Prayer List #3


Please pray because God hears every one of our prayers! Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning God hearing our prayer.



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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska



Prayer List #3


      1. KAITLYN: IMPORTANT PRAYER REQUEST Kaitlyn Update 1-20-16 Day 14

        Kaitlyn car accident

        Please pray for Kaitlyn

        The Katie cake Awakening??!! Due to seeing much body movement and great vitals this morning, the doctor has decided to lower her sedation today from 8 to 4, with the expectation that she will partially wake up!!! We are all overloaded with anxiety and extreme anticipation. This level of sedation will hopefully bring her close enough to consciousness that some critical initial assessments can

        be made of her mental state. This is what my family and I are hoping for: 1) That this is not way too stressful for Kaitlyn to handle 2) So she can respond to commands 3) To be able to see 4) That she can move each of her limbs to command 5) Please pray that she will recognize us 6) Also please pray that she has enough reasoning that her family can calm her fears. If we can get these assurances, we can deal with the rest. They’ve told us that she may have real trouble “reasoning” because of the right temporal area of the brain that had to be removed, they said for instance “she might think she can fly.” They also told me to expect complete confusion and possibly even anger and swearing. We are trying to be prepared for anything and, of course, are praying for the best. It will be late afternoon to the evening before her body gets rid of all the excess sedation and we can start seeing what miracle God has in store for us. I beg of you, please, this is a time to pray. We are excited and hopeful that we will see much of the Kaitlyn that we’ve come to cherish, but we also know that we could be heartbroken, longing for much more significant results. PLEASE, PRAY HARD, PRAY OFTEN.

      2. Matt – Has Vertigo and issues.  He called work, but due to being tardy other times he now lost his job.  The union is trying to help him.  Lord, it is your will to turn this around and use this experience to help him in the areas he needs and to draw near to you. He needs a relationship with you.
      3. URGENT PRAYER NEEDED PLEASE… Please pray for the Maki family and me of Crossroads Community Church in Sheboygan. They tragically lost two children last night in a house fire and a third child, Ben, is in critical condition in need of a miracle of healing.  The next 12-24 hours are very crucial, so please join us in praying for this young boy and their family during this time. Please pray.
      4. Steve- Pulled the lower right side of back at work. He has to do a lot of standing at his job and its physical. Lord, we pray right now you do a divine healing touch to his back. May pain subside and leave entirely, also that mobility so he can be healthy, and all the muscles and back, spine and tailbone area all be ordinarily aligned. Please pray he be able to do all his job functions pain-free.
      5. Continue to pray for Kaitlyn-  Read update today she has been taking steps, Doctors treating her who have seen this kind of injuries are stating this is miraculous, and also, another update stated her facial bones all seem to be in place to heal correctly. Truly God is answering the prayers for this precious young lady.  There are many updates on Facebook, and I found this article today on Walworth County today to share it also has links to the Go Fund Me page and other benefits they are having for Kaitlyn and her family.  That way you can stay connected too. We ask all this in Jesus name. Please pray.
      6. Sarah- Is going to Illinois for Scholarship Competition for Trinity University.  Lord, we pray for God’s favor upon Sarah and help her to do well and get the scholarship met for school. Help her with all the preparations needed and keep her healthy and rested.  Pray for me, and we pray for safe travels to and from to her and her Mom Anita.
      7. Please pray for the Chris and Kristi Maki family. This sent with a heavy heart that it was just reported tonight on WISN 12 news that the Makis’ other child Ben also passed away today from injuries from the house fire.  The Maki’s lost three children in a house fire. Natalie (11) and Carter (7). Ben (10).   Jenna (9) was able to make it out. Lord, please touch and comfort this family as they need you more than ever. The truly need our prayers.  Continue to bring people in their path to love and support and help them during this painful and traumatic time. We know our God is near to the brokenhearted and loves them. 
      8. Praise Update Carrie. Received and update today from Carrie. Many have been praying for her, and she has been on the prayer chain. Her full story is on the Go Fund Me page set up for her, but I will give you an overview. Please keep praying for complete healing for Carrie. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR YOU ARE FAITHFUL… 
      9. Jan – Has a critical meeting early this morning Asking for prayer.  May the Lord show favor and help at this meeting and may Jan have peace in knowing the Lord is in control. Jan – Has a critical meeting early this morning. Asking for prayer.  May the Lord show favor and help at this meeting and may Jan have peace in knowing the Lord is in control. I woke up early this morning all and could not go back to sleep— Some people were laid heavy on my heart, so I am praying for them and please pray for me. Remember, If you have someone that comes to mind, make sure you pray for them not matter the time or place. God is bringing them to your attention for a reason Lord Jesus. We Thank- you and Praise- You and ask all this In Jesus Name. Please pray.
      10. Rebecca and Karen – Rebecca was out ill from school.  She is a very bright young lady but had some health challenges recently that kept her out for a while.  Please pray because she is retaking her ACT next Saturday.  She needs to get three points higher this time to get the scholarship level. Pray for me. Her Mom Karen is a widow, and they genuinely need her to get this scholarship.  Also, Karen found water in her basement recently. Could be a water heater leaking or something.  Thankfully she has some people she can call and some additional resources others provided.  Lord, right now we pray for Rebecca and Karen.  Lord grant favor to Rebecca on her test. May she do far exceedingly well and even better than she expected.  You have given her such a bright mind. Please calm all her fears and anxiety over this.  Help her to study and retain all she needs. Also, protect her health. Heal her body.   Pray for me, and we also pray for her Mom Karen. Lord bring the right help in her path and let it be a minor issue at low cost and not a foundation issue or significant work. We thank you for the help you are going to provide her now and are working out the details already. Give her your strength as being a single parent is not an easy task and Lord give her a supernatural divine HUG heartand may your love and comfort surround her like it never has before. 

      11. SN. She was hit by a car crossing the street and was injured about a month ago. It was a hit run and her medical expenses and cut hours at work were hard, but now she is being hospitalized for complications. Please pray that the person who hit her is caught and for the Lord to help and heal her. Lord do a divine healing touch in her body. Pray for her finances and favor and help with complete restoration.  Lord do a miracle in her life in a powerful way. Please pray.
      12. Kaye- Battling pancreatic cancer.  Been responding well to chemo. No nausea or significant side effects thus far. Has another scan this week to see if the tumor has reduced.  Lord, we pray right now for Kaye. Do divine healing in her body and dissolve and remove that tumor and cancer from her body.  We are placing this in your hands, Jesus.  We thank you for what you are doing already.
      13. All lost Jobs recently- TL, GP, HL, CJ, BC, GL, JC, RB  some are close to retirement, but some are young and can’t.  Also, some have health issues, or their spouses do at this time, and they need the insurance.  Lord bring your favor upon these folks. For those that need jobs, or help them find a new one.  Bring your peace and assurance and love upon them. Many know you Father, and they love you.  For those that don’t know you may, this draws them closer to you.
      14. PRAISE UPDATE-Kaitlyn- Was move to an external rehab facility now. From a Facebook post from her father.  The clarity of her mind is making some huge advances. As I’m sure you already were seen, Kaitlyn sat down at her keyboard and played some music from memory. I was blessed to watch a second go around of that later today, a different piece, a breathtaking piece. She played for at least 3 minutes straight, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, staff included.  Lord, we THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE, we have seen happen in front of us. We know you are faithful.  Pray for me, and we are grateful to you that you are healing Kaitlyn and also continue to bless and strengthen her family as this has been a tough journey for all.
      15. Peg- Did my taxes Saturday.  I found out I will be getting a refund. And it’s almost to the penny to what I had to pay out for coinsurance/deductible for insurance for my total knee replacement costs in 2015. It is $100 more in fact.   Lord thank you for taking care of me and providing my needs in this way. I am forever grateful to you. Posted on Prayer List 3
      16. Caris-  She had a sledding accident yesterday and tore her femoral artery, which is potentially life-threatening. This morning her leg has gone numb which is indicative of a blood clot, and they are on the way back to the hospital. Please pray for healing, that the blood clot would dissolve and not travel to the lung. There were also two other people injured in the accident; please lift them and their families as well.
      17. Stephanies Mom- Had cornea surgery and had another one recently.  Having a lot of issues with her eyes. She is elderly and in a nursing home not understanding not to touch her eyes, and it is irritating it after surgery.  Please pray for the healing of her eyes and she allows them to heal and not have the desire to touch them at all. Pray for her comfort and peace.
      18. Diane- in her 50’s.  Please pray as she had hip surgery yesterday.  Pray for full recovery from it and for no complications in her aftercare and healing. She has some other health issues too and needs the Lord healing touch to her body. Her family is asking to pray for her.
      19. Felix – Had kidney transplant a few years ago. He has been battling a lot since and not feeling well. He was at the hospital yesterday too. Lord, we pray for Felix. We pray that the kidney will not reject and that he will have no complications.  That his body will accept it, and his health will improve, and he will feel stronger day by day.

        My daughter Sherry, she has a big heart and loves God!

      20. Irene– Battling back and hip pain. Seeing an orthopedic doctor and the second opinion. They are recommending back surgery. She is a having a lot of pain and is a grandma and expecting another in Feb.  Lord, we pray for Irene. We pray for the pain to subside.  We pray that you will use whatever means you need to use to make her feel better.  Lord whether surgery or your divine healing we know you are in control. Please pray.
      21. AC- Battling migraine and other health issues.  Lost her husband suddenly in May and it has been a tough time for her and her family.  Lord, we pray for your help and healing to AS. Both physical and emotional. Pray for me, and we pray for your comfort and peace for her and help her in all the areas needed in her life.  Thankful she has an excellent Christian support group helping her too. 
      22. Peg- Sees Orthopedic doctor Tues – rescanning both knees for arthritis progression to determine a timeline for knee replacement.  Also, another cortisone injection in the foot as heel fascitis is still not gone.  God, you are in total control. Whatever means you see fit either by using the gift of doctors and knee surgery, or a divine miracle healing that you can do I know you are in control. All this is in your hands.  I so appreciate all of you praying for me and sharing that you are. Special note- I was told yesterday by a wonderful lady I am close to who is Jewish.  Her initials are F.I. that she has her synagogue praying for me too during Yom Kippur this week,  How awesome is that.  She knows I am a Christian, and we talk a lot, and she knows I pray for her too and put her on our prayer chain.  I told her that we are praying for and love Israel and the Jewish people and her. Please pray for me and for physical healing for her too. Posted on Prayer List 3
      23. Young Adult Male ( initial D)- He is in need of great healing in his life.  Hurting terrible over the loss of his father some years ago but he never addressed it at the time.  Was raised in an active Christian family but at this time does not want anything to do with God or church.  Many people have tried to support him or counsel him, but he was not accepting it at this time.  Lord, we pray for a breakthrough. We know that grief can have a trickle down effect and impact many parts of our life.  We can turn to other things to replace the pain instead of facing it, and it can have lasting consequences.  Right now I pray for a divine miracle for D.  I pray he will feel love and understanding for many people but most of all you. I pray he will feel your presence in his life that he knows really.  That he will seek Godly counsel to help him that you are already orchestrating that perfect person to come into his life and help as you know who would be best.  Lord, I pray for his family too for they are hurting seeing him in such pain also. Provide them with strength and your peace and assurance as well.  We know you can do this.
      24. Felix- Still in the hospital due to kidney issues. He had a transplant a few years ago and since then has not been doing well.  Lord, we pray for him to stabilize and for healing to his body.  Pray for me, and we pray that the medical staff will know exactly how to treat him. We pray he will not reject the kidney he was given. We pray for him to recover and be able to go back home.
      25. Mary down the block that I can help her when I can and that her other neighbor can continue to help her. Please pray.
      26. Pray for our Nation and Israel and the World. – Lord, we need your help more than ever. We need to turn away from our wicked ways God, and we need you back in our land. Lord was used to be bad is considered good in the world’s eyes, and what was considered to be good is now considered evil.  God, we know you are in control. We are aware certain things have to happen for your plan and purpose.  Give us that are seeking to live obediently for your strength during these perilous times for we know we are victorious in you and we can stand on your Word and promises to be able to endure to the end.
      27. Monique- Needs prayer because she has to move again due to her apartment building being closed down. She is looking for a three bedroom apartment or house. Lord, we pray for your divine help and that she will not be discouraged in this situation but that God is bringing something better in her future.
      28. Sue Sauers 93-year-old mother that she can be healthy and live a good long life.
      29. Kay B- diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It is found in early stages.  Many appointments, tests, scans, blood draws and results are all in Gods Hands.  Lord, we pray right now for Kay. We know you are in total control. Lord, we pray for a divine healing of the cancer cells to leave her body Lord and use whatever means you have to bring this to pass.  We pray for the doctors and medical staff reading the scans doing the labs we thank you for this.
      30. Evangel Fall Missions Banquet and Silent Auction Oct 2nd.- All funds raised will be used for outreach in the community. Lord, we thank you in advance for those attending. We pray for our Speaker Mark Mallwitz from BASICS and his message to share and thank you for his incredible servant heart.  Pray for me, and we pray for God’s blessings to overflow and for God to allow more people to be reached through local outreach efforts. Please pray.
      31. JT Nephew – In a very dysfunctional destructive relationship.  Lord, we pray right now for your help in this situation. For you to close any doors that need closing and for protection and the Lords help him and all involved. Please pray.
      32. PN friend- Lives down south. I cannot remember the first name, but God does. She is in desperate need of a job.  Had a longtime state job but lost it due to downsizing. She has been unemployed for over a year and a half.  Applying continually. Her friend is going to do some job referrals tomorrow for remote jobs.  Lord, we pray right now for a favor for her.  We pray you will open a job for her a miracle in her situation. She needs hope and encouragement. She is hurting terribly per her friend talking to her today. We pray for God’s divine help.  We thank you, God, in advance. Please pray.
      33. Lillian – a senior widow, had knee replacement end of July.  She had been on our prayer chain for quite a few weeks. Praise the Lord doing great and started driving yesterday praise the Lord.  Fantastic news. To God be the Glory!!!
      34. WC- applying for multiple jobs.  Needs a better paying job. Lord, we know you are ready and able. We are aware she needs this encouragement right now and a miracle  We are asking for a favor and help in this happening. God bring these applications to the right people and in the right hands. She is trusting in you for this to happen and we believe your perfect will be done.   We know you know what is best. May you get the glory from this. Lord touch her in all the areas needed in her life.
      35. Jan- feeling a bit under the weather. Stomach issues.  Lord, we pray for your healing touch to Jan and may she feel better.
      36. Anna – From down south. In need of a job desperately. Been out of work a year and a half now.  Feeling discouraged. She loves Jesus and is trusting in his plan.  She had a well-paying state job that was downsized.  Has a degree and still unable to get work.  Lord, we need a miracle in this situation.
      37. Maureen- has severe basement issues.  The calling contractor that was referred to her by a Christian brother.  Please pray it won’t be costly. That they will be fair and honest and do good work.  She is a widow, and please pray that she is protected and not taken advantage of.
      38. TCJPP6

        My friends Peg, John, and Pete

        Peg – Saw ortho yesterday. Redid images on both knees.  The doctor stated both knees are bad and need replacement.  Left is worse and has bone to bone now. The right had to be drained fluid, and it has been quite painful due to overuse to compensate left. Injected with Euflexxa ( lubricant filler) for three weeks to help alleviate the pain on right knee and strengthen it and prepare to make up for the left one.  Please pray for the Lord’s strength and healing during this time. Also, if God has to use surgery to bring healing forth then let it be.  Still figuring out date but most likely first week in Jan after the holidays. Please pray.

      39. Anonymous female. – Very fragile at this time.  Marriage is not going well and talk of divorce more than once This is a second marriage for both. She is a Christian and does not want it, but the spouse is not a Christian and keeps going back and forth. She is going to counseling spouse will not and does not want God and doesn’t seem to want to stay in the marriage.  Her health is now being impacted significantly both physically and emotionally due to significant stress, and even her adult children are noticing a decline in her health and appearance.  Lord, we pray you will help this situation right now and especially this hurting wife. Heal and strengthen her broken heart. Lord, we know you are in control of this whole situation and marriage, and we place it in your hands. Please pray.
      40. Lauren- Having cataract surgery on Tues.  Lord, we pray for the medical team doing the operation. Pray for me and prepare and guide the medical team for this surgery. Keep Lauren healthy. We pray for all to go smoothly before during and after and for complete and fruitful healing and recovery after.
      41. Bart- Battling severe influenza and needs our prayers. Lord bring complete healing forth to his body. Heal his respiratory and airways and bring forth clear breathing, ease congestion and have the fever to leave in Jesus name.  Bring strength to his body and restore his health completely. Also, protect his family ( Kim and Sarah)  too and keep them healthy as they are caring for him.
      42. BT- Please pray for physical healing for the body.  Lord do a divine work in all the areas needed and restore and heal completely.
      43. Peter- that used car purchase counter offer will be accepted, and if God’s will for this car to be bought, then it will all go smoothly with no complications  But that the Lord will protect all parties involved if this and if it’s not the right car then close the door.
      44. Larry – Complications of Staph infection. If affected his spine also and his mobility walking. The last update was he could move his right arm but not the left. Lord, please do a healing touch to Larry and heal his body. When I get, more updates will let you know.
      45. Paul K -. Has an appointment with a cardiologist on Wed.  Lord may it bring a clear report. Heal his body and thankful he is feeling better than he was.  Lord powerfully touch him.
      46. Toni L – Kidney and Liver issues and praying for salvation. Lord do a divine work in the physical body and spiritual health
      47. GP- Battling a bad cold.  Lord help her to heal fast.  She is a widow and also lost her longtime job a few weeks ago.  Lord work out the details she needs for finances to be extended until she can get widows support. Please protect her and bring her your comfort and peace.
      48. Jodi- asked for prayer for Jack and Tre- and their salvation
      49. Mark Malwitz B-day 2-11-09 008

        My friends Lisa and Mark Mallwitz.

        Darren – Wants to know the Lord better.  Lord, reveal yourself to him and his family through your Word the Bible, church family and continue to draw them to you more and more.

      50. PB- Looking for a new job with better hours. Lord provider, her with her perfect job and you’re perfect, will be done.  Pray for me. We know you are ABLE. Posted on Prayer List 3
      51. MR- Lord, I pray for God to help her with her financial situation.  Do not let this cause a setback or discourage her.  Lord continue to work in her life and bring healing to her life completely.
      52. Peter- that used car purchase counter offer will be accepted, and if God’s will for this car to be bought, then it will all go smoothly with no complications  But that the Lord will protect all parties involved if this and if it’s not the right car then close the door. Praise Update Peter – the Counteroffer was accepted on a used car. Thank you all for praying.
      53. Peg- Also please pray for me as well. I went home from work yesterday early due to not feeling well still battling an upper respiratory the last weekend and home today. The congestion is better, Thank you Lord, but also fighting some unexpected nausea today.  I do not want to miss another day of work tomorrow so pray the Lord’s swift healing and for a full recovery, please. Thank you. Please pray.
      54. DP- Is a caregiver and taking care of an elderly client with Alzheimer’s initials ( P)  who is 90 years old.  We know that  Alzheimer’s can cause anxiety for those living with it. P is not having the best day today and being more irritable and less compliant than he usually is.  Lord, we pray that you will calm him down and reassure him.  Help him to understand the things he needs too — breakthrough to those places in his mind he may not be able to think clearly.  We thank you; he can remain home that is a blessing. We are grateful to you for DP, who is Christian and caregiver and takes good care of him along with the other caregivers he has too.  Pray for me. We pray that P will feel the Lord’s presence touch him right now.  Work in this situation in Jesus name.
      55. Ken – Suffering from mild food poisoning.  Just got over bronchitis and was ill about a week also.  Lord touch his body and heal him. We pray for nausea, and food poisoning affects to cease in Jesus name. Rebuild his strength. Please pray.
      56. Dan and Chris:  Chris is getting over pneumonia. She is feeling better but still has little strength.  Her husband Dan came down with something yesterday, and they went to the doctor. Lord, please do a divine work in this family. Heal the sickness and strengthen them both and  restore them bot to complete health in Jesus name
      57. JT- Had blood pressure of 190/120 on Friday, which is very dangerous and was immediately was put on BP meds. They checked it yesterday, and it lowered but he has to lose 100’s of pounds of weight, or they will be recommending bariatric surgery.  He had two hip replacements as one failed and he cannot move like he uses to and is on disability and that is how he gained so much weight. Lord, please help JT to lose this weight the right way and naturally. Give him the strength and desire to change this situation and care about his life and health for him and his wife. Please pray.
      58. An Anonymous couple –  Lord we pray you will bring comfort to this couple who lost their baby as only you can and surround them with your love and peace. They both know you Jesus and know to rely on you now. Pray for their entire family. Bring others into their path who understand and can be of comfort and support now.
      59. I received the update last night regarding Larry- He has been in the hospital well over a month. They are using a vacuuming machine to remove the staph infection in his spine. He is still unable to walk.  Lord, please do a miracle for Larry. Please heal his body and remove the virus attacking his spine. Help him to be able to walk again.  Lord pray for his wife who is in need of our prayers too.  It has been a long battle for them both.  Please do a mighty work in this situation.
      60. Sue Sauer and Ron Sauer and Bill Greguska

        My friends Sue Sauer and Ron Sauer.

        Julia G – is experiencing more seizures, but this time, it’s accompanied by choking like spasms. She is on her way to the emergency room tonight. Please pray for healing and for the doctors to know what to do for dear Julia.   Lord, we pray for your divine hand upon her. She was in the hospital last week too because of seizures.  We pray for a divine miracle healing touch for seizures to stop once and for all.   Pray for me, and we also pray for the Lord’s help and strength for her Mom Pam too. Please pray.

      61. P and T- Both individually looking for new apartments. They both want to live in safer areas too. Lord open the door and help them and protect them both and may it fit into their finances too as both are on SSDI and need something reasonable but also safe.  
      62. Lorna’s son has turned away from the Lord and now also in criminal trouble.  Lord, we pray for her son to come back to the Lord. May this situation bring him to repentance and change. We know God can use any situation. Please pray.
      63. Julie – Having a uterine procedure on Feb 27th. We pray all will go smoothly, and also we pray against cancer or any complications. Pray for me, and we pray for a clear report — speedy healing and recovery.
      64. Lois and John- John got the flu yesterday and now his wife Lois also has it. Lord, please touch them both. Bring speedy healing to them both.  Lord thank you for bringing down John’s blood pressure also as he was on the prayer last week for that.  Pray for me. We pray that all the other health issues will be healed as well.  Also, help them with some of the other decisions they need to make for their future and lead and guide them. Please pray.
      65. Anonymous male – He is hurting a lot both physically and emotionally due to many health issues.  He just had surgery on his neck also has arthritis, had terrible hand swelling, had heart bypass surgery and was told he might eventually need a liver transplant.  Lost a lot of hope.  He is exhausted from all this. The Lord opened an opportunity for a friend and me to speak to him and ask if we could pray for him after he shared all this. This was the first time we met him, but the Lord allowed him to feel comfortable enough to share. He said yes to the prayer and said you would be the only ones who do. That broke my heart.  Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to pray for him. Lord do a divine healing touch to his body in a powerful way.  Calm his anxiety and flood him with your peace and hope.  He is open to prayer may this open his heart and eyes to his need for you in his life.  Draw him close to you Father. We know you can do a miracle in this man’s life. Please pray.
      66. Julie’s family – as she has multiple family requests and needs, so I am listing below. Her Mom Audrey- Fell and broke her ribs and scapular.  She is turning 80. Her sister Lori – Was having blurred vision issues and the optometrist saw something when looking at her eyes, they referred her immediately that day for the scan which found out that she has a large brain tumor.  They are doing surgery March 11th. They will do radiation on it. The area it is in has some hope it may not be cancer, but it is near many parts of her brain. Her dog Bandit- they just found out it has diabetes pancreatitis. Please pray.
      67. Lord, we pray for all these needs in Julie’s family and her mom and heal the bones to normal position. Lord continue to strengthen her. Thankful for the 80 years of life you blessed her with.  Lord, we ask for you to be already reducing the tumor in her Lori’s brain to nothing. Pray for me, and we pray for healing and no cancer in Jesus name.  Help her during this time of unknown and give her your comfort and assurance. Do a mighty work in this situation. Please pray.
      68. We also pray for Bandit.  Lord, regulate diabetes and pancreatitis. The family loves this dog a great deal. Lord help Julie right now. She has so much come at her.  She is overwhelmed and said she needs prayers. Please help her and give her your strength and peace. 
      69. Angela ( living in Dallas)- Is hurting a great deal. Angela (residing in Dallas)- Is hurting a great deal. She bought a small dog from a shelter after losing another beloved pet a year ago she felt ready to do this, and fell in love with the little dog and only had it a few weeks. Then took the dog to the park on a leash when out of nowhere a pit bull came up and took the dog in its jaws.  The owner and Angela tried to release it. By the time, it did the dog was lifeless, and the owner of the pit bull took off- no one could get a license, and there were no cameras around. Good Samaritans who witnessed this drove Angela to the closest animal clinic asap, but sadly the dog died. She is hurting so badly. She also suffered the trauma of seeing this happen and is having flashbacks.  Her mom is a strong Christian and asked for prayers for her. Lord, please touch Angela right now. Please pray for her broken heart. Help ease her mind and thoughts. Lord, please help find this person who did this, so they are dealt with. Please pray.
      70. Anonymous- TONIGHT…Please pray that their lost dog is found. Lord, please lead and guide them to their pet. You know where it is right now. Please help them and direct them and may the dog hear them yelling its name, as they are out tonight looking. Please pray.
      71. Dr.-Bagrud-300-x-300

        My friend and doctor Kathrine Baugrud.

        Scott- Attending a special group fellowship gathering Saturday.  Lord, we pray for favor and a special anointing upon him as he shares the message and gospel with people who are thirsty to receive your Word.  Pray for me, and we pray for divine appointments. We ask for travel protection upon him to and from. May the Lord move in the areas needed. In Jesus name.

      72. The Headleys- as they move to a new home in Nashville in a few weeks. Lord may this be a smooth transition.  May they get all the final packing and organizing done needed before during and after the move.  Travel protection upon them. May everything gets there safely in transport, and we pray you to keep them healthy also during this time as moving can take a lot out of us. 
      73. Julia – Please for more blood flow to her brain and that the bypasses will be clear and no blockages. We pray for complete healing to her arteries and blood flow. Her mom said they would be letting them know in a few weeks regarding more procedures.  Lord, please do divine healing for Julia. Fully open the blood flow to normal, stop the seizures and heal her brain. Do a divine miracle, and when they look, they will see no blockages or issues. May you get the Glory. Give her your peace and calm. Also, pray for her Mom Pam, who is by her side the entire time during all this and may the Lord give her strength and your help and keep her healthy too.
      74. Peter – Who is an elderly Alzheimer’s patient in the hospital. He has fluid and heart issues.  He has been in since Saturday.  Lord help heal his body. Help reduce the fluid in his body and the pressure on his heart. Strengthen and heal him so he can return home with his caregiving team.  Touch him right now in his hospital bed and bring him Your peace. Please pray.
      75.  Please pray for Kaitlyn- she had a setback.  See update below.  Her family sent the update today. For those reading the first time, Kaitlyn was in a terrible car accident in early Jan, and they were not sure she would survive, and she had suffered brain injuries.  God saved her life and had done a mighty miracle so far.  She is in need of our prayers, and so does her family who are very active Christians. FROM KAITLYN’S FAMILY Kaitlyn Update 2-29-16 Setback. Prayers Needed This will be short. Kaitlyn was admitted to the hospital last night through the Emergency Room. While in the bathroom at home, she took out scissors, cut off her feeding tube and pushed the remaining nub into her stomach. She may have surgery for this; it’s unclear at this point. We also don’t know if the skull replacement surgery that was scheduled for tomorrow will go on as planned due to this issue. On the cognitive level, I’m sorry to say that the extreme clarity she had a couple of nights ago did not continue into the following days, instead, somewhere in between the emotionless fog she was in and clear thinking. In that regard, she’s been crying a lot, something new and tough to see; it just rips your heart out, it’s the first time she’s cried since the accident. She’s continuously very emotional and needs to be reassured that everything will be okay. A couple of hours after she cut off the feeding tube, she told us that she did it because she thought it would mean that she wouldn’t have to go back to the hospital again. She’s lost between worlds right now, but even that is an improvement over where she was for the last five weeks. I’ll update you all when we know more, until then, please Pray Hard Pray Often Pray Now Eugene We ask all this in Jesus name. Please pray.
      76. Nevenka -has been on the prayer chain the last six months. She was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the pancreas. They are doing a scan of it on Monday. I believe she had chemo and radiation too.  Lord, please reduce the tumor to be gone when they do the scan., Lord, heal her body entirely of cancer. Do a mighty work.  May she not have to have even the surgery because the tumor is gone.  I am close to her sister, and they truly appreciate the prayers. Please pray.
      77. Anonymous Father and Adult Daughter- Need our prayers.  There is a strained relationship. Father has tried many times to communicate, restore and work on it.  Lord, please do a divine work in this situation and heal in the areas needed. You know exactly what is required.
      78. PRAISE REPORT I heard from  Julie today, and she shared.
      79. Julies Mom Audrey- She is significantly improved and will be going home from rehab this weekend. Praise the Lord
      80. Julies Sister Lori – in her, mid 50’s. They did surgery, and there is, NO CANCER the brain tumor is benign. The operation was done early this week, not the 11th.  She is still in the hospital, but they believe she may be going home by Sunday.    They were able to remove 50 percent of the tumor, but they will be going back again in a month to get more because it’s near a blood supply and that is what causes it to grow faster, and there was bleeding.  PRAY THAT IT SHRINKS TO NOTHING. So far there are no other complications, and all the tests show this didn’t impact her brain function. KEEP praying for her complete recovery. Lord, we thank you and praise you for this news.  You are getting the Glory in all this.  Pray for me, and keep praying for Bandit too.
      81. Update Jessie – Some you received this thru text earlier. Thank you for praying at that time. Bart Helmbreck’s young daughter Jessie has surgery today. She has a battle a rare form of cancer for many years. This is part 1 of 2 operations to remove the tumors from her brain. The surgery went well, but they also found two holes and they are taking samples to see if more tumors are there or if it is due to radiation. Also, they are concerned with bleeding due to blood counts levels.  Lord continue to guide the medical staff taking care of Jessie.  Lord, we thank you for their gifted hands and abilities.  Pray for me. We pray for NO MORE tumors and complete healing of cancer. Lord ease her pain right now and surround her with peace and love and calm.  Lord bring all blood counts to be normal. We stand in the gap for this precious one.
      82. Nevenka- Battling cancerous tumor on the pancreas. Had the scan Monday and it did shrink, but they are doing surgery tomorrow ( Wed) morning to remove. Lord, please allow this tumor to be removed entirely. Heal her of cancer and do a divine work in this situation. Guide the surgery team doing it tomorrow.  May you be glorified through this.
      83. C.D.- Chronic alcoholic. Has backslidden again and is drinking. Will go weeks without and start again.  Sadly it is habitual. The Lord has been merciful in keeping him alive many times. Was in jail, rehab programs, and treatment numerous times, detox and hospitalizations. His brother who is a Christian along with close family friends has ministered to him and tried to help him multiple times. Lord, we pray against this bondage and stronghold in his life that is not of God. We pray for freedom through the blood of Jesus.  Lord, we pray you will breakthrough and that his desire for alcohol will stop. Heal his body, mind from the deep hurt, depression, and pain he feels and what is causing him to numb himself. Pull that deep root out once and for all what is hindering his recovery and the beautiful person You Father God created him to be. We ask all this in Jesus name.
      84. 20150830_182629

        My friends Herman and Jolie Hersh and their daughter Claira.

        Joe – Had a heart attack. They put heart stents in.  Lord do a divine work and healing to his heart, arteries and swift continued healing. Please pray.

      85. Judy’s Mom-  Her closest friend in the world passed away after a brief illness. She is deeply grieving. Lord help her right now. Bring your comfort and peace and healing love upon her. Please pray.
      86. Tom and Sherry- They are asking for prayer to stop smoking. Lord, we know you can help with this.  Thank you, Lord, they want to get healthy, and they are seeking your help. Posted on Prayer List 3
      87. Steve L- Hurt his knee and has pain now when walking. Been resting it, elevating and icing but also works a job where he has to stand for long periods.  Lord do a spiritual work upon Steve.  Lord heal him and stop the pain and inflammation.  We know you are in control and use whatever means you have to bring forth your healing. Please pray.
      88. Cheri – the oncologist, is ordering  PET Scan Imaging for growths/tumors in the neck. Has battled low-grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma for quite a few years.   Lord do your perfect work and reduce and shrink these tumors and heal her body of the lymphoma and bring healing in all areas needed. We ask all this in Jesus name.
      89. MR- Will get impacted wisdom teeth pulled. Pray for me and pray for no issues and for this to go smoothly — no problems after and pain to be controlled. Also, she is looking for Car, apartment, and daycare as she has a job in Madison.  Lord help all these needs and requests. Please pray.
      90. Luiz – Battling severe flu and back pain issues too. A firefighter and needs to be able to work his job. Lord, please bring on your swift healing. Posted on Prayer List 3
      91. Praise Update Briana- Spoke to her Mom tonight and she got a job, and they hired on the spot. Her mom was so happy.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Original Prayer Feb 18th Brianna- In need of a job.  Lord, we pray for favor for Brianna.  Open up opportunities for the right employment.  Help her Lord.  Also, pray for her Mom, who is helping her financially at this time because of this.  Lord bless them both.
      92. Jessica- No further update tonight. Was told she would be having a second brain surgery tomorrow morning to remove tumors.   Continue to pray for her comfort, pain control and that they remove all the tumors. May the Lord do a divine healing work in this precious one’s life. Lord, we also pray for her family too as it’s hard seeing her go through all this. Comfort them all and give them your strength. 
      93. Ana – Lord we pray for high blood pressure to drop to normal. Also, any other physical issues she is having.  Lord do a divine healing touch to her and her body. Help this to be controlled in Jesus name.
      94. Jareal is 20 years old and has leukemia and is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at the end of March. However, she is now in hospital with a fever (104 degrees) and needing a blood transfusion. She has been through numerous rounds of chemotherapy that has affected her immune system. Lord, please reduce the fever and bring forth healing to this precious one. 
      95. Brenda – Trip to New Orleans to bring grandson back. Please pray for her two daughters too. 
      96. Jessie- Please continue to pray for her. She has been on the prayer list and had two brain surgeries two days apart. Please pray for healing and earlier today she had a lot of pain and please pray for the Lord to stop the pain and may it be controlled and stop altogether. Please pray.
      97. Larry – In his early 50’s.  He had a work injury, and they had to surgery in neck and spine area, but went home but then had terrible pain, and they found out he had staph and septic that got in there.  Now is unable to walk and has significant mobility issues.  They are vacuuming out infection twice a day.  He is very discouraged and been in and out of the hospital for months. He needs a true miracle healing.  Please do a spiritual work Lord and help this situation. Barb – having severe hip pain. She needs to be able to walk and move for her job as a caregiver. She is also coming down with a cold.  Lord strongly touch Barb. Stop the pain in her hip and allow her to function normally. We pray for this cold not to manifest and affect her body and bring forth healing. 
      98. Barb – having severe hip pain. She needs to be able to walk and move for her job as a caregiver. She is also coming down with a cold.  Lord powerfully touch Barb. Stop the pain in her hip and allow her to function normally. We pray for this cold not to manifest and touch her body and bring forth healing. 
      99. CD- Continue to pray for deliverance and sobriety for him from alcoholism. Pray he chooses to stop. He was sober over four years, and he can do it again. Meeting with family went well, and a plan is being put in place for his long-term.
      100. Cousin-Joe,-Me,-Mom

        My cousin Joe and me and my mom.

        Chris S family – Loss of her precious Mom. May the Lord of all comfort surround her and the entire family.

      101. Steve -May have strained meniscus or bruised bone and knee area. He saw the doctor.  They did an x-ray and knees itself look good, but you cannot see a tear on Xray so he would need an MRI to see that.  He is elevating, resting and doctor is recommending doing physical therapy to see if this improves it.  Lord do a mighty work on Steve and stop the pain and bring forth healing and help him to gain the mobility he needs. We ask all this in Jesus name. Pray for Steve L.-  He is using crutches now and also has been icing, heating and elevating it.  Saw his regular doctor on Friday. He either bruised his knee or strained or tore meniscus. Having much pain he when he walks and put pressure on it.  The Xrays showed no damage to the knee itself, but it will not show the meniscus or cartilage tear.  Will be going to physical therapy first to see if that relieves it and if this does not help then he will need to be referred to the orthopedic doctor and may need to have an MRI done.  With insurance ded/coinsurance that will be very expensive. He works a factory job and needs to be walking and mobile for that too. Lord bring forth your healing and recovery. Stop the pain and help this situation. He needs a divine miracle here.
      102. Lynn – having a lot of pain in the foot due to plantar fasciitis which is when the tendons are tight, and every time you walk, it is painful.  Lord do your divine healing to her foot.  Stop the pain and loosen those tendons and allow all to fall back into place for her. Please pray.
      103. Barb –  who is having surgery Monday on her neck.  She has two bulging discs that are putting pressure on her nerves and spinal cord.  She’s had some problems for a few years but an MRI last week revealed the seriousness of it.  She wasn’t expecting surgery this soon, but the doctors advised to have it done quickly. Lord do a divine work on Barb, and her family is praying that this will be the situation to draw her to you Father.
      104. Jessie – was having some seizures yesterday after brain surgery last week. Lord, please stop the seizures completely. Lord may all her brain functions, and levels fall back to normal. May you heal her and strengthen her.  Keep her pain free and may she feel your divine presence all around her.
      105. Wanda- having car trouble and has to miss work and take it in. Maybe be power steering issue. Lord, please let it be minor and protect her driving to repair shop. She is single so no other support financially and needs her car and in working order.  Please let the cost be reasonable. Please pray.
      106. Michele- ( whom I met at the store by divine appointment) the Lord opened a conversation with her.  She needs prayer for her husband, Gerald.  I told her we would be praying for her and him.  Do a divine miracle in Gerald’s life and change his heart, may he compellingly know you, it is evident in his actions and treatment of his family also. May she be encouraged knowing others are praying for her. We ask all this in Jesus name.
      107. Terry – This is a dear sister in Christ Judy H’s brother.  This Friday Terry is scheduled to have the big toe on his left foot amputated (right foot/big toe done about 6-8 yrs ago). Gangrene has set it & the Doctors say there is no other alternative (has an ulcer on that toe that has not healed in over two months). Terry, of course, is depressed and discouraged. Lord do a perfect work in this situation. You can heal that toe and stop the gangrene and infection. You can bring new cells and skin to that toe. Please touch Terry and may he feel your peace and presence.  Lord, you can change this situation. We pray for your divine hand. 
      108. Glenn S- Has a heart and gastro tests being done.  Has been battling chest pain for some time and had to go to the hospital over the weekend.  All heart stress tests came back good Praise God as he already has heart stents. Lord, please find the issue as to why he is having the pain. We know you can do healing in this and stop it immediately, but we are thankful for our earthy helper’s doctors in which you have gifted with knowledge and medicine. Pray for me and guide and lead the medical staff in doing these tests and do a healing touch to Glenn. Also, pray for his wife Chris and their entire family at the funeral of Chris’s Mother is this Thurs.
      109. Steve L- Still having knee pain. Using crutches.  Last night had woken up due to pain and had to use an ice machine.  He has a consultation on Thurs at Orthopedics /Therapy, and they will advise him of the next course of action. Lord, we ask for your divine help.  Stop the pain and help his knee to heal.  Lord use whatever means necessary as we know you can improve this instantly or use of medical staff too.  Pray for me; we place this in your hands. 
      110. Brenda T- Travel protection back from New Orleans.
      111. Wanda- Her GMC SUV  has to have multiple significant repairs.  She is still waiting for the final cost but was told it could be $1500 or more for various issues. She cannot afford to get a new car at this time. Lord, please bless her and encourage her.  She is discouraged by this news.  Let her know you are with her and will provide all her needs. Please pray.
      112. Ron and Sue Sauer and Jeff and Joe

        Ron and Sue Sauer and Jeff and Joe.

        Jessie – who has been on the prayer chain after having two brain surgeries a day apart to remove tumors. She is looking so much better. She is out of ICU, and all the tubes are removed. The drain is out of her head, and her eyes are fully responsive as well as her speech and behavior. She is sitting up, eating and laughing and joking around.  If all goes well, she should be released sometime next week. LORD, we THANK YOU and PRAISE you for this news.  We know it was your divine hand in this.  We thank you for the gifted doctors and nurses treating Jessie and their excellent care. Bless every one of them too. May continued strength and healing overflow upon Jessie.  Pray for me. We thank you for this beautiful Easter season blessing you have given to her and her family and friends. Please pray.

      113. Aria’s spinal surgery for scoliosis went well, and she was able to go to a regular room and not ICU after.  Praise the Lord all glory to God for that. ORIGINAL PRAYER Friday, Mar 19th Arria- Having spinal surgery today for scoliosis   Lord we pray for your hand on this. Lead and guide doctors and the medical team doing the surgery Father and their gifted hands.  Lord, we pray for no complications and complete success. We pray for peace and calm to Arria and her mother and father too.  We pray for a speedy recovery afterward, and she will regain all the mobility to normal. 
      114. RODNEY M   His X-Brother-in-law -Larry F. -passed away. The funeral is Mon., March 21-Viewing 11 am, Service 12:30 pm. Lord touch this family at this time.  May your comfort and presence be felt around them all. 
      115. Rodney’s cousin, Anita G, is in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs, & influenza. She is now in an induced coma. Pray for me and to cover the families with Christ’s Resurrection power for hearts to see there is life, hope & healing in the name of Jesus.
      116. Cheryl H – Her Mom passed away last Saturday. Visitation today at noon and the funeral on Monday morning. Lord, we pray for your comfort for the family. Pray for me, and we pray that all will go smoothly, and your coverage will be around the family. 
      117. Pat S – is having hip replacement surgery on April 20 she asked for prayer for the pain she has. Lord, pray for me, we know you can do a divine miracle, but we are aware you have gifted us with medical doctors and their care. Lord do whatever means you need to bring forth healing, .we pray right now for her surgery. Pray for me. Prepare the medical staff already for this surgery and guide and lead them. Lord, we pray no complications and her pain will be immediately relieved.
      118. Ron- has to have a pacemaker put in. He blacked out at the Gym.  Thank you, Lord, for the prompt help and getting him to the hospital and they found this out. Lord, we pray you will regulate his heart and heal his body.  We pray for his salvation too and this experience to work for good and to draw him to you.
      119. Pearl B- had a stroke this morning.  Lord, please do a divine healing work in her body.  May there be no permanent issues from the stroke.  Lord, we pray all her mobility and functions will be normal. Thank you for the care she is receiving. We are grateful to you in advance for what you are going to do.  She is the mother of a Pastor.
      120. Anita- Found out recently she is battling quite a few food allergies. She also has more lab tests on Thurs as she is extremely fatigued and tired they have to get to the bottom of what is causing this.  Lord, we pray right now you will help Anita.  Lord, we know you can do your divine healing to her body.  Help stop this fatigue and get to the root issue of all this.  You know her from her head to toes and see the situation.  Pray for me, and we place all this in your hands. 
      121. CD- Needs deliverance from bondage alcoholism.  Lord please stop the desire for it and heal his mind and body and do a life-saving change in Chris.
      122. T.E’s Father – TE is a senior in college, and she is close to my stepdaughter Liz.  T E. father is battling kidney and liver failure.  Lord, we lift this man to you now.  He needs a divine miracle at this time.  We ask you to touch and heal his body, and he regains his strength. You can do this and bring forth healing to this man. May you be glorified through this. We ask all this In Jesus name. Please pray.
      123. Patsy – Was told she has a fatty liver problem. Please pray for Divine intervention & healing. Lord help her to find ways to strengthen her life too whether certain foods or other things. Give her wisdom and direction. We know that you created our bodies and can give us the insight to help certain things too.
      124. Unspoken need- That person can be more impacting in their families life and share the gospel more with those lost in their family. God has been stirring their heart to be more open and involved and share more about their faith. Lord, we thank you for those that have been listening and seeking change in their life but Lord there are so many others that are walking in complete darkness and are in need of  Lord and your healing.  Please do a divine work in this area. Please pray.
      125. Guadagni1-86

        My parents and all of my aunts and uncles.

        For those struggling with depression and anxiety -. Lord, I get many requests from people hurting, battling depression and feeling so alone in this world.  Even strong Christians that are fighting in that area who know you Jesus and live their lives for you.  Lord, we pray you to heal their hearts and minds Father.   Father, many have had tragic circumstances that may have triggered pain and despair in their lives.  They didn’t wake up one day and say I want to live my life depressed and anxious Father.  Assure them of your presence, love, and faithfulness in their lives. Break the chains off of them and bring forth your healing. Bring others, the right people into their lives to strengthen and support them and to be a friend and listening ear.  Let us not be too busy to care and listen to those hurting. Open doors in their lives where needed and close doors that are hindering them from a fulfilling life you have planned for them.  Surround them Lord with your peace and build them up to live a victorious life you intend for them to have. Most of all let them know YOU have not abandoned or forgotten them. That you will NEVER leave and HAVE NOT forsaken them. We thank you, Father, and Praise You for being our solid and firm foundation to stand on throughout life. We are grateful to you for saving us and dying in our place so we can have eternal life with you. Please pray.

      126. PRAISE REPORT -Nevenka- has been on the prayer chain for pancreas surgery due to a cancerous tumor. Heard from her sister that the tumor was removed successfully, and she is doing well. They believe they got it all!!  PRAISE THE LORD.  Thank you all who prayed for her.  God is getting the Glory. She went home this week. Please pray.
      127. Steve L Update- They believe he sprained tendon or meniscus, and he will be heaving physical therapy for four weeks. The pain he is feeling would not indicate a tear per the therapists, but he strained it.  The therapist wants him using crutches all the time and even at work. Pray that his company will understand as he works at a factory, but some of the work can be sitting too.  Pray for rapid healing and pain to leave. 
      128.  R.E & P.E – Need prayer in finding a new home for their family. They closed on their current home so may the Lord lead and direct them quickly to the perfect home that will be in the distance to both of their jobs.  One works closer to Madison and the other Mukwonago, so they need to be central to that. May God open a door perfect for them. Please pray.
      129. Arria- Having spinal surgery today for scoliosis   Lord we pray for your hand on this. Lead and guide doctors and the medical team doing the surgery Father and their gifted hands.  Lord, we pray for no complications and complete success. We pray for peace and calm to Arria and her mother and father too.  We pray for a speedy recovery afterward, and she will regain all the mobility to normal. Please pray.
      130. Renee  – who is having surgery remove ½ of her thyroid and the lymph nodes that are cancerous and attacking her Thyroid.  She has been told she has lymphoma. Please pray over the surgeon’s hands and for no complications and speedy and full healing from the procedure.
      131. Linda- Had double knee replacement 2 1/2  weeks ago. Was in Rehab but now she is going home this weekend.  Lord, please help her as she heals. Thank you for all you have done for her already and continue to do and may she feel stronger every day. She was in debilitating pain before from arthritis. Thank you for relieving it for her through surgery.
      132. Roger- was having a liver transplant but something went wrong so now they are waiting a few days to try again. Lord, we pray right now for Roger.  Prepare his body to accept the liver.  Your timing is always right Father.  We pray for the doctors and nurses doing the surgery.  Guide their skilled hands.  May all go smoothly and healing and recovery for Roger and no rejection of the liver. 
      133. Basics Outreach 7-14-07

        My friends Jane, John, Catherine, Mark.

        Baby Donovan- is in ICU at this time. Not eating and struggling to breathe.  The baby has a high fever.  Lord do a spiritual work right now. Bring forth your healing to this precious one. Open breathing and lungs and allow him to eat and gain strength. We place him in your hands, Father. Please pray.

      134. CD – In hospital tonight due to alcoholism. CD is very ill at this time due to chronic drinking and has Barrett’s esophagus and other health issues.  He needs healing and a miracle to stop drinking. Lord, we ask you to take the desire away from CD, and he will no longer even crave alcohol. Lord reach his mind and break those chains of bondage.  May he get into a long-term sober living treatment, pray for me. Lord thank you for saving his life so many times already. Please pray.
      135. Ron- in his early 80’s but very active still. You would not know he was that old.  He had blacked out at the gym and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Was told his heart had arrhythmia and now needs a pacemaker.  His heart went out of rhythm many times at the hospital too. The doctors said thankfully because he was there and controlled and monitored he did not die.  We know God saved his life. Christians are now preparing to talk to Ron about the Lord and share the Gospel. Please pray this experience will allow him to see his need for Jesus and bring forth not only physical healing but his eternal spiritual healing too. Please pray.
      136. Pam – going every six weeks now for infusion therapy for the Rheumatoid Arthritis. It takes about 2 hours, and the only significant side effect she has experienced is tired the rest of that day and the next.  Thank you, Lord, for that. Pray for me. There are days when her ankles hurt and hands too. Pray for God to heal that pain in Pam and also heal her entirely of arthritis. Also for her eyes. She has noticed her vision has decreased some again. Since now the right eye is blind, she used the left eye which wasn’t good to even start with. Doctors noticed some clouding of her cornea in the left eye, and last year she did see the cornea specialist, and he had said he could do a cornea transplant on that eye. But since the right eye had two that failed and she lost all the vision now in the right eye, he said he would do it if the left eye got so bad that she couldn’t see out of it anymore. Lord do a mighty work in Pam. Heal her eye and restore her vision completely, pray for me.  Do a divine miracle touch her! We give you the glory.
      137. Update Baby Donovan-Donovan has bronchitis.  He will be in the ICU at the hospital through tomorrow also.  He is not eating yet, and if he doesn’t, they will have to do IV feeling. Lord touch this precious one.  Do a mighty work, Ease his breathing, open lungs and help him to regain appetite and strength father.  Pray for me, and we thank you for what you are going to do.
      138. Anonymous- God knows the person needs healing from depression.  Has gone through a lot of pain in life.  Has been unable to work due to it, so finances have been impacted too.  Lord do a mighty work like never before. May your healing and strengthening cover like never before.  Please also bless finances.  Protect job and disability pay so the person can go back and may the employer is understanding. Thank you for what you are doing for this person and the steps in healing already taking place. They are seeking a stronger relationship with you, so that is the best first step.  Continue to give them hope and bring people in their path to building them up. In Jesus name, we pray. Please pray.
      139. DS and RA – both suffer from migraines.  Lord, please touch them both and alleviate the pain of the headaches.  Do your great healing in both of them. By your stripes, we are healed.
      140. Update Baby Donovan- bronchitis turned to pneumonia. Lord, we ask your healing this precious one. Remove all infection in his body. Open lung passages and clear mucus. Ease breathing and respiratory function and Lord strengthen him to eat. We ask all this in Jesus name. Please pray.
      141. Betz- Having battery in pacemaker replaced Monday. May all go well with the procedure.  Been through many health battles this year. Asking for prayer for health and strength. May the Lord surround her with his perfect peace and comfort.  May God do a mighty work in her body. Please pray.
      142. DS and RA – both suffer from migraines.  Lord, please touch them both and alleviate the pain of the headaches.  Do your powerful healing in both of them. By your stripes, we are healed. Please pray.
      143. Update Baby Donovan- bronchitis turned to pneumonia. Lord, we ask you to heal this precious one. Remove all infection in his body. Open lung passages and clear mucus. Ease breathing and respiratory function and Lord strengthen him to eat.