Prayer List #4


Prayer is more powerful than you probably realize! Here are some encouraging scriptures about the power of prayer.



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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska



Prayer List #4


      1. Please pray for me because my friend and Pastor Len’s daughter in law Pauline, who is terrible physical health, but we will continue to have hope for her, comfort Pastor Len and his wife. 
      2. Makayla 11 years old and Marwan 6 years old died in an overnight apt fire near the Woodlands Townhome Apartments at Swan and Allyn Milwaukee near Brown Deer Road.   A 6-month-old baby girl & Latasha their mother managed to get out. Family and neighbors attempted to save them, but the fire was too intense. Please pray for this family and the Lord’s comfort, strength, and help at this time.  This is such a tragedy.  We can only turn to Jesus during these painful times in life. Please Pray for me. We know He is near to the brokenhearted.

        Mom and Dad

        Remember to pray for your parents as I prayed for mine when they were alive.

      3. Michele.and her Son O  – Mother diagnosed with cancer has three children. Her children have been attending church, but she has not come yet.  Lord, we pray for her salvation and for the Lord to work in her life.  We pray for healing to her body and that she will see her need for Jesus.   Her son also ( first initial O – 15 years old )  needs significant prayer.  He just found out about his mother, and he is struggling a lot with hurt, sadness, and depression.  He has a lot of Christian mentors and support and a beautiful church home, but he needs our prayers. We pray for the healing of his mind.  Pray for all her children and the Lord to be with them all.
      4. Continue to pray for a family of Chris and Glen S- After losing their granddaughter  Summer very suddenly. Her 16th birthday would have been this month.  Please pray for her parents and her siblings. The entire family needs our prayers for the Lord’s strength, comfort, and peace.  Also for his help during all this too.  May those that do not know the Lord come to know him through this.
      5. Lee- has a weak heart and had tests for it.  Lord, we pray for a divine touch to Lee’s heart for healthy heart function to return. Guide the hands of the medical staff doing the tests. Also, if there is anything that Lee can do to improve his heart health, wisdom, and direction to him. We pray for a good report. Please pray for me.
      6. Praise that I could take care of my mom the last eight years of her life. Pray for me now that I will no longer have my mom to take care of and be with. There will be a new chapter of my life to open. Please remember to pray. Bill Greguska
      7. Glen and Chris S family- tomorrow is the funeral of their granddaughter who was only 15 years old.  Lord, we pray for your divine comfort and help this family during this terrible time. May you give them strength and surround them with your love. Judy’s Mom- Put on hospice care. The family is near Wi and out of State. We know God you ordain the days of our life here on earth. We place her Mom in your hands and may she feel your comfort and peace right now and your divine touch to her body and be with all her family. 
      8. Connie’s Dad- Congestive Heart Failure and the family was told he is near death. Lord, we know you are in control, and we pray for your divine touch in his body. We pray for his family also who have traveled from out of states to be near him. Bring comfort and peace to the situation. Remember to pray.
      9. Anonymous.couple – In need of a divine miracle in marriage.  Needs healing from many hurts and one spouse is very distraught at this time.  May God draw them both close to you, and both will admit the things that they need to both change and commit to making those changes for the good. We know marriage was designed by you God and the divine covenant of it.  We pray for your divine will be done in this situation.
      10. I was notified Judy H Mom has passed away.  Her 88th birthday would have been this Sunday.  The family is making arrangements today. The family has comfort that she is in the arms of Jesus now, and she will be celebrating her birthday with Jesus.  Lord, we thank you for her life, and we pray now for her entire family and the Lord’s love, comfort, and peace upon them all. 
      11. PW- Has a lift test for a job tomorrow. A bit concerned and asking for prayer.  Lord, we pray for your protection upon her and that your perfect will and favor be done in this job situation. 
      12. Fishing at Elmbrook,Mural painting at New Beginings,Ramps 058

        Remember to pray for dad’s and their sons.

        AL- Needs financial miracle and a new living arrangement for him and his son. Applying for jobs. Had a promising job interview for a school but background check may take a while. Lord, we pray all of this will go smoothly and promptly. Pray for me; we pray for favor for Al and your perfect job. Help him and his son find a beautiful new place to live that is safe and financially within their means.

      13. Becky ( Al’s daughter) – was diagnosed recently with cancer that spread to other organs.  She is on chemotherapy.  Lord, we pray right now for Becky.  We pray against disease and sickness to her body. We pray for all the tumors to shrink and for total health to her body. We pray for your comfort and strength upon her
      14. Carrie- Put an offer in on a new condo.  Lord, we pray for your protection from her. Your perfect Will be done if you want her to have this condo then all will go through for her quickly, and nothing will prevent it.  We know you are in control and want the best for her.
      15. Continue to pray for the family of Connie ( lost father) and Judy H ( lost Mother)- Funerals for both will be this week.  We pray for the Lords strength, comfort, peace and help them all. We also pray for divine physical healing to her body. 
      16. Jouri’s family ( my nephew’s girlfriend’s family -There is an amber alert for two of Jouri’s nephews/cousins. This was just put on the news and cell phone Amber alerts, so many of you have received this.  We pray to God that they will be brought back safely. Find the car and driver.  Lord, we pray right now they will be found safe and free from harm protect them right now.  Lord find them in Jesus name. 
      17. From John and Marcia: Please pray for me and two of our grandkids in the hospital. Ten yr old Gabe in Nevada with a severe asthma attack.  Four yr old Emily in New Mexico just now fell on her head/back from playground monkey bars and lost consciousness for a short time. She’s in pain and Just got to ER, so we don’t know anything else yet. Lord, we pray right now for all these precious children. God, please work in these situations, and we pray for your divine help now. In Jesus name.
      18. Bill Greguska fishing with John Stephan

        Please remember to pray for me that I always enjoy being a fisher of men and also of fish. 

        PRAISE UPDATE JW She got the job and passed the lift test. Thank you all for your prayers, continue to please pray for me. 

      19. PW- Has a lift test for a job tomorrow. A bit concerned and asking for prayer.  Lord, we pray for your protection upon her and that your perfect will and favor be done in this job situation.
      20. Teresa- was put in a medically induced coma. The next two days are very critical. I am not sure of the details, but God knows.  Lord, we pray for Teresa. We pray for healing to her body and all brain function to be normal. Lead and guide the medical staff caring for her.
      21.  Update From John and Marcia: Continue to pray for me and our ten yr old grandson, Gabe as his breathing is still labored from asthma.  We rejoice and are so thankful to Jesus that he was released from the hospital. Now his lungs need to continue to heal. Remember to pray.
      22. Also from John & Marcia: 4 yr old granddaughters, Emily in New Mexico, miraculously only has suffered a broken wrist from her fall from the monkey bars that landed her shoulder first on the ground.  Indeed a miracle as our daughter Erica heard the breath go out of Emily and saw Emily’s lifeless body with her eyes rolled back. Erica cried out to Jesus and praying in tongues. Emily woke up, and then Erica rushed her from the playground to the hospital. Once in the ER, it was like nothing ever happened (except for the fractured wrist). Earlier in the day, Emily had been talking about Big Angels around her!!! Hmmm mmm. The next day, she told her mom that after she had fallen and was laying under the monkey bars, she saw Jesus, who said this to her: “I am with you. I love you. Be better. Miraculous!!! Oh, what a beautiful, mighty God we serve and love!  He is so good~! Thank you, Jesus!
      23. The business cards that they will find the right people who need them to point them towards Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and the ministry. Not only please pray for me, but pray for all those who receive one of my cards of encouragement.
      24. Teresa- was put in a medically induced coma. The next two days are very critical. I am not sure of the details, but God knows.  Lord, we pray for Teresa. We pray for healing to her body and all brain function to be normal. Lead and guide the medical staff caring for her.
      25. Charles, Having seizures and had bleeding on the brain.  Doctors are not sure why. They did spinal tap looking for infection and also may need to do a brain biopsy.  Lord, we pray you will manifest your healing power in this situation.  We pray for bleeding and seizures to stop in the name of Jesus. Lord comfort him right now and reveal yourself to him to him. 
      26. Betz- Elderly in her 80’s and was taken to the hospital not feeling well. She still lives in a senior apt independently. It turns out she has pneumonia and is hospitalized.  Lord, we pray right now you will touch her in a mighty way. Heal her and strengthen her.  She loves the Lord and trusts in Him.  Allow her a full recovery and to be able to go home fully recovered.
      27. Jim H- Was in hospital but now recovering in Rehab to gain strength in his body.  Lord thank you for what you are doing in his body right now and bringing forth healing. We ask all this in Jesus name. 
      28. SR-Battling severe acid reflux.  If it does not improve will have to go for scope procedure in a few weeks. Also had a mammogram and something showed up, so further tests being done. Lord touch SR right now.  Do your divine healing to her body.  Bring peace and comfort to her at this time.  Lord guide and direct the doctors you have placed in her path as they are a real gift of God.  We thank you in advance for what you are doing. Remember to pray.
      29. For those in need of jobs. Lord, please bring favor to them all. Lord, you know each of them by name.   Those in need of employment are initials. L, L, L, P, B, J, C, S, P, or have been looking and still do not have one.  Some are discouraged and afraid.  Lord bring comfort upon them and do a mighty work in 2016 on their behalf. Use this time to draw them to you like never before. We ask this in Jesus name.
      30. Hi there, I’m asking you all to continue to pray for my knee. I am doing well in most aspects of the recovery five weeks out but still have pain on the lower right side of the kneecap, and with certain exercises, it is very uncomfortable and noticeable. They put a pain patch on it today after physical therapy and are using TENS electrical stimulation on it also and heat and ICE before and after exercises.  I see my doctor tomorrow for an appt and will update him. My range of motion is good it is just this one spot that is particularly the main problem  I am asking you all to please pray for complete healing of that area and my knee and for the pain to subside in Jesus name. Thank you all.
      31. Pastor Ron Sauer and his wife Sue Sauer!

        Pastor Ron Sauer and his wife Sue Sauer have been a big part of my life!

        Rebecca –  got sick Saturday night.  Thought it was the flu but Monday night she starting getting severe pain where a cyst was removed three months ago.  Her Mom took her to the doctor on Tuesday – he had us get an ultrasound and see the Ob/Gyn who removed Rebecca’s cyst.  The ultrasound didn’t show much, and the doctors are not sure why she is not feeling well.  Rebecca tried going to school today, but we had to turn around when she almost threw up in the car.  She slept most of today but is still nauseated and has pain in her abdomen and lower back. She is missing a lot of schools already and is a very smart and bright kid but due to these issues cannot go when feeling this way.  Also, her Mom’s boss is cracking down, and she cannot work all the flexible time she was to help. Both need major prayer.  Lord, we ask you to touch this situation right now.  Do a divine healing in Rebecca’s body. Stop all those symptoms in the name of Jesus. Take away pain and nausea, pray for me. She and her Mom know you Lord and take away any fears they may be having because of the unknown. We know you are our firm foundation when nothing around us seems stable.  We can stand on you even when we feel we don’t have the strength left.

      32. Peg- had a tough day with more pain at work but I had to walk farther than. I had to meetings yesterday, and we work in a building that was an old factory, so it’s enormous. Therapists said this could happen especially the first week back and somewhat expected it.  I was a bit discouraged yesterday I won’t kid you.  My boss and LOA people are very understanding flexible, and I can take periodic intermittent time off if needed.  So far I have worked full days all week. I know God is with me. It’s just I want to be up and running and I just can’t yet.  Lord do a divine work on my knee. Continue to strengthen and heal it day by day.  Thank you for what you have done already for me.  I am so grateful to you Father for helping me.  Keep me infection free too.  IN JESUS NAME.
      33. They truly need a DIVINE MIRACLE…please; please keep praying. Kaitlyn and her precious family need our prayers. TODAY UPDATE Stop now and pray! This is a prayer call to arms! She will be going in for more surgery to relieve brain pressure. This is quite a serious surgery. They said they would be looking carefully at the brain looking for the dead tissue and remove it if they find it. This is a highly delicate surgery. Our prayer needs to be that they will find no further damage and that by relieving the pressure, the brain seizures stop and our dear Kaitlyn comes out in all of her beauty. We are not filled with doubt or despair as Satan would want. We are filled with hope, peace, and love that our loving Father has Kaitlyn, and all of us wrapped in His everlasting arms. Please pray ceaselessly for the next several hours. We will update you as soon as we have news from the surgeon. Tues Update Kaitlyn was transferred to UW-Madison. Helicopter transport to UW-Madison in progress with Kaitlyn’s counts again being in dangerous levels. Much discussion took place that Kaitlyn needs a specialized Neuro-ICU team and praise God that UW-Madison has an intensive care unit dedicated solely to cases such as with Kaitly. There is a good probability that more surgery will take place almost immediately upon arrival. It was a difficult decision to have her transported at this time, but there was a consensus that it was necessary to have the best chance of survival. It is time to kneel down and let your prayer be heard so that he may be glorified through her healing!
      34. Praise report Deborah’s son- He is returning home. Praise God. His mother was overcome with emotion and thankfulness for prayers being answered. She let Charity know, and she then let me know.  Praise the Lord. Thank you all for praying. Also, pray for Deborah’s Son- He is in Texas and not sure of all the circumstances, but Mother is asking for prayer for him to return home. Also for his protection and safety upon him. May the Lord do a mighty work and bring him home safe.  IN JESUS NAME. Remember to pray.

      35. Andy – Monday is the year anniversary of him losing his precious wife, Mary Jane.  Those firsts are always tricky. May the Lord touch Andy and all of Mary Jane’s family as they remember her life and know she is in heaven as she loved Jesus, but they are missing her presence here on earth. May the Lord be near and bring comfort.
      36. Continue to pray for Kaitlyn – Who is in a trauma unit for a brain injury she suffered after a severe automobile accident.  She has had multiple surgeries to reduce brain swelling and brain tissue etc. Kaitlyn and her family are all strong Christians.  We pray for a divine miracle touch to Kaitlyn and complete healing to her brain and body in Jesus name. Lord help her parents and siblings and all her friends and extended family during this time of unknown.
      37. Praise Report- Praise God!  Pastor Saeed finally made it out of Iranian soil and Is now on a plane heading to Switzerland!  Per his wife’s message.  He was in prison in Iran since 2012.  He and three others were released yesterday. Thank you, Lord.  Help heal them and protect them all as they recover from this horrific experience and the trauma they endured.  Lord, we pray for our Nation and me in these volatile times. Remember to pray.
      38. Cheryl – having some spinal procedure today.  Not sure of all the details but her friend emailed and said she is requesting prayer. Lord, we pray that the procedure will go well and smooth and no complications. Lead and guide the medical staff doing the procedure. May she heal swiftly and gain full mobility and no pain and full recovery. In Jesus name. Lil- Living in AZ. Had knee replacement today. The update was she was in recovery, and the surgery went well.  We pray for a successful outcome for her and relief from pain long term. For current pain from surgery to be managed and also for complete healing of her knee, no infection. We pray for those caring for her that they will take special care of her.  We also pray this time will draw her close to you Father. Many in her extended family are all Christians and are praying for her.
      39. My sisters friend Karen’s Nephew 9 years old – Found out he has a Liver condition and it stopped functioning, and it happened very suddenly. They don’t know what caused all this so quickly. He is in the hospital now and was told he needs a liver transplant.  Lord, please touch this precious boy who is just starting his life.  Lord, we know you know the situation, and you created him inside and out.  Do a divine work, and if part of that plan is he gets a liver, then please do that promptly. Karen is friends with my sister.
      40. DS- also found out she is going back to work half days on Thurs after being off work for quite a while.  Lord do continued healing. Ease any anxiety and may it be a smooth transition.  Thank you, DS can go back to work and continue to strengthen her.
      41.  TE Family – Her father was on our prayer chain.  Sadly he passed away over the weekend.  He was battling liver and kidney failure. TE is a senior in college and is close to my stepdaughter Liz. Please touch this family and comfort them in their time of sadness and loss. You are near to the brokenhearted and save the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18
      42. Also the gentlemen from India on prayer list today earlier, is named Prasad. Please continue to pray as he was transferred to a different hospital to find out what caused the seizures. Pray for his complete healing and recovery. Remember to pray.
      43. Gentlemen from India visiting family- Sorry I don’t have the full name, but God does. He was taken to hospital yesterday due to some multiple seizures and medical episode. He and his wife were here visiting his son and wife because they just had a baby. They all know the Lord Jesus we thank you for that. Now do a mighty healing work in his body. Help and guide the medical staff to find out what is wrong. May there be no permanent issues from this and may he regain all his health and strength. Comfort his family right now also.
      44. DS- Continue to pray for complete healing up her and also for her feel more strength and bring comfort to her and her family as this week is the year anniversary of losing her grandchild. They are all hurting from this. Pray for Lord’s love to surround them.
      45. Please remember to pray for Kaitlyn and her family!

        Would you continue to lift this family up in your prayers! Kaitlyn Update 3-26-16 Progress…Hi Everyone, what an important word as it pertains to our sweet Kaitlyn at this time in her life. Daily we long for it, we cry out for it, we pray for it, sweet, hope-filled progress…. with all glory and praise to our Father above, we are getting it!!! He’s been sending it in abundance!!! Much has improved over the last couple of weeks. The continuous crying she was experiencing, now only takes place a few short times a day and is mostly related to having to go to therapy. She hates therapy as it’s hard for her. It can be difficult and even somewhat be insulting to her. They ask her reasoning questions and things to stimulate memory. She often answers correctly and but is frustrated and embarrassed when she can’t. In this process, she feels she is being talked down to. We explain to Kaitlyn many times that this is how new brain pathways are being established to overcome the head injury, which without it, she may never be able to drive, work or be married and have kids. We tell her to think of it as if she is in the last quarter of her years in high school and that she will soon be done with it for good, then she will take on the world with a vengeance. The “fog” she’s been in continues to clear more with each passing day and the maturity level of her thinking slowly continues to go up as well. She no longer asks “What’s wrong with me,” she now retains a good grasp of her situation and what took place to cause it. Of course, she doesn’t remember the accident itself and never will but now if we ask her what happened, she can tell us what we have told her. She understands that this will take time, but that too makes her sad. She is starting to experience the “spreading your wings” feelings of a teenager and gets ancy being at home, so we often make trips to town to wherever she wants to go…usually Panera Bread. She often asks about getting a replacement car but understands that she can’t drive until the doctors say it’s okay too. Because of her situational awareness, she is now anxious to get the skull surgery completed; it was just two weeks ago that she never wanted to go to the hospital again. She no longer worries about “dad coming home concerned that she’s not been “working” …. this is a great relief to me. She expresses her love to me over and over, desiring hugs which I gratefully give. While hugging me the other day, she said: “Dad, I’m sorry about the past” referring to the tension between her and me about taking responsibility for her life. I replied “I’m sorry too hun, but it’s exactly what you said…THE PAST!!!, we have a fresh start, all that’s behind us” She replied, “You’re right dad, amen to a fresh start!” This too was a more mature thought process. Her memory – the biggest issue to overcome – has also been improving. Most of the time now she remembers what day of the week it and what that means for her schedule. We’ve not had any more episodes where she doesn’t recognize someone and things that happened earlier the day or in the day before now are often recalled as dreams instead of being forgotten entirely. She will ask “I had a dream that grandma and grandpa stopped over…or was that real?” This happens often and is a good sign, more and more memories are being retained every day. We still have occasional moments of confusion/memory that are extreme, like… she woke up a couple of days ago and said “Do I have school today?” but those moments happen less and less. Physically things are improving very well too, and we’ve had a few exciting developments. The other morning I got up to go to work and got quite a treat. Kaitlyn was up that morning and smiled at me after hugging me, then I noticed something,  I said to Lisa “Is it just wishful thinking or is more of her smile coming back?” Kaitlyn smiled at Lisa and Lisa reacted with exuberance saying “Oh my goodness!!! Look at you!!!!” It was so beautiful to see, for

        Mom and nieces and nephues

        Please remember to pray. for me and my mom and nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews!

        the first time since the accident, we’ve witnessed some healing of the facial nerve. She can almost close her right eye now which is phenomenal, a real blessing. This is an answer to many prayers as it was unknown if this nerve was alive and could heal. It’s so exciting for us to know that all of her former beauty will return and that eventually, she will not have to be self-conscious about her appearance. Another physical victory that’s taken place is that she’s eating more, much more. She is finally putting on weight again, and the tube feedings are much less frequent. The tube feedings are regulated, based on how much she eats. We’ve been encouraging her to eat for months, so this is no small victory, it’s huge, giving, even more, evidence of the brain returning to normal. The last physical improvement that has taken place is the healing of her scalp incision. As of the last few days, the last of the scabs have disappeared, and it looks great. Monday I’ll be sending pictures of her head to the surgery team now to see if we can move the date ahead from May to sometime in April. Getting the prosthesis in place would be another big step forward and give us much needed relief from the fear that she will fall and hurt her brain. Indeed, there is much progress to be thankful for. As of Wednesday, the legalities were finally completed, and we are now official legal guardians for Kaitlyn…another hassle we can put to rest. I’m sorry that this update took so long to get out to you. The last three weeks we’ve been sick in our home. I started out with a knock down drag out a virus that turned into bronchitis and eventually into a severe sinus infection. Of course, this had to take place during a tough time at work that required many long hours every day. Meanwhile, the bug passed through everyone in our home. Fortunately, Kaitlyn only suffered for one day with some stomach issues, and then was released from it….we were all really worried about her getting sick. Now that we are feeling better, the burdens we have don’t seem as overwhelming and once again we feel that complete victory is within our grasp. Hmmm……COMPLETE VICTORY… There is only one who can claim this, only one that has overcome it all, only one that has endured hardship, pain, and anguish that no other man could even begin to bear. Yesterday was Good Friday, a day of remembering the agony that was endured for our sake, an agony taken upon one so that we might not have to experience that same kind of pain for eternity. It’s hard to fathom a love so pure that even in the midst of supreme anguish, forgiveness was asked for those responsible for that very pain. Even though Jesus was himself, God, he took on human form and so the pain He had was very intense and very real. What is most amazing is that while He was a man, He was sinless, and even though He never experienced the pleasures of sin, He was willing to die for all of us who have given in to sin for our pleasure or selfish gain. I’m a father that has gone through recent turmoil, fear, and anguish relating to one of my children, as you know, it has been horrible and terrifying. And yet, my child was not perfect, not without sin. When I try to think of how much our Heavenly Father must have loved His flawless son, and how hard it had to be to allow Him to endure such a demoralizing horrific death, I’m at a loss. Our Father could have spared His only child; He could have stopped it at any time and allowed us to pay our price for our own sin, but He didn’t. He didn’t because He loves all of us that much. Who of us wouldn’t step in to protect our children? Who of us would let our blameless child experience absolute pain and anguish because of the selfish actions of someone else? Not one. But…then… VICTORY!!! He has overcome ALL, even death!!! The evil one no longer holds ANY power, none!!! The wages of sin is death, but the price has been paid for each of us and death has been overcome. Death has NO sting anymore because we can spend an eternity on the streets of gold with our maker, redeemer, and creator. There is so much to rejoice in and to be thankful for. This is a time of celebration!! We’ve been given a great gift, and we simply must be moved to praise Him!! Whether you are a regular church-goer or just occasional, please, find a place to worship tomorrow. Celebrate with all of the humanity the greatest gift ever given to mankind…without that gift, both this life and the next would be lost and hopeless. May our God of love and compassion hear from each and every one of us ALL the praise that He is truly worthy of. Praise Now and Forever!! Eugene #prayforKaitlyn‬ 

      46. Mark Mallwitz and Bible study by lake Mishigan baptism

        Please remember to pray. for Mark and Lisa Mallwitz and our Bible study being baptized down by Lake Michigan.

        Kevin S-has calcification is encompassing his whole heart, affecting his arteries (3/4 heart is not working) & making the heart rigid instead of pliable. Surgery on April 7 will try to place a stent in an artery to increase blood flow. If it works, they will do five stents. Praying & believing the supernatural Hands & Wisdom of God will bring forth life to Kevin’s body in Jesus Name! Please keep praying for Karon’s nephew nine years old- they are waiting to see if a living liver donor would be a match and if not Karen’s son may be one of them.  Pray for this entire family as two family members may be going through this surgery.  We pray for God’s divine healing hand in this situation and for surgery to go smoothly. Guide the hands of the doctors and nurses and for this to be used for.

      47. Please keep praying for Karon’s nephew nine years old- they are waiting to see if a living liver donor would be a match and if not Karen’s son may be one of them.  Pray for this entire family as two family members may be going through this surgery.  We pray for God’s divine healing hand in this situation and for surgery to go smoothly. Guide hand of the doctors and nurses and for this to be used for the glory of God. Please pray for me.
      48. Sheryl- Going back to work a half day today after being off for a medical leave. Thank you, God, for her job.  Also, pray for a smooth transition back to work.  Continued healing in all the areas needed.
      49. Anonymous Male ( out of state) -Battling dark depression.  Maybe contributed to the loss of wife after a long health battle. Due to the role of ministry will not attend any grief type support but needs it and most of all need a lot of prayers.  Lord do a divine touch in this man’s heart and mind.  Heal and strengthen him from his hurt and pain. Let him know he is not alone. Bring the right people or family in his path to minister to him. May he not only do this for himself but also for his children. God, you can help in this situation. 
      50. PRAISE UPDATE Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Prasad. His condition has improved significantly. He is scheduled to be discharged most likely today.  All Glory to God. His family is so blessed and thankful to all those who have prayed and the Evangel family & plan to give testimony to the goodness & grace of our Lord very soon here. Please pray for me. 
      51. Ben 9 Years Old- WI – Was told that the living liver donor and his cousin were not a match for the liver transplant.  This is heartbreaking news. Doctors said if Ben does not get the liver he will not survive more than a week.  He is very critically ill.  Lord, we know you are the Divine Physician, and you are in control of each day of our lives. We are aware you can change this situation and are a mighty healer. Our earthly doctors are stating that Ben needs a liver transplant.  We know nothing is concealed from your eyes.  Lord by your divine miracle hand, please allow this to come forth and bring a liver to Ben. He is just starting his life now.  We are placing this need in your hands.  We give you Thanks and Praise.
      52. Update Marilyn -Marilyn is Ana and her sister Angie Rolon’s mom, Marilyn had shoulder replacement surgery yesterday. Her blood pressure dropped very low. They were not able to give her pain medication because of blood pressure. So she was hurting. Lord, we pray today that blood pressure is normal and that her pain is controlled we thank you for a successful surgery and pray for her swift recovery. Will be in the hospital a few days.
      53. Please pray for me and my daughter Sherry that you give her wisdom and love to be a good wife, mother, and also my daughter again soon. Heal her heart and bring her to you, Lord. Give me patience and understanding and keep my eyes on you, Lord. Life is too short for anyone to hold on to a resentment or grudge against anyone. 
      54. Sherry at her wedding

        Please remember to pray.for me and my daughter Sherry and for Sherry’s marriage.

        Praise Report-Just received a message from Pastor Al who’s nephew is Roger. He said Roger is doing well and recovering well from the liver surgery and all Glory to God in this. Lord, we thank you for this and continue to strengthen Roger and for your divine healing power in his life. May this entire experience be used to giving you Glory Father. Thank you, Lord Original Request Sent March 22 Roger- was having a liver transplant but something went wrong so now they are waiting a few days to try again. Lord, we pray right now for Roger.  Prepare his body to accept the liver.  Your timing is always right Father.  We pray for the doctors and nurses doing the surgery.  Guide their gifted hands.  May all go smoothly and healing and recovery for Roger and no rejection of the liver.

      55. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR BEN – 9 years old and in need of a Living donor liver transplant desperately.  More family is being tested. Lord, please do a divine miracle in this young boys life.  We know you are the God of Mercy and the God of Miracles, we are asking for your Merciful Miracle for Ben.
      56. Beth’s husband’s uncle – is not breathing on his own at Hospital now, don’t know if saved. Also, she recently lost two cousins, one to drug overdose and other was very sudden.  Please keep her aunt and family in prayer. 
      57. Marilyn -mom of Angie Rolon, will have one of two shoulder surgeries tomorrow morning. The other shoulder surgery will take place later. Lord do a divine work.  Guide and lead doctors doing the surgery. May she feel relief from arthritis and may the pain be minimal after. Complete healing and recovery and mobility function.
      58. Keith – a friend of CC, was invited to Chess Club yesterday at a local church. However, was in a severe car accident & his car destroyed! He is ok!  Thank you, Lord. Please pray for the trauma that occurs with this kind of accident & his heart to see the Hand of God in this situation. He is a freshman in high school.
      59. Jayne- please needs prayer at the hospital for brain surgery. Lord do a mighty work in her body. Guide and lead the doctors, and we pray for successful outcome  May divine healing occur. 
      60. Charity’s Grandpa –  Her grandpa cracked rib was in a lot of pain, please pray for healing from that and healing and help as was told the beginning of Alzheimer’s. Remember to pray.
      61. Luis (paraplegic) suffered a severe pressure sore. Finally, it is no longer infected so surgery can clean it out. It is a 3-4hr surgery. Believing the Lord to clean & heal from the inside out!
      62. CH – Please pray I will receive guidance & direction to handle my mom’s estate financial affairs and continued healing to the family as she passed away a few weeks ago. 
      63. D.S-Please pray for Carol for her back to be pain-free and realigned. Complete healing of her body. 
      64. Shannon-My co-worker is suffering w/fibroid & she had to have a blood transfusion. She is has a procedure to help on April 18. I pray for her complete recovery and  Ingrid –  is having surgery on her knee  April 11. Pray that the surgery goes well, and she makes a full recovery / My boss is out of town. Pray for his traveling grace back home safely & his family / Pray for God’s will in my life concerning my job  & future / God will help me to make friends.
      65. 8-13-06 State Fair Park, Bucks Player, EHL Van 405

        Remember to pray for Joe Sauer’s graduation from Marquette law school. Sue, Jeff, Joe, Ron Sauer. Praise God!

        Anna ( Tennessee)-  who is one of my coworkers best childhood friends just found out she has stage 4 pelvic cancer.  Anna had battled uterus cancer in the past but overcame that and was told cancer free. She finds out next week what type of treatment may be done.  Direct and lead your earthly helpers the doctors. She is a believer.    Has been through a great deal in her life. Lord, right now we ask you to do a divine healing touch to Anna.  Lord, we thank you for all you have done for her in the past and bringing her through uterine cancer. We know you can heal her body completely and use whatever means you see fit, and for cancer to be gone in JESUS name.  Comfort her right now and surround her with your peace that surpasses all understanding. Touch her right now.

      66. Update- the liver transplant surgery for Ben went well. Doctors say he will remain in critical condition for the next 12 hours.  Continue to pray for Ben and his full recovery. Thank you all again for your heartfelt prayers.  GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! heart I found out Ben had a good night last night. PRAISE THE LORD…….today he had surgery to attach a bile duct.  He is still considered critical so continue to pray for him and that his body will accept the new liver and function healthily. We pray he will feel the strength and healing already in his body. We give you the Thanks and Praise Lord.
      67. Pam- Went to emergency today. Was having floaters and spots in her left eye for a few days. Thing got much worse today, so she went in. They believe she now has a detached retina in the left eye, but she will be going to an eye institute regular doctor tomorrow who has been with her many years. Her right eye had cornea transplant and glaucoma and detached retina issues where she lost complete vision now, and this eye is the left eye is the one she has some vision left. They will be doing more tests and things tomorrow and she may be having surgery in the next few days.   
      68. Please pray for the Lord to help with this situation. Pray for the doctors at the eye institute and guide their skilled hands. Help them to find exactly what is wrong. Also, we pray for her vision to be divinely healed and restored. God just like you healed the blind man and regained his sight. Pam also has the same faith and loves Jesus.  If she needs surgery, Father, then guide the team doing that.  Pray for her comfort and peace tonight and may the Holy Spirit calm her and may she feel your loving presence.
      69. Cheri- Just found out she has bronchial pneumonia.  Getting meds now and if they do not start helping in the next few days per the doctor, she will have to go to the hospital.  Her immune system is low due to low-grade lymphoma and arthritis.  Lord, we ask for your divine healing. Help her to breath and open passages, and may bacteria leave her body. Help her body to heal and gain strength back. Do a healing in all areas of her life needed?
      70. 102-0271_IMG

        Remember to pray. for me and my daughter Sherry, ex-wife May, and my son Chris. 

         Pam- Went to emergency today. Was having floaters and spots in her left eye for a few days. Thing got much worse today, so she went in. They believe she now has a detached retina in the left eye, but she will be going to an eye institute regular doctor tomorrow who has been with her for many years. Her right eye had cornea transplant and glaucoma and detached retina issues where she lost complete vision now, and the left eye is the one she has some vision left. They will be doing more tests and things tomorrow and she may be having surgery in the next few days.

      71. Please pray for the Lord to help with this situation. Pray for the doctors at the eye institute and guide their skilled hands. Help them to find exactly what is wrong. Also, we pray for her vision to be divinely healed and restored. God just like you healed the blind man and regained his sight. Pam also has the same faith and loves Jesus.  If she needs surgery, Father, then guide the team doing that.  Pray for her comfort and peace tonight and may the Holy Spirit calm her and may she feel your loving presence.
      72. Update Pam- the original was below-  She will be having detached retina surgery on Wed.  She went to today for all the tests. Thought she was having surgery late today but it didn’t work out.  Pray the surgery goes well and guides and lead the surgeons handling the operation. Pray for her vision to be better than it was prior.  We pray for a divine healing of both her eyes.   No complications.  She will be discharged the same day and will be staying with her Dad.  Pray that she gets the extra help also arranging for the drops she will need after. Her church family and Pastor have been excellent, and she is in good hands. I will keep you updated after the surgery.
      73. Leslie- Found out that cancer has metastasized.  She is having much more appts and tests to arrange for treatments to pinpoint all areas it may have spread but I believe one area is her liver. She battled breast cancer and had a mastectomy in both breasts and was doing well for quite a while. Lord, we place this in your hands. Please do a powerful healing on her body and may cancer leave her body in Jesus name. She has been through a great deal, Lord. Help her and give her your comfort and peace. Lead and direct the physicians you have placed in her care, and we know they are a gift from God.  We are aware you are in control.
      74. Barb’s Friend – Having knee replacement in Appleton at 7 am tomorrow. Lord guide and prepare the doctors, and your hand leads the surgery. May it go smoothly with no complications.  May they come out with pain controlled during recovery and may they get permanent relief from the pain of knee arthritis and full rehabilitation and mobility. Remember to pray.
      75. WF- Has Mammogram next week.  Lord, we pray for a healthy and normal report for her. We thank you in advance for your divine hand upon her and a good report. 
      76. Anonymous Male- In need of much healing in his life.  Lord do whatever you need to change the direction of his life. Restore and bring healing to family relationships and may he see the value in the many blessings God has given him. You have been merciful many times on him. Prayer for his salvation.  If there are people in his life that are not good influences, please release them from his life.  May his eyes be opened to the changes needed.


        My daughter in law Ashlee, and son Chris, and grandsons Christopher and Finlee.

      77. Prayer for many of those battling cancer at this time.  Lord, please do a divine healing in all their bodies.  Each and every one of us has been touched by a family member, friends, co-workers and others who have battled cancer. May the Lord of all comfort be with them now. Bring forth your miracle healing. We ask all this in Jesus name.   
      78. Praise the Lord they called late morning today with the results and said it came back completely normal. I didn’t have to wait days for this. Thank you, Lord, and I am grateful for this news and my prayer family.  Also thank you, my dear Sister, in Christ Chris S. for praying with me Sunday at church. I felt the  Holy Spirit power and Lord’s presence touch me on Sunday, and it almost knocked me over. heart I am thankful for you all. 
      79. GM- Pray for a mammogram and that it will come back healthy.   Went Saturday for it.  They should get results on Wed via phone call as the clinic now calls everyone.  Praying for a good report. 
      80.  Cheri- Just found out she has bronchial pneumonia.  Getting meds now and if they do not start helping in the next few days per the doctor, she will have to go to the hospital.  Her immune system is low due to low-grade lymphoma and arthritis.  Lord, we ask for your divine healing. Help her to breath and open passages, and may bacteria leave her body. Help her body to heal and gain strength back. Do a healing in all areas of her life needed?  In Jesus name.
      81.  Pam- Went to emergency today. Was having floaters and spots in her left eye for a few days. Thing got much worse today, so she went in. They believe she now has a detached retina in the left eye, but she will be going to eye institute regular doctor tomorrow who has been with her many years   Her right eye had cornea transplant and glaucoma and detached retina issues where she lost complete vision now, and this eye is left eye is the one she has some vision left. They will be doing more tests and things tomorrow and she may be having surgery in the next few days.
      82. Please pray for the Lord to help with this situation. Pray for the doctors at the eye institute and guide their gifted hands. Help them to find exactly what is wrong. Also, we pray for her vision to be divinely healed and restored. God just like you healed the blind man and restored his sight. Pam also has the same faith and loves Jesus.  If she needs surgery, Father, then guide the team doing that.  Pray for her comfort and peace tonight and may the Holy Spirit calm her and may she feel your loving presence. 
      83. D.O.-  Been on long flights heading to Mendoza, Argentina from Santiago, Chile. Lord, we pray travel protection for the entire trip and to and from flying there and back. Be with him during this journey.
      84. image_12619084200292183516

        Gilbert Kraft and my son Chris and myself. 

        Robin J- has been admitted to the hospital due to an infection causing a fever and very low white blood counts.  She had just completed her first round of chemo due to an aggressive sarcoma.  Lord, we ask for your divine hand in her life.  Heal her body of cancer and restore her health.  Help this infection to also leave her body. We also pray for her and her husband and children. 

      85.  Bart – Has battled spine and extreme chronic pain issues for over a year and a half. Currently still has to take pain meds multiple times a day.  He recently had some more procedures done.  He had two MRI’s done. One in lower and upper back. Thurs he has MRI on his neck and Friday he has two more MRI’s one on hand/wrist and upper arm.  May 3rd he gets injections into his spine and Bart was told these could be very painful.  Depending on the results of the MRI injections he may need to get more injections in neck, hand, and wrist or possibly surgery or both. Lord, we know you know every cell and body part of Bart inside and out. You created him, and we are aware you know this situation. He loves you Father and lives his life for you.  Lord, we pray you use whatever means you see fit to bring forth healing upon Bart.  Whether it be through your gifted earthy doctors or your supernatural divine healing.  We know you are able.   Lead the doctors and give them wisdom on how to help Bart.  Pray all the MRI’s be read by the right people.  May he not feel pain during the procedures and injections.  May Bart feel relief and be pain-free and may he get off all his medications for pain.  No more infirmity, no more sickness, no more pain and may he gain full mobility in Jesus name. We also pray for his wife Kim and his daughters too as it ‘s hard to see him going through this.  We know they all need our prayer covering.
      86. I received news that Pam had the surgery for detached retina. The surgeons were going to meet with her and her family.  This is her left eye.  Her right eye is blind. Her Pastor has been up to see her too, and she has a good church family. She is very anxious and concerned she may not be able to see again.  This eye was the only eye she has partial vision.  I am asking all prayer warriors to pray for her vision and healing that she can see again. Also, for the Lord to comfort her at this time and ease her anxiety. May she feel hope from the Lord.  Touch her in the hospital room right now. Also, pray for her father who has been on antibiotics and battling sickness.  Touch him and heal him too. We can all thank God for the blessings and things we can sometimes just take for granted. In Jesus name. 
      87. Leslie- I just heard from Leslie, who has been on the prayer list. She battled breast cancer and just recently found out that tumor has shown up in liver and spine, and she has to have surgery, radiation, and chemo. I don’t have details of when this will start. She just saw the oncologist today and received this news.   Please keep her in your prayers.  May the Lord’s comfort be with her. Pray for God do a divine healing work in her body and life and heal her completely of cancer. 
      88. Pam – I just heard an update from Pam. After detached retina surgery she can see some light and shadows but doctors said it would take weeks to the full extent of healing after this type of surgery, But we know Gods timetable is not man’s. We are praying for her vision to be restored and for God’s merciful touch and, healing to Pam and her eyes. Also please keep her healthy and continue to comfort her and bring her peace.  She will be staying at her father’s through the weekend but will be getting home care for a while when she gets back home.  
      89. Melissa –  found a great sublease apartment until the end of Oct. with an option to renew the lease, very close to her job and childcare. Please pray if God’s will she would be blessed with this apt. Also, because she doesn’t have a lot of prior rental history she did not get a previous apartment she wanted. We know God is in control, and his delays are not bad things because we are aware his timing and ultimate plan are always right.  He will provide the perfect place for her. Pray, she does not get discouraged but waits for God’s perfect plan which is the best plan.
      90.  Praise Update SM- was moved to a regular room and doing well after open heart surgery so far per her daughter. She is unable to speak long sentences due to prior stroke years back, but her daughter said she could answer yes and no questions. She missed her daughter’s home cooking and wanted to go home.  That is a good report.   She will be in cardiac rehab for a while before heading home but eventually, she will be able to. God is working on her behalf.  Thank you for the prayer as the evidence of Gods love and mercy is being shown in this situation. May this draw the entire family to you.

        My son Chris with the basketball and his friends, David, Jeremiah and another friend. Remember to pray for these boys.

        SM – Did have open heart surgery today. She made it through, and they were able to do two arteries.  She had one other artery that was calcified badly so they could not do it. But they will treat it with medication and may do surgery stent later. As I said, she had a stroke many years back so she cannot speak and has physical limitations but understands everything mentally.   The doctors were concerned that a piece of the calcification could break off and cause another stroke. Lord, right now we thank you for saving SM’s life.  We are grateful to you for the gifted surgeons and nurses you blessed her with. Lord, we pray for your healing touch to her body. May everything work correctly, for her heart and body and dissolve calcification.  We pray this situation will draw the entire family closer to you.

      92. Praise Update- Two brothers in Christ, came aboard to answer the prayer.  She did not have to take it to a mechanic.  One purchased all the brake materials, and they were picked up last night. The other is going to do the repair job at no cost.   Also, other gave financially and also provided groceries.  God truly did a miracle for her, and she is seeing the evidence of the Lord’s love and care for her.  THANK YOU, LORD, AND TO THOSE THAT MET THIS NEED.
      93. Anonymous male- Family is very private, so I am not able to share name at this time, but God knows who it is. He is currently in the hospital. Had been coughing a great deal this last year and wife finally made him go to the doctor.  He was hospitalized, and there is fluid in the lungs. They are removing that, and they are doing a battery of tests now and pulmonary tests.  Lord, we pray that it is nothing serious.  Lord, we pray he will finally quit smoking and provide doctors with wisdom to find out what the issue is. We place him and this situation in your hands. 
      94. Kristin (Doug spouse)- Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer. They believe they got it all in surgery, and it did not spread. Praise the Lord.  Lord, we pray right now for her and her complete recovery. Thank you, God, for her husband Doug too. He works with a Christian, and he is asking questions to the brother in Christ and drawn to him more. May this experience bring them both to the Lord and their salvation.
      95. Cheryl- has vertigo and still battling a virus.  Lord, we pray for your complete healing and recovery. Heal vertigo and inner ear issues. Also, we pray for her blood pressure to be lowered. She recently lost her Mom and had gone through many challenges. May the Lord touch her body and comfort her during this time.
      96. Pastor Al’s son- Diagnosed with Shingles.  Lord touch his body and heal those sores/blisters. Ease him of the pain of shingles and heal his body. May he have a swift recovery.
      97. Linda- Battling fibromyalgia and tinnitus in the ear.  She is in a lot of pain most of the time.  Christians came in her path and told her they would pray for her.  Not sure of her relationship with you. But may she be drawn to you and think about her life and the need for you.
      98. BW- Pray he will go into the teen challenge. His wife separated from him due to many things.  He needs complete healing and deliverance from addiction and bondage. Pray for his wife HW and their three small children too. Her heart is hurting, and she needs love and support and the comfort of the Lord.  Bring healing to this family.
      99. Praise Update Melissa -was offered two apartments, not just one. Praise the Lord. I heard from her Mom. Lord, we thank you for answered prayers. May you give her wisdom to take the one that is best for her. Thank you for answered prayers, Lord. Keep praying for favor and that she can get the apartment she needs close to her job too.
      100. Henry S.- I am a single father out of work; please pray I get a new job. Lord, we pray for Henry, do a miracle in his life, he wants to work and please provide him with a job in Jesus name.
      101. From Pastor Jay. Please continue to pray for his father Leon, he has been admitted to the hospital up north, under the care of his Cardiologist, because his leg has started bleeding again on the inside from lawnmower accident.  As a result, he is no longer able to walk, and his artificial heart valve is now a concern and complicating the situation.  His broken ribs are still very sore as well.  Lord, we pray for your divine healing and miracle touch to Leon’s body. Heal his legs, ribs and bring heart to normal function. Allow him to walk again. Restore his health.   Lord guide and lead the physicians caring for him and may he get the best care.  We know you are the Master Physician, and he is safe in your hands.
      102. Connyray J.  is still waiting for a compatible liver for a transplant at the hospital. Needs miracle. His kidney is beginning to malfunction. Please pray for the miracle of liver and healing of the kidney in Jesus name. Speak hope to the family Lord that all is in your Hands. They love you so much and serve you.  Please do a divine work in this situation.
      103. Jim H will have surgery tomorrow on a hernia at Hospital. Believing the Lord for no pain and quick healing and healing of MS. Lord lead and guide the surgeons. May swift and complete healing occur after.  Also, we pray for his wife JH and may the Lord continue to keep her health too.
      104. Kathy – that all her tests will come back normal tomorrow. May God get the Glory in all this.
      105. Sheryl and Cheryl- Both need physical healing in their bodies.
      106. Owen- May the Lord do a mighty work in his life.  Do healing and restoration in his life and also may he feel the presence and love of the Lord in a most powerful way. For all the unspoken needs God knows what is necessary.
      107. Freds Uncle- Was put on life support. I do not know all the circumstances but God is in control. He has ordained each day we live. He can restore this man’s life and health.  
      108. JB – Healing needed in her life.  Faced a lot of losses in her family and now also lost two family pets in a few months. Hurting very badly and needs a special touch from the Lord.
      109. DP – applied for a job recently. Lord, we pray for your divine will be done and open up the right doors for him. Current job to be ending in a month so needs employment.
      110. Frank- next Tuesday he is having cataract surgery, he is 80 years old. He needs the Lord and salvation in his life.  Also, he needs freedom in other areas of his life too.  Lord do a spiritual work in Franks life in Jesus name. Heal and deliver him in Jesus name.
      111. Praise Update – WF had a mammogram last week.  Always causes her a bit of anxiety. She was prayed for that all reports would be clear and regular and has been on the prayer list.  ALL TESTS CAME BACK NORMAL.  She made sure to tell me right away.  Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.
      112. Jessie – Teenager –  Many of you have prayed for Jessie. She has battled a rare form of cancer and had brain surgery to remove tumors back in March, and many of you prayed for her at that time. Please continue to do so. She. was readmitted to hospital b/c she had a seizure the other night.  After running some tests, they discovered a dime-sized tumor in her brain that they previously missed. She is very sick today. Please pray for wisdom for the medical staff and wisdom in decision making. Pray especially for Jessie to not lose hope.  She has a look of hopelessness that Bart ( her father) has not seen her before. Lord, we pray right now for precious Jessie. May your divine touch heal her and may she feel your love and comfort. May she not lose hope that God is with her and he can heal her and change her situation. Lord, we know you can dissolve and remove that tumor completely as you are the Divine Physician…..but if it’s your will to use earthly doctors to do it may they be able to do it the most less invasive way for her.
      113. Jessie- will begin an oral chemo to try to keep the tumor at bay for the time being.  Lord, we know you can dissolve the tumor and leave her body, and we pray no further seizures. Lord, we thank you that she can go home Father and may the Lord continue to strengthen her and touch her in a powerful way.  
      114. Sarah – She is with her Mom at the Mayo Clinic.  They just saw the neurologist and he doesn’t know what is wrong with Sarah but doesn’t think it is MS. They are going to have some additional testing done but at this point. Lord, you know all the symptoms and issues Sarah has been battling for the last few years now.  Lord, we pray that you will give the doctors and medical staff wisdom and direction to find out what is wrong with Sarah. You created her and knew every cell in her body.  Please, may your divine help manifest here?  Bring forth your healing and recovery whether it be through your divine miracle hand or earthy helpers doctors. She and her mom and sister all are Christians and love the Lord.  They lost their father a few years ago, and it’s been a difficult season for them all. Lord bring your divine help and comfort to this family.
      115. DS- Has an unspoken family need for her daughter.  Lord, we pray whatever the situation you will work all this out for good. We thank you that through trials it can bring people closer to you and together with each other.  Lord bring a resolution and healing to this situation.
      116. Pam – Continue to pray for the healing of her eyes after detached retina surgery. She saws it’s getting brighter and brighter, and she is optimistic.  There is still oil that will be removed eventually from her eye.  Lord, this was the eye that she still had some vision in.  We know you can heal and restore both eyes and improve all her cornea surgery issues and vision loss.  Lord, we pray for complete restoration of sight.  Also, Lord, we pray for the upcoming meeting she will have to get other care assistance to help her in her home.
      117. M.S.- Her sister is concerned. M.S. used to say she was blessed and now is using words….like she has good karma in her life etc. Her sister has noticed more and more changes like that.  Her sister is concerned she may be getting into a different type of spiritual philosophy direction in life.  She asked for prayer for her.  The word ” Karma ” is a critical concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Taoism. Lord, we pray for MS and that she will not be deceived by all these religious philosophies/concepts in the world, or be pulled in, but that she will be drawn to the only true, and real God whose son, Jesus shed His blood on the Cross for her so she could be reconciled to God the Father for forgiveness and have eternal life.  We thank you, Jesus, for that sacrifice YOU gave freely for us all. May the  Word of God penetrate her heart and mind.  
      118. Richard- Lost his oldest sister.  The funeral is next Wed as many are coming from other states.  Lord, we pray for Richard and his family, and we pray for the Lords comfort and peace upon every one of them.

        My Good friend Brian Larson and I at fish fry!

      119. Jouri – ( my nephew Tony’s girlfriend) has an important interview tomorrow for an Impact Manager, which is a National Program that helps support youth living in poverty and help their families access community resources.   Lord, we pray right now for Jouri. May the interview goes smoothly and relaxed.  May she get adequate sleep tonight and be prepared for tomorrow and also prepare those that are interviewing her. Lord may you provide divine favor in this job interview that she would be a great fit for. Lord, we know you know what is best for Jouri and her future.  May your perfect will be done in this situation. 
      120. Conny Ray – They need to put Conny Ray on kidney dialysis – please continue to pray & believe that ALL things are possible thru Christ! Let’s not look at this stuff that is seen as they are only temporal but those things which are unseen in the Spirit where that healing begins.
      121. Lord, we know he has liver and now kidney issues.  We are aware you are the divine Master Physician, and we place Him in your hands now and give wisdom and direction to the earthy helper’s doctors you have provided. Please bring forth your divine healing.  May the Lord surround him and his family with comfort and peace. In Jesus Name.
      122. Ben – a young man Ben Hersh who battles cerebral palsy is heading over to the emergency room with his parents tonight. He had 103 .7 temperature and threw up twice today; I had the privilege to meet Ben a few times, and he is an excellent young man and knows his caregiver Bill. Lord, we pray right now you do a mighty healing work in Ben.  We ask you to do a special touch and heal his symptoms right now. Bring him comfort and peace at this time.  We pray for the medical staff helping him and thank you for them and may he recover quickly and be able to return home soon.