Prayer List #5

Prayer is very important!

Daily prayer is very important. Seven days without prayer makes one weak! Here are some encouraging scriptures that deal with prayer.


The Importance of Prayer!


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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska



Prayer List #5

  1. Lois ( Jackie’s mother n law) – had an appointment yesterday they had to leave the drain tube because there is still too much drainage from her lung. She was disappointed with that news, but it is needed now to relieve her issues.  But they are running a few more tests on the tumor that they removed, and she might not need to go thru chemo/radiation depending on the strain of cancer that it was.  So that news made her very hopeful.  The at-home nurse will still be visiting every other day this week, and she follows up with the doc next Monday.  There will be a social worker stopping by this week to go over the meals on wheels program
  2. Lord, we thank you for this news, pray that Lois WILL NOT NEED Chemo and that all the cancer was removed in this surgery, and may all the prayers and the positive outcome already encourages Lois and her family and draw them close to HIM now.
  3. Richard ( Pam’s Dad) at wound clinic now, they to admit him to the hospital as his left foot is now not looking good with one toe infected and another one not looking good either. Will get on IV antibiotics but also will schedule for surgery to amputate left toes. Lord, we ask for your help now.  Ease his pain, and please stop anymore infection. Lord is by your divine hand he does not have to have more surgery we pray for that also by your Stripes we are healed.
  4. JT- was on prayer chain due to terrible pain and vomiting Went to ER and found out had three kidney stones. Doctors also were thankful she came and told her how many and if more pain occurred like she had to go back She believes she passed more today and was given pain meds and antibiotics too. Lord, we thank you it was nothing serious and was a treatable situation. We offer you the thanks and Praise.  Please help JT with the pain and that she can rest and pass all the stones and feel better. We pray for no more stones.
  5. Anonymous male – Needs significant healing from depression and anxiety. Also, pray for proper medical care and medication needs. JESUS Please touch his mind and spirit and life. Free him also of deep wounds and pain he has suffered from hurt. Healing needed.
  6. JT- had violent stomach attach and vomiting last night, also had an episode a few weeks ago. Called clinic and they said she needed to go to ER to get all this checked and possible scans could be possibly gallbladder attack. Lord, we pray right now, for your hand over JT. May they find out what is going on.  Lord lead and guide the right medical staff to help her.  Lord we pray for the pain to subside and Lord may it be something very treatable, and we ask as you are the Master Physician that your divine healing is done in all this.
  7. JR- feeling better this morning and will see a doctor on Monday.  Lord, we pray for the healing of pain and emotions Lord and the healing of depression. May he feel encouraged and stronger by the minute.
  8. Update on Kris who has been on the prayer chain, a blood clot on his lung, they can’t give him blood thinners, because his bleeding near the brain, he is on a full ventilator, he isn’t breathing on his own, Lord we know you are a mighty divine healer. And you can change this situation for Kris We pray for the bleeding to stop near the brain, we pray for that blood clot to dissolve through your divine hand.  Lord, we pray he can get off the ventilator and no permanent damage.  Lord we know you are the Master Physician and nothing is impossible for you.  We also pray for Melissa, the mother of Kris’s son Donovan. All are hurting with this uncertainty now. Lord may they keep their eyes upon you now.  Lord, we ask for your healing power in this situation in Jesus name.
  9. JR- had a dizzy episode. Lord, we pray for him. May all this stop…may he gain your strength and healing and wholeness in Jesus name.
  10. Marcia S is taking her daughter, Liana, to Hospital ER. She is in great pain. 
  11. JR- for a financial situation to be resolved with the right help provided.
  12. Sherry – To make right decisions after divorce regarding the new relationship she is in. She has two younger children.  Divorce was earlier this year. Pray for healing and that she will not jump ahead of Gods timing.
  13. FROM EVANGEL WEBSITE: Good Morning, I’m currently struggling with stomach issues. I’ve also been struggling with depression and negative obsessive thoughts for a long time, and it has taken a toll on me including my mind and body. Can you please pray for my stomach, to heal my depression, and to stop my incorrect obsessive thoughts.
  14. Thank you, Michael, Sharon P, on her way to services last night, slammed her fingers in the door requiring seven stitches. We agree to speak healing to her in the name of Jesus!
  15. Paul & Joan K ask for prayer for her sister, Linda. She has stage 1 lung cancer. Surgery is Sept. 18. Believing for a revelation of Christ in her life.
  16. Anonymous male – Important meeting regarding his young daughter and being able to have more time with her due to divorce. The meeting is today.
  17. Lord, We pray for your favor and help for him today. Favor with those listening to his situation.  He loves his daughter a great deal and wants more time.  We pray for your help and peace today and for a positive outcome for all.  We pray for the young daughter and also both parents as well.
  18. Matt- Had to have emergency appendix surgery.  He is now home from the 2-day hospital stay. His fiance asked for prayer for him.  I told her we would put him on the prayer chain. Lord, we pray for your swift healing and recovery to Matt and may he heal well, no infection Lord and recovery and rest.  Lord, we know he has a physically demanding job so Lord he is unable to work right now. May financial provision come and may he not feel any stress due to this. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  19. JT – having gallbladder issues.  Lord we ask for your help with this, bring forth your healing, we know you can do divine healing .or use a doctor or surgery to remove if needed but Lord bring relief whatever way you use or do, we know you can do this. We ask this in Jesus name.
  20. Kris- is in ICU motorcycle accident, he has a broken artery in his neck and bleeding around his brain in the hospital now, he is in an induced coma. Lord, we pray right now for Kris. Lord, we pray for your divine help and healing. Lead and guide all the medical staff caring for him. Lord May the bleeding stop and may there be no permanent damage. Lord, we don’t know if he knows you, but we pray somehow he will come to know you and come out of this.  He has a young son Donovan. Be with him and the son’s mother Melissa too and his family.
  21. Anonymous – broken strained relationship. Lord, we pray for peace and closure in this situation and resolution for both parties and peace. Lord, we know that sometimes relationships end due to multiple reasons necessarily, but people can do it peacefully and amicably. We pray for that in this situation.
  22. Sandy ( 50’s) upper MI – Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Been battling since Dec 2017. The chemos are not working correctly, and doctors are talking about possible bone marrow. They recently gave her mixture of 3, and she ended up hospitalized with counts very bad.   Sandy is a believer.  Lord, we pray right now for cancer to be irradiated in her body. We pray for your healing touch to her body. We know you are the Master Physician but use medicine also so Lord and may they find the right course of medication and Lord we pray for your divine healing. Continue to keep her stable Lord. Her elderly parents are taking her to treatments, and the drive is 45 minutes. Be with them all and protect them all with travel too and their health.  Lord, we ask you to please work a miracle in this situation. 
  23. Pam ( Connie’s sister) – been on the prayer chain, thank you all for praying and continue to do so after a cancer diagnosis has to have stomach and part of esophagus removed.  But Doctors said that there as NO cancer in the stomach fluids ( THANK YOU LORD) so she had chemo yesterday and will have chemo in 2 weeks. God, we thank you that this cancer did not spread. We thank you for the divine healing you are already doing for Pam.  Lord, we pray that she will draw close to you now and we thank you in advance for her ultimate cure.
  24. JR MI- Meeting with housing appt due to being on SSDI ( in post-stroke recovery) to get an apartment in his price range. Lord, we pray for favor in this. Lord, we thank you for providing the medication issue for the heart, and you took care of all that.  We thank you for the great strides he has overcome with you by his side.  He loves you Lord and needs you and encouragement now.
  25. Special Note – JR was a successful Sales Engineer in his field. He leads teams in Manufacturing in his 20s and before the stroke, he was a well respected top Sales Engineer and made well over a high 6 figure salary. In a split second his life was turned upside down by a stroke. When this stroke happened, he had a divine encounter with Jesus which is the reason he is saved.  God gave him a second chance at life. He has seen the best and worst in life. We know that what the enemy had planned for evil God turned around for good and ultimately where he will go after this earthly life is over is the most important, the end we know he has a great plan in all this. Keep praying for JR.
  26. We never know what Life will bring us, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We need to thank God for each day he has given as a gift….and serve Him in the best capacity we know how to.
  27. Dennis – ruptured eardrum. Lord, we pray for the healing of ear and swift healing. Also for relationship situation, he met a lady he likes and not sure if she is ready for serious relationship. He is a believer. May your perfect will and timing be done Show both of them your best Lord moving forward.
  28. Peter 90s- battling Alzheimer’s. Home with caregivers. Not having a good day at all per his caregiver. We pray for the Lord’s help in this situation that he can stay hydrated and eat and also for no other UTI issues he had 2 in the last year. 
  29. JR- needs help with medication refill and saw a Doctor that insurance plan he has so some additional costs occurred. He also needs his meds refilled in a few days. Please help him with all this and the calls he is making and it will get done. One of his pills is for his heart medication and needed. Lord, please help in this matter.
  30. Pam ( Connie’s sister) – Starting Chemo for stomach cancer. Lord lead and guide the medical staff caring for her. Lord may your healing touch be upon her. We pray for cancer to be irradiated and healed in Jesus name. We know you are the mighty Physician and are a healer and also use medicine for your healing too.
  31. Lois- who had surgery for lung cancer, doctors believe they removed entire tumor however she has not eaten since the operation which was quite a few days, she is home and in discomfort. Lord, we pray for her appetite to come back and for any pain or discomfort to subside.  Lord, we know you can do this. She needs her strength and nutrition also for healing. Lord help Lois with this need. We are standing the gap for her.
  32. JT- Prayer for misunderstanding to be resolved with grace and the Lord’s help in the matter. God, you know the situation and please work out the details as you know what they are already.
  33. C- has a 90-day review at a new job and not feeling as confident in the job as they would like. Lord, we pray for your help in this and for favor and peace. Lord if this is not the right fit then Lord bring another job in C’s path that C will enjoy and do well at.  Give C your peace and confidence that you are with and will help as C turns to you.
  34. AR – She is at Urgent care….has strep throat. Lord, we pray for healing and recovery and for the pain to subside in her throat.  Lord we pray for your relief and medication will also be used to help him. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  35. Prayer requests from Friday morning Bible study 17th and Lincoln
  36. J – Situation with a family.
  37. B – Organization in life.
  38. P – Family grow closer to the Lord, also a car
  39. P – Marriage and family financial issues. Father passed away.
  40. J – Patience and blessing for a job next week.
  41. P – Motivation and prioritizing and goals.
  42. Anonymous- asked for unspoken prayer need this morning. God knows the situation, and we pray for help in whatever area is required. Lord may your help, and perfect will be done in the matter.
  43. DA- Prayer for healing of hurt from a broken relationship due to broken trust and deceit to a person one party not being honest to another. Lord, we ask for your healing and help in this situation for all in involved. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  44. Jeffrey- In physical therapy and twisted his ankle, he is now icing and elevating. Therapy said to give it a few days, and if it doesn’t subside, then he will need an x-ray.  He is in post-stroke recovery and this was not required. He is a believer, and I told him we would be praying for him. Lord, we ask you right now to touch Jeffrey’s ankle and foot. You are the Master Physician Father God. ….Lord reduce swelling and pain and may it not be anything serious. Lord help him in his healing and recovery in all areas including stroke aphasia and physical symptoms and memory. In Jesus name.
  45. Lois ( Jackie’s Mother n law- Battling lung cancer. The doctor said that they were able to get the entire tumor out So the next step will be chemo and radiation. Lord, we thank you that they were able to get the whole tumor, Father God. We pray for your healing against cancer in her body and recovery Lord. We thank you for the care you have provided her already.
  46. Anonymous- Marital issues and also extended family issues and children hurting due to the family in turmoil. Lord you know the situation and you know all the pain and hurt. Lord, you can change hearts, you can restore what is broken.
  47. Anonymous- GOing through marriage separation and her child is very depressed and speaking of suicidal tendencies, she is getting Christian counseling resources today. Lord, we pray for this entire situation. Lord, you know this whole situation. We know you do not want a divorce. We pray for this family and if there can be reconciliation and forgiveness then do what is needed. Lord each situation is unique and the reasons behind. Lord, we pray for this child who is hurting and struggling right now. Let them feel your peace and comfort. Let them know they are loved and not alone and even though the parents are not together may the parents show love and reassurance and come together for the children. There is much healing needed.  IN JESUS NAME
  48. CJ- having some bleeding issues, goes to Dr. tomorrow for breathing tests and physical. Not feeling well.  Lord, we pray for answers to all that is going on. We pray for your healing and help Father God, be with her Lord and lead and guide doctors in her care now. 
  49. Karen’s Daughter’s friend Elizabeth and husband ATLANTA. – She is in the hospital now, went into labor at 22 weeks. Doctors want her to be at 26 weeks. This is the second pregnancy, as they lost a baby at 18 weeks when she went into labor before. Lord we ask for your divine, help now, guide and lead the Doctors and Nurses helping in the care. You are the Master Physician Father God…you can protect this baby and bring forth comfort to the parents who are believers and love you, Father God.  Thank you in advance for what you are going to do now. IN JESUS NAME
  50. Here is an update on Pam’s dad. Lord, we pray for healing upon Richard Pam’s dad and for your help with the pain and that all heals appropriately and no more issues. Lord, we pray for your help in this situation. Thank you for all you have done so far…and continue to do. In Jesus name.
  51. My dad’s surgery went well, they amputated the rest of the toes on the right foot and also sores on his left foot. I stayed with him the last few nights as he was pretty tired with pain meds on board and to be safe if he had to get around the house. There was some concern of bleeding but nurse was at the house today, and things were looking ok. He heads back to foot doctor Thursday for follow up. So far everything is going ok, but please keep prayers going for the healing of both feet and the pain.
  52. Update: Our love and prayers are with Judy Hartman’s Family as the passing of her brother Terry this morning 5:30 am. He knew the Lord. No arrangements yet. The Hartmans will be driving to New York to assist Terry’s son Chris & new bride married just three wks ago. His peace and comfort keep them close.
  53. G – Healing for sore throat pain primarily on the right side. Lord touch that area Father…we pray for the pain to subside and if any infection to leave in Jesus name.
  54. HJ- healing of addiction and for healing in his life, restoration in all areas, including marriage needed.
  55. Just received a message from a mother at the hospital with his son. His initials are DA (Milwaukee).
  56. He battles suicidal thoughts and depression also and has for many years. Lord we ask you to be with A right now…we ask for healing of his mind, heart and spirit Lord. We pray against the enemy who wants to steal and destroy his life. This is not from God. Lord, we pray for the medical staff you are bringing in his path. Lord, we know you can heal but also use medication for any imbalance to help him. Whatever is needed at this time to help him, please bring it in his path.  We pray for his mother too and her concerns for her child. Please bring peace and divine healing and help in the situation.
  57. AN- Applying for a new job….she is a widow just a year. Its been a difficult season for her…but God is having her step out now and apply for this job that would be a perfect fit for her. Lord give her your favor in this job and if she will get this interview.  May the door open for an interview.   We pray that the right people will read this and she will move ahead in getting an interview. She feels this would be a perfect place for her…and also because of what she went through she can be empathetic to those as her job would be a medical social worker and helping families in medical situations.
  58. Curtis and family, prayers needed in the loss of his brother tragically. Lord may your comfort and strength be with them now. They need your help Father at such a painful and challenging time.
  59. JR- needs to pray for many issues.  Lord we pray for your help, healing resources in all areas
  60. MN- not feeling well headaches and sinus pressure, pray for healing in this.
  61. A – Another shooting death in the neighborhood, pray to get the drug dealers out of the community.
  62. P – Back pain and direction in life.
  63. B – Walking close to God and influencing others for the Lord. Ben is getting back to full health after being in the hospital for 15 days. Friendship with others.
  64. E – Continue to do good at work. We ask this in JESUS NAME
  65. Peter- Please pray for his back pain, He either pulled muscles or overstrained.  Lord, we pray for your healing touch to Peter’s back. Touch him and ease the pain, Lord. Help him to rest also. IN JESUS NAME