May they remember you understand Loss, Grief, and Pain.  You keep a record of every tear that has fallen. Psalm 56:8. May you bring forth your healing upon them.  May they remember when we are in Christ we do not have to grieve as those that have no hope.  We will see our loved who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior again in Heaven. 
  31. Original Prayer Sent October 9th Pam S – had the retina issue back in April. They removed the oil from her eyes but now have found a large blood clot and bleeding behind her cornea. She still cannot see.  They have given her medicine drops to try and reduce the bleeding and clot but may have to do surgery.   This was the only eye that she could see in. Lord, we ask that you touch Pam’s eyes right now. You know the situation Lord and nothing is a surprise to you.  Father reduce that pressure and blood behind the eyes. Reduce the pain she said she has. Open up blood flow.   May the medicine also be used too. Lord help comfort Pam during this time of unknown.  We are placing this in your hands.
  32. Please see below message from Pam S sent tonight. She saw eye surgeon today, and 70% of the blood clot has dissolved in eye ALL GLORY TO GOD for this news.  Thank you all who have been praying for Pam. Please continue to do so. She will see the doctors again in a month, but we are standing in faith that all the blood clot will be gone. Clarification, – Pam, has had cornea issues for many years, but the blood clots were behind retina where it had detached. 
  33. Additional Praise Update Pam Just heard today that Pam’s eye all the blood from a blood clot is gone and dissolved and her vision is better than it was prior. Praise the Lord; this is an answer to prayer and all Glory to God the Father.  Thank you all for praying for Pam and her situation.  This should encourage you all.  Prayer does change things! Amen to that! 
  34. SR- Going through many health challenges and sick recently and needs to be able to work.  Lord touch her body and bring forth healing to it.  Strengthen her immune system and your complete, divine healing to her body. Please pray.
  35.  PRAISE UPDATE KA Just received a Praise Report. KA went for the second mammogram today, and the radiologist did not see what they saw on the first scan.  ALL GLORY TO GOD, for Answered Prayers. She didn’t need an ultrasound, and they said she was good!  Praise God! Thank you all who prayed and God for answered prayers.
  36. Rick – asked for prayer.  He just got up to Toronto and has to have hernia surgery tomorrow at 7 am.  Lord, we ask you to touch him right now and prepare the surgeons who are taking care of him tomorrow. Lead and guide them. May it be a successful surgery with no complications and full recovery. Also, we pray for the cold virus he has had the last few days.  We pray for his immune system to be strengthened. May he get the rest he needs tonight. Lord do a mighty work and heal him completely.
  37. Continue to Pray for John S. And his complete healing and recovery. May he feel stronger day by day now that he is home recovering. Please pray.
  38. FROM SHARI =:  Please pray for our 12-year-old friend Josiah, who’s fighting pneumonia, entered the hospital yesterday, and has been put in ICU today. We are stunned to see this happening, but Jesus BORE our infirmities, and we ask you to agree with his family and us for sudden healing! Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  39. John S. – In hospital with pneumonia and still has high blood pressure. Tomorrow they are testing his heart to see if there is heart failure.  Lord, we ask you touch John right now.  We pray for your divine healing to his body.  May there be no heart failure Father God.  We pray for his blood pressure to drop.  Ease his breathing and clear his lungs from pneumonia. We ask you to lead and guide the doctors doing all the tests and caring for him. We also pray for his wife Marcia and his family. Keep them all healthy and may they feel your comfort and peace.  We ask all this in Jesus name.
  40.  Allen- Just found out he has cancer. Just started chemo. Lord, we ask you to touch him right now. We pray that cancer will be eradicated in his body Lord.   We know you can heal and touch his body and may Allen feel your comfort and love. May this draw him close to you Father.
  41. Jason- Scheduled for gallbladder surgery tomorrow.  Lord, we know these symptoms are excruciating. Lord we also know you can do a mighty work to dissolve these stones entirely and you can use the doctors and medical staff to and bring forth healing to her and alleviate the pain through this surgery  Lord we put this in your hands. We ask you to heal her body and bring forth healing and may the operation be successful and no complications. Thank you for praying for this particular prayer request need.
  42. Josiah has not been responding to antibiotics. Any time he tries to do anything his heart rate spikes, and oxygen levels drop. His Drs are testing him for other causes as they don’t usually see pneumonia take such a toll. Please pray Drs. eyes would be opened; against fear for Josiah and his family; powerful and sudden healing in Jesus’ name! Please pray.
  43. Karen – running a fever, have a bad cough, aches, and runny nose.  She has been down all weekend and today took off work and still is not improving. She sees the doctor on Wed the soonest to get in.  Also, work is very busy at this time she is a CPA and also was scheduled to work out of town.  Lord, we ask you to touch Karen right now.  May your healing touch her in a mighty way.  Do a divine work to her body.  She loves you Lord and serves you. We ask for the fever to leave her body.  Open her breathing…may a cough subside.  Also, all the congestion in the lungs and chest and nose to dry up.  May she get the rest she needs now. Please pray. 
  44. CW- Having thyroid issue and the doctors are trying to regulate all this.  Lord, we ask you to help her with this issue and the other things she needs your help with and direction with and healing needed to her body.  May she get the rest she needs to when she can get it.
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    Veronica- doing well after rotator cuff surgery. Please continue for her healing and recovery. Her job is physical, so doctors say she is unable to work for a few months.  Lord thank you for the successful surgery and continue to strengthen her in her body and heal that arm and also for healing comfort to her with struggling with the loss of her husband also.

  46. AR- had her finger twisted at work and it was painful. Lord, please ease the pain and tenderness, may the finger feel better and be back to normal. 
  47. Preston 4 years old- Please be in prayer as he has pneumonia. His Grandma Jan is a dear friend of many, Lord Jesus we pray for Preston right now.  Lord, we pray for that pneumonia and virus/infection to leave his body in Jesus name. We pray you to ease his breathing, clear airways, stop any mucus. Lord, we pray he can rest and get the strength he needs and for his complete health and recovery. Lord, we pray for his family as well and those caring for him right now. Please pray.
  48. CW – Please pray for eyes, she had a prior cornea ulcer. Now having more issues with left eye which does not feel right and going to the eye doctor.  Also for thyroid as been diagnosed with under active hypothyroid and sees Dr tomorrow. Lord, we ask you to touch her in a mighty way.  May the eye issue be healed and restored. We know you are able and use whatever means to do this. Lord if it’s something to be treated by the doctor or medication, then please lead and direct and bring forth the right treatment.  Lord we also pray for the thyroid and medication that levels will be brought to normal range and CW will feel better again. Help in all areas needed. 
  49. Anonymous- Healing in all area that God knows. Has relayed specific needs to God the Father.  Please bring forth help in the areas needed.  
  50. Julia G is having her 4th brain surgery on Wednesday, Jan. 25.
  51. Mevis H is having neck surgery on Feb. 7. Please pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands, and all would go well. Please pray.
  52. Randy & Jean G prayer for our nephew Eric (a Christian) suffering from severe anxiety attacks.
  53. Pastor Vince-Prayer for my son & wife for the growth & development of their family.
  54. Demetre Ann H-Special prayer for my brother, Larry Marter, in hospital in Michigan City, Indiana.
  55. Chrissy & Matt B-Prayer for Chrissy’s right knee to heal correctly/no pain & their finances.
  56. Praise Preston is doing much better
  57. Jon ( 60 years old)  Just got diagnosed with shingles. Wife said he is in a lot of pain and unable to sleep well. Pray for the pain he is in and for the medicine to relieve symptoms.  Also, pray for his wife and that she does not get it either.  She works at home thank goodness. Lord, we pray for the shingles to heal quickly and protection on the family. May he feel relief already and know God is helping him.
  58. MF – CORRECTION JOB INTERVIEW WAS TODAY!! said he felt it went well.  Lord, we ask for your favor in this, your perfect will be done. Also, we thank you for what you are doing in his life and will continue to do.  You have a plan and a hope and a future for him. We pray for complete healing in all areas needed and that he will know how much he is loved. 
  59. From Evangel – Pam G Daughter Julia G brain surgery has been postponed till noon due to another emergency Their Uncle Pat came to the hospital with them this morning as support and started experiencing chest pains. Has been taken to ER. His EKG not too good. (Julia is not to know this as the stress of her surgery) Uncle Pat has heart complications before. He is in for CT scan right now, and they think something is blocked by his aorta.  
  60. Lord, we ask for your help in all these matters. Julia’s surgery. Lead and guide all the doctors. May this be a successful surgery for Julia and may her recovery also go smoothly and may she feel your comfort and peace. As for their Uncle Pat Lord, we know nothing takes You by surprise. You knew this was going to happen and Pam’s uncle would be at the hospital right at that time for rapid care.   Lord, we thank you for the care he is receiving right now, and use whatever means you need to and bring forth health and wholeness to his heart and body. We pray for Pam, her Mom extended family and Uncle Pat’s wife too. May they all feel your comfort and strength and peace to them during all this and know many are standing in the gap in prayer for this family. Please pray.
  61. Julia G. had her brain surgery 2:50 pm today. Took 2 1/2 hrs. All good. One of the side effects though can be a small bleed. She has one on the right side. Critical 2hr watch now. Believing for it to resolve itself. Another Kat-scan will be taken. If it has gotten larger, emergency surgery will take place. She is talking. In a lot of pain. About to be moved into ICU. 
  62. Uncle Pat-Doctors have not determined where the pain is coming from. Still having chest pain. Will stay overnight with blood work taken every 4-6hrs for enzymes check. They may do an echocardiogram tomorrow. Observing him now. 
  63. Another uncle up north just diagnosed with cancer and received his first chemo treatment today.
  64. PG –  has new workload report duties that are time sensitive coming up.  Please pray that they are understood and able to retain training and do them correctly.  Pray for good procedures. It is something never done and is much more difficult and overwhelming. Pray for God’s peace and strength and against discouragement. 
  65. Jean- Pray for favor and help in her finding a job. In desperate need of one.  Lord, please open doors for her and bring her to the right employers, or employment agencies to help her. 
  66. Anonymous Adult Male- Battling severe anxiety and it’s impacting his job too.  He does not know the Lord but works with Christians who have been sharing with him. Lord, we ask that you touch him and open his heart. Use there Christians coworkers to share the gospel and hope and the Lord’s healing message to him and that he is being prayed for.  Lord, we ask you, please touch this man and that he will know without a doubt it was through prayers You healed him. He is a very kind person and has a good heart, but we know that does not matter. It’s his eternal security that does.  We bring this request to you in Jesus name.
  67. Mike Hayden

    Mike loves his dear wife, Susie!

    Update Connie’s Mom is not doing well. In ICU and kidneys are failing.  Lord, we know you are in control of each day of our lives, Lord, we ask you to touch this entire situation.  

  68. Also for Julie H- Still no answers yet to what is causing the terrible head pain, and there were issues with insurance and scheduling. Lord, please work on her behalf. She loves you Lord and trusts in you. We ask you to heal her of this terrible pain. Please pray.
  69. Update Anonymous female, she woke up and is now out of the hospital and now at her parents’ house. Lord thank you for saving her life. We pray that she will seek and want help since she is still in denial and thinks she can stop her addiction by herself. Lord, we pray for you to move in her heart Lord open her eyes Let her see that her way is not working. We pray against the enemy who is out to steal and destroy this beautiful life. Others are in her life to helping her with counsel, .and programs also to help her overcome her addiction. We thank you for what you are doing Lord. We ask for your help now as you are the only one who can. 
  70. Original Thur Feb 2nd. Anonymous female – overdosed last night, is in the hospital.  Lord, we thank you for saving her life. Lord may you bring forth not only physical healing but most importantly healing to her mind and life.  Free her Lord. May she feel the hope and love of you Jesus. 
  71. Julie H – Been having a piercing pain in the head.  Has battled this for some time. She is supposed to have neurology referral and scans.  Nothing is helping her pain at this time.  Lord we ask you for help and relief in her pain. Lord aid the physicians in caring for her. Lead and guide them in all they are doing. Lord, we know you can use medicine or do your divine supernatural healing to her. and stop this pain and headaches, She loves you Lord and trusts in you.  Please touch her now.  
  72. Michael- 9 years old.  Born with a heart issue.  He has an infection around his heart right now. They are giving him antibiotic treatments. Doctors state if this does not work he will need open heart surgery.  Lord Jesus, we ask you to touch him right now.  Heal his body. May that infection leaves his body in Jesus name. We pray he will not need surgery at all on his heart.  Lord, we know you are able to do help in this matter. Do whatever you need to bring this to pass.  Lord, we ask you also to touch his family and keep them strong and well too and comfort them all. Please pray.
  73. Peter- Not feeling well today. Just started not feeling well. A headache…body aches….a bit of stomach upset. Lord, we ask you to touch his body. Heal him, Lord. May he feel your strength and get the rest he needs in Jesus name.  
  74. Julia Update- she will be going home sometime today after brain surgery. Lord, we ask you to continue to strengthen Julia. Bring forth your complete healing and recovery.  
  75. Connie’s Mother TX – Has dementia and was found unresponsive.  She is in the hospital now, and cat scans being done too. Lord, we ask you to touch her mom right now. May there be nothing serious going on internally and also we pray for comfort for her as we know with dementia it can be very confusing to those battling it.  We also pray for Connie and her husband who will be traveling out of state to be with her.  Travel protection upon them all. Please pray.
  76. Julie H – Been having a piercing pain in the head.  Has battled this for some time. She is supposed to have neurology referral and scans.  Nothing is helping her pain at this time.  Lord we ask you for help and relief in her pain. Lord aid the physicians in caring for her. Lead and guide them in all they are doing. Lord, we know you can use medicine or do your divine supernatural healing to her. And stop this pain and headaches She loves you Lord and trusts in you.  Please touch her now.
  77. RR- has had UTI off & on for a year keeps coming back. She may be dealing with being allergic to the antibiotic too.  Lord, we ask you to touch her and heal her of this reoccurring.  We know you can heal and restore her stop the UTI’s in Jesus name.   
  78. A.I.  – Needs prayer and direction regarding a new job opportunity. Wants to be sure they are hearing from God and have peace and guidance from Him but most of all His will be done. 
  79. J.T.- Having knee issue pain. Due to osteoarthritis.  Doctors state eventually needs a knee replacement. Lord, we ask you touch that knee.  Bring complete healing and relief to it and may she already feel it. Reduce swelling and discomfort.   Lord, we know you can touch her body and bring forth mobility to it.  
  80. A.R.- Having stomach issues today. Lord, please heal and touch her stomach Lord and may all nausea subside in Jesus name. Help her to get the rest she needs. Please pray.
  81. Anonymous- May God work out situation needed at work. 
  82. UPDATE Julia G who had brain surgery, she is doing better. But her pain is still not controllable. She has more pain this time they said, because of the effects of the drilling from brain surgery. She was moved out of ICU in another room. Please pray.
  83. Lord Jesus, please touch Julia’s body and help her with the pain Lord.  May this be the last surgery she ever needs and we pray for complete healing and restoration for precious Julia. 
  84. Laura G will have back surgery Feb. 1 to have three vertebrae fused. She may then be moved to a Rehab facility. Please pray.

    Keep praying!

    Lora and her dad Tom Greguska!

  85. Kelly K is receiving breathing treatments along with other tests due to difficulty breathing, back pain. Tests to determine a possible blood clot. Not certain.
  86. Update on Julia…the bleeding is lessening!! No surgery! To God be the Glory!!
  87. Bobbie L – For me and my life and future, and my little sister Kizzy.  Bobbie lost both parents last year. Please pray.
  88. Danielle A- Prayer for her son Billie C that he would surrender his will to God and He would accept Jesus. Pray he turns his life around.  
  89. Curtis F- For the sick and shut-in and his friend Danielle and her family. For Healing, my faith, for youth development program and my family. Please pray.
  90. Kathy M- Pray for my health and my house and my life and future.
  91. Heavenly Father! I thank You for the job You have given me! I consider it a great gift from You. Lord, You know the stress I am undergoing in my job. Sometimes I feel like just quitting due to the massive pressures and responsibilities pushed upon me. I seem to have lost all my strength, and I am struggling to cope with this world Lord!
  92. Your word says that You love the prosperity of Your children. So, please be with me and bless all my efforts so that I can excel in my career. Grant me Your grace, which is sufficient to carry me through the most difficult times at my work-spot. Let me find favor in the eyes of my authorities! I plead for Your divine wisdom and strength to tide over the problem that crops up in my job. Keep me in perfect peace O Lord so that I may do my work with freedom and bring glory to Your name. I know You will do it because You are the one who relieves me whenever I am in distress. I give You all the glory! In Jesus’ name – I pray. Amen.
  93. Melissa -had lymph node cancer cut from her armpit last Thurs, one lump, there is another lump under it, they need to test and ultrasound, She might need in-hospital surgery to remove it, please pray that cancer has not spread elsewhere. She has a toddler son also and Lord we ask you to touch her and heal her.  We pray for cancer to leave her body. Please pray for her Mom also who has been struggling with sleep and needs rest too.  Lord, we ask for your divine help to this family. Please pray.
  94. Please keep praying Julie ( Pastor’s wife) who will be having a pituitary tumor removed surgery still being scheduled.  We also pray for her vision to not be impacted. Please touch her and lead and guide the doctors in her care. Please provide her comfort and peace.  Lord, we know you can dissolve this tumor in her body. Lord, we ask that it ultimately leaves her body.
  95. Jim H. took a fall this morning-7:30 am. His legs gave out and fell. Has a pretty deep gash over his left eye requiring stitches. He is stable now. Prayer for healing of total body! Lord, please heal, touch and strengthen Jim in the mighty name of Jesus.
  96. JT- still battling some physical pain and knee pain. Lord, we ask you to touch her body, we know you can bring her relief, and also for wisdom in any next steps she may need regarding her orthopedic situation.
  97. Pastor S. and his wife Julie. – For the Lord to get the right people to lead in helping them with the neurologist referral in their network. They continue to get told about certain doctors but then they are not in their plan.  This is delaying things for her surgery too. Lord, we need your help in this matter.  Bring the right people on the phone tomorrow, the right pre-auth staff at the doctor’s office to get the right insurance folks to assist with all this.  May they get answers tomorrow and a doctor in place.  We pray for both of them as this is causing extra stress in a stressful situation.  We are standing in the gap.  We also pray for your healing touch to Julie. That the pituitary tumor that is wrapped around will not impact her eyesight either.  That it will either dissolve by a divine miracle or be removed completely by the surgery to come. Please pray. 
  98. CF- Pray for favor with forms submitted to VA and positive response for the outcome and decisions.
  99. KM- Pray for her pain in legs….and also that she will be able to travel to trip for the conference.  Thank you, Lord, that she did get the apartment she wanted.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers.
  100. CC- Pray for healing with loneliness and pain from losing her mother and also for pain in her foot hurting it earlier today. We prayed for her in the room. Lord, please touch that foot and bring forth healing, may pain subside and may she have full mobility and know it was God’s touch to her body.
  101. MW- We pray for a healing of the cold virus she is still battling. For complete healing and recovery to her body. Also for continued comfort and healing in the loss of her Mother.
  102. Connie’s Mother ( I believe in TX) ….on hospice and feeding tubes removed.  The family was told it would only be a matter of time before she passes away. Lord, please touch this entire family at this very difficult time. Please pray.
  103. Felix- Went for the sleep study and fell out of the bed at the hospital.  Has a lot of health challenges. Lord, we ask you to touch him and also no significant issues from the fall too.
  104. Please pray for a man named Terry. He was just rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurysm, and the doctors are saying that they can’t do anything about it.
  105. KA- Has a critical job interview tomorrow for a job that would be a great fit. She is a Christian and puts her trust in the Lord’s perfect will and timing and protection.  Lord, we ask you to please bring favor if this is the job you have for her. Let interview go smoothly and let her have peace and calm knowing you are there with her during it. May her words flow smoothly.  If this is the job you for her, then let it come to pass.
  106. I just heard this on the news tonight and felt the need to share. Let’s Pray for little Avelina who was in a car accident on Saturday. Her family are the owners of Bunzels Meat and Catering her in Milwaukee. She is on life support at this time with a brain injury. Let’s all stand in the gap for this precious little one.  Lord, we ask you to heal her brain injury. May there be no permanent damage Lord and may she be restored to complete health.   She needs a miracle. God, we know you are in the miracle business.  We ask for complete healing in Jesus name. 
  107. It is with a heavy heart that the Bunzel Family is asking for your prayers. I realize that this might not be the most appropriate forum and I do apologize but we are desperate. Mr. and Mrs. B’s granddaughter Christine and her daughter (Mr. B’s and Mrs. B’s great-granddaughter) 5-year-old Avalina were involved in a terrible car accident last Saturday. Christine, one of the twin daughters of Therese Bunzel (Mantey), was treated and released with cuts and, bruises but Evelina is still fighting for her life. She is on life support at Children’s Hospital with a brain injury. The impact was on Evelina’s side of the vehicle. The paramedics were able to cut her out of her car seat and get her to Children’s in a hurry but not before she suffered a stroke. She is still unconscious so it’s a waiting game. We believe in the incredible staff at Children’s and also the power of prayer so if you have time please join us and pray. Many of us are setting alarms or reminders for 3 pm. By many this is considered “Hour Power” or “Holy Hour” for prayer so if your time lightens up near 3 pm please join in wherever you are knowing that many more of us are saying “Prayers for Evelina” along with you. If praying is not an option please wear either pink, purple, or yellow in support. All 3 colors were Evelina’s favorite. Soon we will have ribbon pins available to show your support. Thanks for your help! The Bunzel.’Please pray.
  108. Mary- Still in hospital and may have to be transferred to rehab for a while.  Still, in pain and hurt ankle and shoulder Lord, we know you can help Mary and ease her pain. Strengthen her Lord and touch her body. Help her family also during this time.  Lift her spirits, Lord. She needs your comfort and peace. Please pray.
  109. Julie ( and Pastor S) TN- will be meeting with a doctor on Monday.  Lord, they have been having issues finding a neurologist to do surgery on the pituitary tumor in their health insurance plan due to changes with the health care exchange many are leaving specific plans in 2017 that were in it last year.  May this doctor be able to help them. Lord this issue is causing delays for many things.  We ask you to please help them, Lord. Bring the right doctor to care for Julie and bring forth your healing and help.  
  110. BH- Was in the hospital this weekend due to an Asthma attack. She is still off work, and she said she is feeling weak still. She is a faithful Christian. Asking for prayer. Lord touch her airways and open them up. Clear her breathing to regular Father and heal her lungs  Help her with her weakened state right now. Bring strength to her body. We know you can heal and restore in Jesus name.
  111. I heard from my brother n law ( George’s brother) that Melissa’s father who lives in eastern TN has not improved since the massive stroke last week and life support will be removed tomorrow.  I am asking you all to please be in prayer for Melissa’s family at this difficult time. Melissa’s family is lovely and kind, and most of all love the Lord as I had met them while visiting TN with George.   I only wish we all lived closer so I could be of more support. But I know prayers are the most important now. Bless you, all and thank you for standing in the gap.


    The Encouragement-mobile!

  112. MG’s father- Had a massive stroke and is on life support at this time.   Lord, we ask you to please powerfully touch him. We know you can do a mighty work, Father God. Surround him with the best care possible.  Lord touch him and be with this family as they are going through this challenging time. Cover them with your help, strength, and comfort.
  113. Anonymous- Battling with depression. Lord touch this precious one and bring forth your healing and help.  Bring others in their path to encourage and be of support.
  114. Anonymous male – Will find out on Monday if they may be out of a job. Lord, we know you already know the outcome. We ask you if it is your will to have them keep this job, then you will allow it to remain, but we know your hand is in all this and your perfect will be done.  Lord if it is not your will, then please open a door for a better opportunity.  Please bring your peace and comfort and favor to this situation. Please pray.
  115. Donna G- This morning at 7:30 is getting total hip replacement surgery!  Lead and guide the physicians doing the surgery.  We pray for a successful operation. Please pray for her complete recovery, Pray for her entire family to have peace in a living God that holds them close to His heart.
  116. LW ( WI)- Had tumor removal surgery. Don’t have a lot of details at this time. But Lord you know the situation, Father God. We pray you will completely heal her body in a mighty way.  She is a warrior for our Lord and loves you, Father.  You are the mighty physician. We place her in your hands. The best hands. 
  117. CC – Prayers were sent out last week for her ankle she hurt last week, and also we prayed for her.  Her ankle is much better. She said she knows it was the prayers answered and she was walking great tonight.  All glory to God. Thank you all for praying.
  118. CheChee- Prayers for finances and that she can get her bills paid.  Pray for her 103-year-old Aunt also. God, you are able. Lords continued healing in their grief journey.
  119. Kathy- Prayer she can get a new bed and couch for her new apartment. Very thankful she got a new place.  Also, pray for her health and her family.
  120. Danielle- Prayer for her as she is in graduate school and that she can stay on top of all the work she needs to it.  Also, pray for her as she is raising her children as a single parent.  Pray for God to lead her in all areas of her life. Also for complete healing of her back and her body.  And all the needs she has for complete healing from the Lord.
  121. (SR) – Her oldest son has some serious issues and needs the Lord’s healing. It is affecting the entire family at this time. Lord, we know you are able to heal and restore. We ask you please get him the right help now too and bring the right care into his path. He needs freedom and healing Lord. Please pray. We ask all this in Jesus name. 
  122.  Dorothy M- Continued pray for her not feeling well and also had aches and pains.  May the Lord touch her body and heal her. She had visited hospital earlier, but they found nothing at this time and no fever.
  123. Sherry- For the Lord’s help in all the areas needed and her marriage also.  We thank you for the resources you have brought in her path already. Bring forth healing.
  124. Julie – See’s Neuro Surgeon on Thursday regarding surgery for removal of a tumor on pituitary but still having problems with insurance issues.  Lord help her right now.  Lord all this stress is not good for her situation. Lord we know you can dissolve that tumor, so she does not need surgery, but Lord if it is your will she does, then. Lord, we ask you to make a way in all this for her and open all doors needed for her health and healing.  Pray for her husband Steven too and help him as he is also a Pastor and needs your strength and help in all he is dealing with. Please pray.
  125. Lail – Continue to pray for her complete healing and recovery to her body after the cancerous tumor was removed. Lead and guide the physicians in her care.  Be with her Lord and bring her comfort and peace.  She loves you Lord and trusts in you in all areas of her life.
  126. Steve L- Lord open doors for a new job.  Lord, we ask you to grant him favor in this and also lead him to the right jobs, the right employment job sites or agencies and job postings and bring other in his path to help him.  Lord help him during this time of unknown and may he feel your comfort and peace.
  127. Melissa’s Father – Had massive stroke last Thursday. Lord, we ask you to touch him right now and for complete healing, recovery, and wholeness. We ask you also be with his wife and his children and the entire family. Please pray.
Mom did a lot of praying for me!

Mom was baking Italian Biscotti cookies with me in the kitchen!