Prayer List #13

Daily prayer!

Daily prayer is so vital, Satan does not want you to pray, yet you need God more than you even know. Here are some encouraging scriptures about praying when you feel weak.



How To Pray When You Are Weak?


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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska


Prayer List #13

  1. Pedro – Trying to get a drivers license and buy a car.
  2. The neighborhood had a shooting murder at Primos bar a half a block away.
  3. Johnathan – court for his two children and especially Alonso and peace with his girlfriend.
  4. Men’s block outreach tomorrow.
  5. Light shining with all relationships with the guys.
  6. Eddie healing from cold.
  7. Wisdom for Marty and the board.
  8. Pete’s client Peter health.
  9. Ben transferred to Froedtert Hospital.
  10. Bill daughter is going through a divorce.
  11. Henry D: the infection attached itself to his knee causing severe pain & damage. July 24 Henry will see his DR. to decide to remove the knee & let it set for six weeks to heal. Continue to pray for Henry, Ruby & family with this ongoing physical issue & medical doctors wisdom. Strength & peacefulness to overflow. His Love never fails.
  12. Karen Z: The 2-day chemo went well. Now on a three-week schedule of the same. She’s weak but encouraged the power of God can override the disease Christ died for on the cross. Will have a scan to see the effects in a couple of weeks.
  13. Pam G: Her Uncle Bill to be placed in hospice as soon as a bed opens. He will be kept comfortable. Because his heart is full of Christ, he is at peace and ready to see Him face to face. Love & prayers for Pam’s family as they travel to see him this weekend. The Lord is a whisper away.
  14. Anthony bike accident.
  15. Jason ribs still hurt. July 14th outreach.
  16. Property repair work at the group home on 17th street.
  17. Johnathan family situation with daughter and girlfriend.
  18. Oliver sore back and neck muscles.
  19. Jason and Chris recovery from a bike accident and future safety on bikes.
  20. Pete praises God for good dental care and getting back money owed to him.
  21. Bill’s friend is looking for a new place to live.
  22. Sherry strength to withstand and have victory over her ex-husband verbally abusing her.
  23. From IA  – Her neighbor is into satanism and satanist star on her door she has a small daughter, the neighbor always looks ill, and she is concerned both for her spiritual and for her physical health also has suicidal tendencies. Lives in a complex apartment. Pray for IA full armor, so that I can take my stand against the devil’s schemes For we know we do not wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Lord, you are BIGGER Then the enemy Satan. You are the Victor, and we have victory in You.  We pray for protection to IG.  We pray for those demons to leave in the name of Jesus. They have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY in that place. Kick them to the curb. There is a NO VACANCY sign in her apartment. We pray that IA will pray over her home and apartment daily. We pray for the Holy Spirit dwell in that building and lead and guide IA through this process today.  Please send angelic assistance to help with the removal of all of these evil spirits.  Send the angels to war on her behalf. We pray for the woman neighbor who is deceived in this belief and Lord we pray for freedom from this strong demonic hold and lie in her life and that she will come to know you, Jesus. 
  24. Cassandra- involved in a very destructive lifestyle and drugs.  Lord we pray that the encounter she had yesterday with Christians who had ministered to her years, back and God placed them in her path unexpectedly yesterday, they prayed with her. Pray those prayers will penetrate her mind and heart and spirit. That she will come back to you and turn and see the value of her life and that you love her and want her life blessed and healthy and whole. 
  25. The unimaginable happened to the Randall family this past week- Stephen was riding his beloved Harley Davidson home when he was hit by a drunk driver. The Milwaukee fire department removed the car from Stephen and took him to Froedtert where he suffers from severe brain damage.
  26. Stephen currently remains on life support. The family is faced with making many life-altering decisions at this point.
  27. Stephen honorably served in the Army for 21 years. He has a beautiful wife named Lisa and four beautiful children. He is an avid Harley rider and taught Junior ROTC. If you can, please support the Randall family in any way possible!
  28. S.R- was hit by a drunk driver on his motorcycle last week.  He is in a coma and has brain damage and is on life support.  Lord, we know who the supporter of life is its YOU. Lord we pray for your divine help now, and a miracle touch to S.R.  Lord we pray for you to touch his brain function. Lord heal his brain from the damage. You created every cell in his body. Lord we pray for your divine guidance and help to the medical staff also, We pray for his family and many friends, and students, he is an ROTC. A veteran instructor at a school, my nephew, works at. Lord many are praying for him and are asking for your help now. We place him in your hands Father. We know you are able and we pray for a miracle. Lord, we also pray for the drunk driver who did this. Their live is also going to be devastated by this action the rest of their life. We know you can use any situation to draw someone to you. So, God, we pray for that person to seek you now, as they will also need you desperately. Also prayers from Mens’ Bible study group 
  29. Neighborhood drug activity and gunshots.
  30. Brian job and social skills.
  31. Girlfriends daughter E peace to her heart and her relapse
  32. Pedro- maybe driving?
  33. Mitch family and son. Leadership.
  34. Chris daughter possible relationship problems
  35. Bill’s roommate just moved out still needs healing from 2 divorces.
  36. Woman’s alcoholic dad died, he bled out, and she found him. Lord, we pray for this woman who not only lost her Father to alcohol but now has to face the traumatic effects of how she found him in this state. Be with her Father. Lord, we pray for your strength, help, and comfort at this time. Bring others in her path for support, counsel, and help. Be with her.
  37. Special Note-  Alcohol can cause cirrhosis which makes the veins in the esophagus balloon and possibly rupture – from which you can bleed out. Direct alcoholic damage to the stomach lining can cause widespread bleeding 
  38. Anonymous woman- her husband of 20 years left her for a younger woman. John prayed with her today, but she is hurting.  Lord touch this woman now, this pain can cause shock and such hurt and rejection. Lord may she turn to you now in her time of need. Lord reveal yourself to her.  Bring others in her path like John to minister to her.
  39. TRACY N Great Niece Londyn is recovering well. Her heart surgery went all. Lord, we thank you, Father, for a successful operation. Continue to strengthen her little body Father and may she have a complete recovery and healing.  We thank you for the medical staff ( earthly angels) who are caring for her. Be with her parents and her family during this time and draw those that may not know you to you, for YOU are faithful.
  40. Tracey N’s– niece who was born today. She is a twin girl, and she has to have surgery on her heart tomorrow. She weighs 3.6lbs.
  41. Lord, we pray for this precious one, Lord we know you are with her right now. We know you can touch her heart and heal all that needs to be healed. Lord, we know you use your earthly angel’s Doctors to bring forth healing too. Prepare them all for the surgery and may they be rested. Direct and guide their hands and may there be a successful surgery with no complications. We pray for her parents Lord and bring them your peace and comfort during this time too.
  42. Vera…- Today was her Fathers’ funeral, I found out also that she has ear viral infection which is also affecting her vision too dizziness…had to be in a wheelchair today, She was at the hospital a few days ago, and due to vision issues, unable to work. Pray for her, not only did she lose her dad but also needs healing to her body. We know our Lord can touch her. Lord bring healing to her vision, cure that virus and ear infection. Bring her comfort in her families time of loss.
  43. Jennifer- 43-battles bipolar and has a suicidal tendency. Lord we know you want life and healing and wholeness for her mind, and body and life.  Lord, we pray for your divine help in this situation. Bring the right people in her path and proper counsel, Lord to encourage her. We pray against the tactics of the enemies lies and break the chains of confusion and depression. 
  44. Vera and Family- Funeral for her Father this morning. Lord be with them all today.  Help them as they grieve the loss of their dad. Comfort the entire family in JESUS Name.
  45. Judy- was on the prayer list for being diagnosed with dry macular degeneration and she was diagnosed with astigmatism and has to have cataract surgery July 5th. Drs did more tests and measured her eyes, and said now said that she DOES NOT have astigmatism, and her eyes are improving. Now we know machines can be off, but we also know we have a Master Physician who heals, and we believe this was already healing taken place)  also they will do further tests because they also believe she may not have macular degeneration after all. All of this will be determined when she has the cataract surgery. Lord, we thank you for this news for Judy.  We give you the honor and glory Father for healing taken place already and changes in her diagnosis.  Lord, we pray she does not have macular degeneration in Jesus name.
  46. Jeffrey- Please pray for his walking to improve and for his physical healing after the stroke he suffered last year. He is requesting all pray for him so he can get back to work. His speech has improved remarkably, where it is barely noticeable at times. He worked as a Sales Engineer and was one of the top in his field. Now due to the physical issue, he is not able to work at this time.  Lord touch him right now, encourage him, Father God.  We stand in the gap for Jeffrey and his healing. Lord, we know that even though he may not be as far as he would like. We know you are working in the midst of all this. Your timing is being done. Lord, we thank you for all you are doing for Jeffrey, and we pray for his complete healing. IN JESUS NAME.
  47. Anonymous ( per their request) -just found she has dry macular degeneration. It is the slow-moving kind, and her doctor was very positive.  I can keep it stabilized although there is no cure. Lord we know this news was difficult for her and of course scary to hear this, she is a believer and has put her hope and trust in Jesus Christ. We know the Jesus can heal her eyes. She is taking supplements and fruit and vegetable and healthy eating. Lord, we ask you to be with anonymous right now. Be her comfort and strength now during this time. Cover her with your divine peace. Ease any anxiety, Father.  Lord, we pray for your divine healing to her eyes. We know you are still on the throne, always doing your holy work. We know Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We can stand on your promises.
  48. Pastor Abner- He had surgery on his hand again Friday, and is recovering at home.  Lord, we pray for no pain…and for healing to be swift and complete. Pray for incisions to heal correctly for total use of his hands that he can rest now and take the time to recover. He also has a home improvement company, so his hands are his livelihood also. Lord, we pray for your divine touch upon him. In JESUS name.
  49. Sally – Her brother in law, passed away tonight. Lord, we pray you will be with her sister n law and all their extended family now.  Please bring your comfort and strength and help to them all.
  50. Latoya R – Lost her uncle on Tuesday.  Funeral arrangements are being made. Latoya also lost her mom a year ago and is still working through the grieving process.  Please be with her and her family as they also attend their uncles funeral. This can also open memories. May the comfort and strength of the Lord be with them all.
  51. Anonymous couple (God you know the names) As they travel on vacation. Lord, we pray for your protection to and from as they travel and also for an enjoyable stay where they are.  Bless their time
  52. Marcia S son n law, Dennis – Over the past many months he has experienced significant numbness in his hands. After many tests and scans being done to get to the root of the problem, he has now been referred to a neurologist due to a possible tumor (lesion) showing up on his vertebrae.
  53. Lord, we pray for the numbness to stop, we pray this is something minor and treatable.  Lord we know you are the Master Physician…you can dissolve that tumor or lesion by your healing hand or Lord lead and guide the right physicians your earthly helpers, to do this job. Lord, we place Dennis in your hands.  We thank you for what you are doing already, and for complete healing in JESUS NAME.
  54. Cheri – badly sprained angle, bruising and swelling.  Lord, we pray for the pain to reduce and for swelling to go down. May it heal swiftly for her.
  55. Little Boy Dakota- shot himself and was taken flight for life to hospital. No other details. Lord, we pray for this precious boy. Lord, we pray his life will be spared, and he will not have any permanent issues due to this. Lord, we pray for your divine helping hand.
  56. Janise – Lost her baby boy in Feb of 2018. Hurting terribly and going through great grief and pain. Lord, we pray for your comfort and strength upon her and your help Lord. Bring others to support and minister to her. Bring her the right support group also that she will get extra support with and Lord we know you are our comforter and healer.
  57. Betty H. “Savanah – 7 yr old foster child. The system wants to give her back to an abusive mother. My daughter and I have been caring for her since she was two yrs old.”
  58. Susan B: “I pray for all of Jesus and none of me.”
  59. Brian & Navy M Navy is ill, and she has severe morning sickness, spent lots of time in the hospital, pray for health for her and baby”  “Brian needs a full-time job of 40 or more hours a week.”
  60. Theresa W: “Byron’s health.”
  61. Anonymous: “My brother’s father-in-law, Clifford, who is 89 and lives alone, fell and broke his leg.”
  62. Sparky Sharon’s dog- has not regularly been eating. He has gone two days now, and she makes a special food prep for him. Please pray that he will eat better and desire it.  He is a therapy dog and helps many people and brings joy to them. Lord we know that you created all animals, and you gave man dominion over them, they are like our family members, and add to them and love them very much.  And, You said in Matthew chapter 6 that you feed and care for the birds, so I believe you take care of all living creatures. Lord, we ask you to take care of Sparky. 
  63. We had sent this prayer out, and Peter’s dad was at his house letting the dog out.  Peter had mowed his lawn yesterday, so his dad was checking in the yard. He called Peters phone, and he heard it ringing outside. Peter had put it in a bag while mowing and accidentally threw that bag out, with the phone in it.  His dad just found the phone in the trash, and it would have been picked up tomorrow, gone forever. Just got a call from Peter.
  64. Peter – lost his phone late yesterday. Lord, we pray it will be found before today is over, but if not make a smooth transition for him to get another activated tonight. He had planned on that already.
  65. Peter – Situation where he is owed money and person was suppose to pay this on the 1st and still has not, Peter needs favor as he is speaking to a person today about this. Please be in prayer that the right thing will be done for this. That person that owes him money will pay today in JESUS NAME.
  66. HW’s Brother – Is an addict. He has decided to go to a Teen Challenge Service, and we need prayer that he will commit to going to the program. Others close to him have completed the program, so we pray that he will desire healing and restoration and for his salvation. That he will commit to the program.  Lord, we pray that you will touch him as he hears your word and the testimonies of your goodness and divine healing.  We pray for a miracle in his life.
  67. Received a Praise Report for JS.  She had suffered an aneurysm May 22nd, and we put her on the Prayer Chain.  The doctors state that 1/3 of the people with that don’t make it to the hospital, another 1/3  die in hospital, and last 1/3 have permanent issues.   Doctors said she does need speech therapy at all, she only needs some minor rehab but will recover.   ALL GLORY TO GOD, for this news.  We thank you and Praise you God for this report. Continue to use this whole thing to draw those that do not know you to you Father God.
  68. JS- Was taken to the hospital this morning, she had an aneurysm and is in severe condition.  A friend of mine worked with her husband and notified to get her on the prayer list immediately. Lord we pray for JS right now, you know everything is going on Lord. We pray for your divine miracle hand here. Lead and guide the medical staff caring for her. Lord dissolve any blockage or clot that is causing issues.  Lord, we pray for no permanent damage from this.  Lord, you created every artery, blood vessel, and cell in her body. Lord, we pray for your divine help now. Comfort her and her family, Father God. May this whole situation draw them close to you.
  69. Zack -was found overdosed today, but by the grace of God survived. His mother found him, and she gave him CPR for 15 minutes until police, paramedics arrived. It was very traumatic for her also. He is now in a hospital treatment facility getting help, and family is also checking on Teen Challenge and another Faith-based, long-term program. Please pray for all that. Zack’s Father was out of state so was not there. Lord, we thank you for saving Zack’s life today. Now we pray for his healing from addiction. We pray those chains will be broken off and protection against the enemies tactics. Lord, we pray for the Lord’s healing comfort to surround him. We pray those deep areas of pain to be healed and that he will also love himself enough to see value in his life. God loves him and has a purpose and plan for his life.
  70. Kais – my coworker’s grandson a toddler, has been running a fever for quite a few days. Not been feeling good.  Lord, we pray for that fever or infection to break in the name of Jesus.  Lord, we pray for your health and healing to that little one. 
  71. Chris- was riding a bike and someone opened the door of the car, and he was hit, and bike rode into door, he ended up at emergency but thank the Lord nothing was broken in his arm area but its badly sprained and bruised and he has another area of pain as he flew off the bike.  . Lord, we pray for swift healing, to his body and for the pain to subside completely.  We thank you that it was not more serious. Continue to encourage and strengthen him.
  72. Judy- Having eye surgery for cataracts on July 5.  The doctors are also doing more testing as after more looking, and they said she might not have dry macular degeneration after all. The further tests will determine all this.  Lord, we pray for her cataract surgery to go well and we thank you that this may be an error in diagnosis and we believe that she will not have this diagnosis after all. We pray for tests to come back negative for this.  Lord, we know you are in control no matter what but we are praying for a miracle here for Judy.
  73. I am asking for your prayers, I know there are much more essential prayer needs but I would appreciate it for my request.
  74. I am going to reach out to realtor name I was given and see about starting the process of getting a condo, and I have been living in the same rental that George and I had for almost ten years now, and I do all the mowing and trimming and snow blowing too. What I spend here I could get a condo for cheaper monthly.
  75. I feel it is time for a change for me and also something that I can have as my own. I am just throwing money away at this point. I wish I would have done this sooner, but I was not mentally in a place to do it.  I feel I am ready now. I will not get myself in huge debt either at my age, so I do have a price limit.  I am on a month to month rental now, so I am okay with renting until I find something that is what I would be happy with if not then I stay put, and it’s not urgent that I have to get out. 
  76. I am asking you to pray for me. This is a bit scary without George and doing all this alone. But I know I am not alone. God s with me and will cover me and if he allows it he will if not he won’t. He will protect me too. Pray for the realtor I am contacting and for God’s timing and favor in this also.  For God to open the right one in the designated area, I want. This way I will have some stability that I need too.
  77. Karen’s daughter, Rebecca, is in Chile working in a missions school.  Her daughter contacted her mom today because she is sick and has not been able to teach the last four days.  Please pray that her body would be able to fight off whatever she has and she would be able to teach tomorrow.  Lord Jesus, we lift Rebecca right now Father and may healing touch her body right now. May she feel relief and better already and share with her mom. May you be glorified in this. We know you are the Master Physician and mighty healer. You are Able. 
  78. Peter- That this new phone issue can get resolved and the correct people can assist him. That he will not be discouraged while this is happening. Also, we pray for his former tenant to pay his last months rent that is owed to Peter.  That he will do the right thing.
  79. Tracey N’s– niece who was born today. She is a twin girl, and she has to have surgery on her heart tomorrow. She weighs 3.6lbs. Lord, we pray for this precious one. Lord, we know you are with her right now. We know you can touch her heart and heal all that needs to be healed. Lord, we know you use your earthly angel’s Doctors to bring forth healing too. Prepare them all for the surgery and may they be rested. Direct and guide their hands and may there be a successful surgery with no complications. We pray for her parents Lord and bring them your peace and comfort during this time too.
  80. From Leonetta- Prayer for her longtime friend Lois M. and Lois’s 96-year-old Mother. Lois is her Mom’s caregiver, and it is taking a toll on her. Her Mother has severe knee issues and pain. Lord we pray for this need Father God. We know its an honor to care for our parents, but Lord we also need to care for ourselves too. We pray for Lois and that others may step up to help her alongside her Mom and give her relief.  Also, Lord we pray for the physical needs of her Mom may (knee pain) reduce and may her mobility get stronger. 
  81. Prayer request from Pam G, Please pray for her family. Cousin Harry has blood clots and trouble breathing: Uncle Bill has Stage 4 cancer: Uncle Pat has heart trouble and trouble breathing. Lord, we ask you to cover all these needs. Lord, we pray for your divine healing and health to these precious people. Lord we know You can do a mighty work.  We pray for your healing touch.
  82. Please keep praying for JS who had aneurysm rupture and surgery yesterday. She will be in the ICU most likely 14 days.  Lord, we pray for all bleeding to subside, for her arteries to heal up and for no further issues. We thank you for the medical care she is receiving. Lord, we pray you will draw her and her husband and family close to you now Father God. Lord, we know that you can use all things. GOOD AND BAD to draw people to you. So, Lord, we pray for her to feel your presence like never before.
  83. Kendra- lost her 2-month infant son yesterday. Pray for her & her family. Lord surround them all with your strength and help.
  84. Update on Henry D: Henry is home. Not feeling well on the medications. Please pray for their encouragement & that his body accepts this 2nd knee replacement. That there will be no rejection. Lord, we pray for healing to his body and any infection to leave. Encourage him, Father God.
  85. Hello, all received word that not only did anonymous get offered one job but two jobs she applied for. GOD ANSWERED Prayer, and she can take the one she wanted.  Thank you all for praying, she will be starting in the coming weeks and can also pick better hours too. God is good.
  86. Anonymous- Applying for a new job. Lord, we pray for favor in the jobs and your perfect timing and will be done.  Lord, we ask for a favor.
  87. Just heard that surgery went well and all went smoothly and that she is going to be alright, she is going to improve and God indeed answered this prayer. Thank you all for your prayers for JS.   Keep praying for her full recovery and for this whole situation to bring God the Glory and draw those that need Him to Him. Thank you all again. But most of all Thank you, GOD.
  88. Monica-  May 7th she had a heart attack and was in ICU for two days and received two stents. She is out of the hospital but is still recovering and limiting her work and diet.  Lord we ask you to touch Monica’s body, she asked for prayer Lord so that we will stand in agreement for her total healing and recovery.  Lord ease any anxiety she may have or stress also.  We pray for divine healing and strength to her body
  89. Cheri-  has recently put a patch on and has quite smoking after decades of smoking. Please be in prayer for her. Lord, we pray for the withdrawals and just for a smooth transition for her. Lord, we pray that she will be able to be free of this addiction once and for all. That she will focus on the benefit of this significant decision, for breathing clear, lowered blood pressure and for her overall health and immune system to approve. Lord encourage her as she does this. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  90. JS- Was taken to the hospital this morning, she had an aneurism and is in severe condition.  A friend of mine worked with her husband and notified to get her on the prayer list immediately. Lord we pray for JS right now, you know everything that is going on Lord. We pray for your divine miracle hand here. Lead and guide the medical staff caring for her. Lord dissolve any blockage or clot that is causing issues, Lord we pray for no permanent damage from this, you created every artery, blood vessel and cell in her body. Lord, we pray for your divine help now. Comfort her and her family, Father God. May this whole situation draw them close to you.
  91. JR- Healing and restoration needed in many areas, both physical and financial help needed….also pray that he can get into one of the apartments he applied to, he is currently on disability due to stroke and needs God’s favor, help and peace, please touch his situation. He would like to work again in God’s timing.
  92. Jim H will have Varicose Vein Ligation Surgery today on one leg @12noon/ Tues. May, 15 then the other leg @12noon/ Thurs. May 17. Outpatient-4hr surgery. This is the 1st part of a 2 part process. Believing by improving the blood circulation in his legs it will reduce pain & numbness. Christ’s healing power is already flowing to touch and make whole.
  93. Peg G & Sharon P are experiencing viral infections causing severe coughing, headache, running nose, sore throats. Believing His blood for removal of all infections in the sinuses, lungs bronchial tubes, etc. rest & peace.
  94. Sharon is seeing a doctor tonight she is not able to talk, had this over a week.  Been to doctor already previously. Peg also missed work from this. Pray for healing for both of them. 
  95. Pam’s Dad Richard – Back in the hospital tonight due to lung and breathing issues and low oxygen.  Just was in due to toe amputated, and infection.  Lord, we pray for your healing touch to his body. 
  96. JR – Multiple prayer needs for him. Lord touch his life, heal and restore all areas.  Help him with financial needs Father God. Bring people in his path to help him, please open their hearts to be the light of Jesus, be with him, Father God. 
  97. Margaret W – Continued prayer for healing after brain surgery. We THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING, and for bringing her through all this.
  98. Brenda T’s daughter – Having procedure done today, Lord we pray for your hand in this and be with her Father God. Lead and guide medical staff Father God.  May all go smoothly.
  99. Pam’s Dad Richard- Will be discharged from hospital and going to short rehab. Lord, we thank you for this news. Continue to strengthen and heal his body, may all infection leave his body in Jesus name. Where toe was amputated Lord, please allow healing to the area.
  100. Continue to Pray for MW – Who is improving after brain surgery. Lord be with her Father. Help ease any pain or headaches she has Father God. Be with her and comfort her during this time.
  101. Pam G- healing of lung and breathing issues.  Lord, we pray for your healing touch. Open her lungs and bring healing.
  102. Julia G- We pray for ALL headaches to go away, and no more symptoms of that.
  103. Sharon – Healing from allergy issues and throat issues and acid reflux problems. Lord, we pray for your healing touch. IN JESUS NAME.
  104. Bud- They spotted some black spots on his lungs and are doing further testing.  Lord, we pray right now that whatever these spots are they are benign Father God.  We pray for the right tests or scans be done, and right medical staff. Lord we know you are the Master Physician and nothing is impossible for you Father. We that you can heal those spots too. Lord, we pray for an excellent report and trust you are in control. We place all this in your hands.
  105. Update Margaret W – still in ICU as of later today. After two tumors removed from the lungs. Lord, we pray for your help and healing to Margaret. Be with her right now, comfort her and may she feel your peace.  Lord bring healing to her body, IN JESUS NAME.
  106. Pam’s dad Richard had to get his toe amputated, and he also has MRSA so, please be in prayer for him. He has been through a great deal. We pray for your divine help now in JESUS name.
  107. MW ( Margaret W )- Brain surgery went well to remove the two tumors Will be in the hospital a week. Please be in prayer for her. I don’t have any other details. Lord, we thank you for your help with Margaret. Help her to recover Lord and may all these be benign.  We pray for her healing and recovery. Keep her healthy Father God.
  108. Pam’s Dad – taken back to the hospital. Blood pressure dropped low, and they are determining that its COPD respiratory issues, infection in another toe now, they will be either de-breeding the dead tissue or amputating. Please be in prayer, for the Lord’s help and also lead and guide doctors. He has had a lot of health issues the last 6months.  Pray for Pam and her sister too as its difficult to see their Father going through this.
  109. Cheri – CT came back, nodules are non-cancerous, but she has more that showed up, she sees the oncologist for the low-grade lymphoma issues, and also has mild emphysema. She is going to quit smoking she said today. Please be in prayer that she can quit and for her health and that she will be able to do this. We ask all this in Jesus name.
  110. MW- in the hospital and having surgery to remove two tumors on her brain tomorrow morning. Lord, we pray for the operation to be successful and that all the tumors will be removed with nothing left. Lord, we do not know what type of tumors these are, but Lord we pray for them to be benign. Lead and direct the doctors treating her. Lord, we pray for her complete recovery also. Be with her, give her your peace and strength and comfort now. We ask all this in Jesus name!