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Praying for others!

Prayer can be just what you need to make it through your present situation! Here are some encouraging prayers about prayer being the solution.



How To Pray For Others!



Please contact us if you would like to be added to this prayer list or if you have any questions or comments or would just like some encouragement?


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Just to let you know, God hears and answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and other times the answer is to wait! ~ Bill Greguska



 Prayer List #1

      1. Sandy, Please pray for Kathi – who has battled leukemia and is now home after receiving a bone marrow transplant. We praise God for the miraculous healing He has provided and His faithfulness throughout this journey.  Please pray for her continued healing, strength, and courage as she continues to deal with complications of chemo and radiation, extensive medications and debilitating sores throughout her mouth, throat and GI tract. Please pray for me that God would fill Kathi with renewal, encouragement, and the assurance of better days ahead.  She is feeling mentally and physically exhausted and at the end of her rope. Thanks. 
      2. For my mother’s diabetes, knee pain and general health. Thanks.

        Mom and me at Mc Carthy park

        The picture is of my mom and me at Mc Carthy park on one of our many walks! 

      3. For Dan, who has just gone through cancer treatment, and that his recovery goes well.
      4.  TJ ~, please add to your prayer list…my sister-in-law, Debbie, (my wife Patty’s sister) had brain surgery yesterday to remove a tumor, the Doc says he thinks it’s cancer so she’ll be starting treatment in a couple of weeks when brain/head is somewhat healed from surgery.  Pray for me; she’s only 58. Thanks. 
      5. Please pray for our daughter Katie. She has lupus disease and her platelet, and white blood cell counts are very low, and meds were not helping. Seeking prayers and God’s healing. Blessings Carol
      6. Praise for getting help to take care of my mom to free me up a bit more.
      7. I needed it as daughter Katie is in need of healing prayer. Her Lupus has attacked her platelets, and white blood cells and Docs have not been able to help. Seeking the wisdom of other Doc in San Diego and maybe St Louis. Thank you, Carol
      8. Praise for hearing the news that my daughter Sherry shared with me when I took her out to eat, the good news is that Sherry is pregnant for the second time now! Grandpa for the second time!
      9. Please pray for my brother Tom who recently had back surgery.
      10. Asking prayer that mom can sleep through the night better without having to wake me up between 1 and four times every night which makes it very hard for me especially on the days I work.
      11. Prayer for my daughter and grandson’s trust in God.
      12. Ken & Vicki ~ Kyle recovery from his recent foot operation and getting back to work. 
      13. Pray for me to have a safe trip to Illinois to visit a good friend Sue and her mother and husband, Ron.
      14. Prayer to stop the violence that we hear about daily on the news, and give the reporters better discretion on how they report the news.
      15. For the death of my 93-year-old mother Diana who I loved and who loved me, pray for our family and friends and pray for me also since mom lived with me for the past eight years.
      16. For my brother Tom, who just went through a big operation on his spine.
      17. Sandy ~ My sister Kathi was treated for very aggressive leukemia over the past year, and God has blessed us with the last year.  Last week, she had a biopsy that showed she now has lymphoma and will find out the full biopsy results this week – and likely start chemo on Wednesday.  She has four fractured vertebrae in her spine and sacrum, is dealing with intense pain and has suffered significant loss of vision due to her chemo and radiation treatment to date.  We are praying for yet another miracle, strength, and healing, the relief of pain and peace. 
      18. For good communication and forgiveness among family and friends.
      19. Carol ~ Please continue to pray for complete remission in our daughter, Katie. She has blood work done soon. Blessings 
      20.  Donna ~ Right now I am requesting special prayers for my husband (of 55 years) who is scheduled for heart surgery at month’s end.
        I firmly believe prayers are powerful, and always answered.
      21. Linda ~ Mother, who is elderly and think she can get into heaven because she is a pretty good person. 
      22. For peace in the inner city of Milwaukee.
      23.  Cathy ~ My son Kevin who has a head knowledge of God but is not walking with God and I am concerned about him.
      24.  For starting a new chapter in my life since my mom died, pray for me.
      25. Ron ~ Specific request: for our son Jeff, who is discouraged and under the pile of his workload. 
      26. Sandy ~ Because of Kathi’s weakened state, further chemo has been delayed which brings along its set of problems (as the cancer is going untreated at a critical time). Please continue to pray for Kathi – for strength and healing and that she would continuously experience the arms of God surrounding her and that she may rest in His perfect peace. 
        1. Sharon ~ My family and I need a lot of prayers right now, and I would ask that you consider praying for my daughter. I don’t wish to get into any details, but prayers for peace and having the Lord help guide her in some rough decision-making would be appreciated. 
        2. Prayer for my daughter’s second child and for communication to heal.
        3.  TS ~ I am in a case for at least seven weeks, so that the bone will regrow and close up and hopefully it will then attach to my elbow, somehow.
        4. Jon ~ I do have a specific request – health wise.  I will be going in for a colonoscopy this week.  I’ll need strength and motivation for it as well as positive results, pray for me. 
        5. Jan ~ My health has taken a mysterious turn downhill, and I am going to a hematologist tomorrow to see if he can determine what is happening.  My white blood cell count and platelet count are both very low, and my blood pressure is high.  I’ve had perfect blood pressure all my life.  Trying the third medication recently to avoid side effects.  So peace during stress, God’s guidance to the doctors and me about my health, patience through it all, and most of all growing closer to Him are all needed.  Thank you so much! 
        6. Lavonne ~ Thank you so much for your faithful prayers!  I know that the doctors and therapists cannot help Tom if God is not in it!
        7. Len ~ I would value prayer for wisdom, discernment, understanding, compassion, and care when I’m conversing with chatters who contact Groundwire.  Pray that I will always give Godly advice and support. That many will come to a realization and respond to who He truly is. 
        8. Dave ~ Sorry to hear you miss your mom, a mom is a significant person in our life. I know my mom has always been that to me. 
        9. Brooke, my daughter, is getting married in Atlanta this weekend, and I have been asked to officiate.  Pray for safe travels for my wife as she left to drive down this morning and for me that I can make it through the ceremony. ~ Dave
        10. Sandy ~ Please continue to keep Kathi in your thoughts and prayers. We have unshakable confidence in God’s faithfulness and know that He is holding Kathi in His loving arms, and carrying her through this journey. 
        11. Please pray for my sister-in-law that she can have strength and patience to help take care of my brother Tom who is getting out of Mayo Clinic soon.
        12. Praise that my stepson Chris and I have reunited recently and that he has a wife and son, and they all are doing well.
        13. Micheal ~ Prayer for finding a place to live after going through a divorce recently, pray for me. 
        14. For our new neighbor Adam and his roommate that they find peace and comfort in their new home.
        15. Len ~ I pray for my daughter-in-law Pauline can heal from the medical procedures that she went through in the hospital, also for her son Nathan that he too will recover fully. 
        16. Len ~ The main area I would ask you to pray about right now is Pauline’s involuntary twitching and jerking. It is so frequent and violent; that dear Pauline can’t hold baby Nathan in her arms. It’s also so tough for her to concentrate on Physio or Speech therapy, as this jumping about takes over. It is even impossible for her to get any real sleep at night, as this jerking about keeps her awake most of the time. Occasionally she might go for an hour with no twitching or jerk at all; then it’ll start-up again every few minutes. This is the primary cause for their downheartedness right now; so please home in on this when you get time to pray. Bless you. Thanks for everything, my friend. 
        17. For continued progress with my brother Tom’s recovery from his major surgery in January and strength for my sister-in-law LaVonne.
        18. For my dear friend Sue Sauer’s mother’s general health at age 93.

          Ron and Sue Sauer and mother visit 12-14-14

          Please pray for Ron and Sue Sauer and her mom and me in this picture that was taken at their house in Wheaton 12-14-14. 

        19. Peg ~ Young man was in a serious motorcycle accident tonight.  He is now on life support at a hospital here in Milwaukee.  Doctors believe there could be brain damage.  Kris recently started reading the Bible and said he wanted to turn his life around. He also is going to be a father. Right now he needs a real miracle and your prayers. Lord, we ask for your mercy to be upon Kris.  You are the one who gives us each breath we breathe and the way we live. We pray right now for divine healing upon Kris. No brain damage.  Complete miracle recovery and turn around for him. Him to be able to breathe on his own and for all areas that need healing to be healed. That he does not feel any pain at this time and Lord may he be comforted by your presence. May this situation draw those close to him close to you Jesus. That this brings Glory to you Father. We also pray for Kris’s family and girlfriend Melissa and her Mom Jan.  May the Lord’s strength and comfort be with them as well. 
        20. Kris ~ In Surgical ICU still in a coma and not breathing on his own yet…..broken ribs and shoulders.  They still don’t know about neck and spin.  He moved legs and hands.   People are reading the Bible to him and praying with him and sharing God’s love with him.  Lord, we know you are in the miracle business.  Lord, we know deep in Kris’s sub-conscious may he hear the Words of God’s love and comfort.  We place Kris in your hands.  Guide the doctors and nurses treating him. Make sure every test is covered. 
        21.  Melissa ~ Been, cramping and under lots of stress.  Please pray for the health and protection of the unborn baby and her. 
        22. Anonymous  ~ Going through a tough time right now.  Also battling some anxiety.  May God surround him with His love, perfect peace, and assurance.  May he lean on God now for his future and when no one else understands may he know God does.  Please pray for healing and strength. 
        23. Alicia is having headaches and dizziness.   Doing CT scan today….to check brain and see if there is any an aneurysm …… Lord, we pray right now for Alicia. Pray that it is nothing serious in her brain or body and for all symptoms to go away.  We pray for an excellent report, and for comfort and peace for her. 
        24. Evangel Outreach Sat Woodlands Neighborhood ~ Lord we pray for the Outreach on Saturday.  We pray you will prepare hearts already and for those in need of hope and freedom they will receive the gift of Christ into their life.  We pray for good weather, for all equipment to work well, for those being fed with food but also being fed the word of God and for unity and protection for all and a special anointing.  
        25. My brother Tom Greguska, who is recovering from an operation on his spine that had some server complications that needed him to be induced into a coma two times back in January. Pray also for his wife LaVonne who is taking good care of him.

          1.  My friend Ron West fell off a ladder and broke his hip; this is while he is still recovering from a long fight with cancer. Pray also for Ron’s wife Jean who has been taking care of Ron the past couple years with his cancer and now a broken hip.

            Ron West Elmbrook Church

            Pray for my former boss Ron West from Faith Indeed.

          2. Pray for my new dog Ceppi (2) since she is a puppy and needs to learn some things. Pray that the classes I am taking with her will be helpful for both of us, pray for me.
          3. Kris had a motorcycle accident last week.  They were concerned he may have had brain damage.  I Heard tonight. He is breathing more on his own.  Praise GOD. He is responding to people.  People are they’re praying with him and reading the Bible.  Lord, we pray for a complete recovery for Kris. We thank you for all you are doing for him. Bless, the doctors, and nurses, also caring for him. Continue to pray for his complete healing and restoration.  
          4. Alicia was on prayer list this morning CT shows no aneurysm. Praise the Lord.  She will be going back to see what is causing the headache, dizziness. We pray for all symptoms to subside and for healing. 
          5. Kris ( motorcycle accident) Praise Update this afternoon Niece contacted the family. She was visiting Kris. They took the breathing tube out today. He was whispering, and he knew who she was.  Praise the Lord.  I received another text 3 hours later that he was having a hard time coughing up a lot of secretions so they put the breathing tube back in and will try it again in the morning.  Let’s continue to pray for Kris and his complete recovery. God is working a divine miracle here. Pray he can breathe on his own and for clear airways.  We are thankful he knows his family.  And we give God all the glory. Keep praying.
          6. Pam had rounds of IV medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. She will be seeing her rheumatic doctor in the next week. Please continue to pray as she has a bit of a setback this weekend.  Her back was also hurting very badly. Doctors want her to have some physical therapy.  Doctors state the medicine can take months to see the full effect.  She is a Christian and believes in healing to her body. Lord, we thank you for the medication.  We thank you for the doctors and nurses and the gift of knowledge you have given them to care for our earthly bodies, but we know you are the Master Physician.  We pray for Pam’s healing and also the healing of her eyesight.  She is legally blind due to cornea transplant failing.  May the pain subside, and her joints stop hurting and for her vision to be healed in Jesus name.  
          7. My son Chris just moved and now lost his job, pray that he finds something that he likes that will not only pay the bills but make him feel fulfilled.  -Bill. 
          8. My cousin Erica left her job as a high school guidance counselor and needed a job. Pray that she gets something less stressful than dealing with high school kids and also the politics of the school board. 
          9. Missing Sisters Megan 25, Erin  22 and Kelsie 16 – The three girls left for their hiking camping trip out-of-state in Wyoming on June 28 and were to return on Tuesday. They have not responded or contacted anyone in their family.  They were supposed to reach their mom, and she never heard from them. Searchers on Wednesday afternoon found the SUV the three drove at a wilderness trailhead in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.  They are all relatively experienced hiking and camping. Lord, we pray right now for these girls.  We know you know where they are.  We pray for their protection and safety and that they will be found safe and no harm.  Lord, we need your help in this situation.  Lord comfort them all right now and give them your peace. We pray for the searchers looking for them. Lead them to them. Protect them also.  We pray for a divine miracle and also for comfort for the family, parents, extended family, and friends.
          10. TD~ Has reconstruction surgery the end of this month after a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and also hysterectomy at the same time.  We pray for healing to her body, and the surgery will go well.
          11. Praise report  TD ~ I heard from TD today.  She is doing well and recovering, still, have drain tube after having reconstructive surgery, but all the pathology tests came back NEGATIVE for cancer.  NO CANCER praise God.  She has been on the prayer list before and after the surgery.  She is so thankful for all the prayers.  God is so good, and he gets the glory. 
          12. Praise the Lord ~The girls were found today and reunited with their family.  God is so awesome. They were 7 miles from their vehicle and were lost.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing them home safe, alive and well.  We give you the Glory. The girls were found by search teams and were in a helicopter on their way back to civilization to reunite with the family. They are okay, and we have no other news beyond that for now. Thank you again to friends and family for support, and again we, please ask for respect and privacy from media. 
          13. Chris, Christopher, Bill Brewers game

            Pray for my son Chris and grandson Christopher. 

            I pray for my son Chris and his wife Ashlee’s marriage that their love for one another continues to grow and teamwork in raising up of Christopher. And, that they continue to grow closer to one another as time goes on.

          14. New Prayer Shirley Struggling with pneumonia and close to death. Very ill.  Pastors were there to see her.  Please pray for complete healing and recovery. For sickness to leave her body and a divine touch.  We pray for her lungs to clear and to breathe with ease.  Pray for me. We ask all this in Jesus name. 
          15. Shirley ~ Praise update received this update this afternoon. Shirley is much improved. Here oxygen level is back up to normal, and her heartbeat is strong. She is sitting up and still have tubes down her throat but was smiling and responding. God bless her. All glory to God.  Pastor Bruce Headley was there yesterday with the family, and many have been praying for her all over.  We have seen in two days the evidence that prayer does change things.  The girls found in WY and now Shirley so improved.  Let’s continue to pray for Shirley’s complete healing and recovery. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer. 
          16. Shirley ~ Struggling with pneumonia and close to death. Very ill.  Pastors were there to see her.  Please pray for complete healing and recovery. For sickness to leave her body and a divine touch.  We pray for lungs to clear and breathing to be eased.  We ask all this in Jesus name. 
          17. Anna and her sons Paul and Lamar –  Lord we pray for Anna.  She has had a lot going on with her son Lamar. We pray for her broken heart and for Lamar to find the Lord and change the destructive path he is on. That she will allow God to do what needs to be done in this situation and not continually take on the burden to try to fix him. We know it is hard to do being his mother she wants him okay. She has also battled some health issues.  Also, we pray for her son Paul and his wife who has been a great support to Anna. Have been faithful to her and helped her tremendously.  We pray for their family too and that they will not get pulled in too many directions.  
          18. KE, His Mom and KE Jr  Lord we pray for KE. Has a great deal of stress at this time.  Is also going to court in a few weeks to seek to gain full custody of all of his children as their biological mother his ex-wife is in jail and will be for many years. Has the kids now and has been faithful in paying child support but now wants them permanently.  The Lord has been stirring his heart recently, and he said today he is going to go back to church and take his kids. He also said he also wants to change many things in his life. Praise God.  Christians were able to pray with him today.  He knows the Lord but backslid, but I believe God is calling him back to living his life for the Lord. Also pray for his son KE Jr., who had to get stitches recently and injured himself. We pray for swift healing to the injury and full recovery.  Pray for his mom P, who has to have surgery for an aneurysm in a few weeks. Her sister passed away from one, and it runs in their family. We pray for the operation to go well and for a complete recovery.  KE also has to get tested for this too.  Lord, we pray a divine healing touch in this whole family. Lord, we thank you and praise you for what you are doing already.  You are working behind the scenes.
          19. Marion  In need of a job.  Having interviews.  Lord, we pray for favor for her to get the perfect job.  We thank you for your perfect will in her life. 

            Ben-Hersh-5-7-11 Home page

            Pray, for me to continue to take good care of Ben Hersh. ~ Bill Greguska

          20. GW- 22 years old.  Never was able to finish school because his father kicked him out before he could graduate.  Going for his GED. Has not slept on a bed in 4 years.  Only slept on people’s floors where he could stay.  Is now with a Christian family whose niece is friends with him, so they took him in Praise the Lord. Is looking for a job within walking distance from their home. Lord, we pray for GW.  We pray for all his needs to be met.  That he can get his GED too and that he will trust in the Lord for his entire future.
          21. Update Kris-  they moved him to the 2nd floor out of ICU. Is going to get a new trachea put in with a dial so he can talk. Can mouths words, and he’s getting speech therapy and working on him being able to swallow; he will eventually go home with a helmet, and they will have to do re-operation and put in the bone where there is none. Has tried to get out of bed, so they had to put restraints on him; He’s asked for a chocolate shake. Lord, we pray for a complete recovery for Kris. Pray for normal brain function and his entire body. Thank you for saving his life. Melissa Was approved for rehab, and all the paperwork is done will be going in a few weeks.  And we pray for complete healing and recovery to her life.
          22. GM- Pray that honest and the excellent tenant moves above her in the duplex. We pray it could be a Christian too. That landlord will use wisdom and discernment in selecting.
          23. The family of Mark H. – I just found out that Mark whom many of you prayed many years passed away from complications of myotonic dystrophy.  It is a genetic form of muscular dystrophy. He battled it many years.  Thank you, Lord, he knew Jesus and is now in the presence of the Lord. George and I became very close to him and our friend and the love of his life Pam.  He is free of disease to his body now.  He is no longer suffering. Lord, we pray for his family especially his mother Laurel and his sisters and brother and many nieces and nephews and his many friends. Also pray for the love of his life Pam, who is heartbroken too.   Pray for all their broken hearts and that you will provide them with your comfort and peace. We are thankful Lord you are our comforter and understand.  Laurel also lost her husband/ Mark’s father to the same disease and Marks sister Holly inherited the gene and had it too. Please pray for me, and pray for her also and divine healing to her body. We thank you for the gift of Mark to all our lives.  He was a real blessing.
          24. Jacqueline ~ I’m tired, and I’m in dire need of encouragement. Pray for me. I’m in college, and I work part-time. I’m taking summer classes. Got a test every Friday and homework due every night that takes at LEAST 2 and a half hours. Had left the church I was attending at the end of last year due to some doctrinal disagreements. Was surprised to find that when I left the church, basically everyone stopped talking to me. One guy who I thought I was friends with stopped talking to me when he found out I didn’t have any money on my food card to buy his food. Feeling betrayed, lied to, and so upset. Now I’m at a new church trying to start over, but after the last experience at church and previous experiences with fake Christians, I don’t even want to get close to anyone. I have no one to talk to and help me feel better. My mom and brother came to town yesterday. Today my brother was playing music I didn’t want to hear and constantly critiquing my driving. These things seem minor, but I’m already beyond stressed and tired. Wish to hear about what I was doing wrong. Was trying to tell him to be quiet because I was stressed, but he started fussing. I started crying, and then he got mad. It sucks when you have no one to talk to help you feel better, and the people you are supposed to be comfortable talking/breaking down by getting mad at you for being stressed. Thought I did well on my test last week and the week before, but I did not. Really can’t stand to hear about one more thing I’m doing wrong. I’m at wit’s end. I do not have any idea what to do anymore. Too stressed to study, and I have two tests and homework due tomorrow. I’m mad at God and everyone. Being at my weakest, and the people who are supposed to help (yes including the one people claim never to leave or forsakes you) are not helping.
          25. Mark M overall health and to lead BASIC towards you. 
          26. Brenna ~ I keep letting everyone down despite how hard I try not to and I’m just so tired of it. I’ve gotten depressed, and it feels like there’s nowhere to go.
          27. I also pray for my daughter Sherry and the birth of her second child, and that the peace of God and the love of God as their cornerstone in their family.
          28. Jan ~ Please pray that I Do not lose my job. Pray for me. I have made mistakes and could get fired. Pray I focus on my job and stop making mistakes-good driving etc., and my daughter MELISSA’s addictions are broken, and she surrendered her life to Jesus and had a new life in Christ, and a healthy baby and relationships thank you so much!!!
          29. Leo Sourisseau ~ Pray for me and prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus – I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen. Dear fellow Christians, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people – which hopefully, by then, will include all of us! Pray for me. Thank You! God bless you! 🙂 Love, Leo Sourisseau Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
          30. Veronika ~ Please pray for Veronika the whole May. Please pray for that the surgeon will thoroughly remove all cancer in her body, and we ask God for a safe surgery on the 7th of May 2015 with a good end. God to let her live and heal her from cancer. Thank you so much.
          31. Please pray for Barbara. She suffers for years with bipolar.
          32. Mitzi ~In need of a different job. Please pray for God’s perfect will for her and where he wants her to go. She is filling out an application for the Unleashed program at Local Church. Unleashed is a deep, intensive study designed to rethink our perspective on work and the role of our vocations. Also, a place to share and develop the leadership skills we are to sharpen actively as believers to better represent Christianity in our daily lives both in the workplace and everywhere.   She is also am trying and praying to get into the School to work program at her current employer. We pray for favor, and God’s perfect will be done.
          33. Kristina ~ lost her job as a Sr Administrative Assistant due to layoffs.  She is still looking for a job. Please pray for her to find a new job and not be discouraged from looking.  This has been quite a year of transitions and pain for her as she lost her young adult daughter earlier this year.  Lord, we pray right now for your favor and perfect will in finding the ideal job and for her finances.

            Praying to God!

            Stay close to God through prayer each day!

          34. Chris S ~ Broke tailbone.  Lord, we pray for the pain to subside and for healing and recovery. No permanent issues and divine healing touch to her body. 
          35. Lillian ~ Having surgery the end of the month for knee surgery.  Lord, we pray right now for her.  We pray for her health to stay strong and provide her with peace and comfort. Prepare the doctors and nurses doing the surgery, and we pray for success and for her to have a complete recovery. 
          36. My sisters Pat and Gerri to have a relationship with the Lord, pray for me to be a good brother to them both.
          37. Chris D ~In hospital due to complications from alcoholism. He is very ill and will not stop drinking.  May go for a few weeks, and then he starts again.  Has had been in Teen Challenge a year and was sober.  Also had six years of sobriety.  Lord, we pray right now for Chris. Pray for all those deep wounds to be healed and the pain and depression he has had for many years.  Pray for his broken heart to open to change, and the Lord he does know deep inside will penetrate it. We pray against the enemy who is trying to destroy his life.  And we pray for freedom and deliverance from the bondage of alcohol.  We place all this in your hands.
          38. PD, MB both in need of new jobs. We pray for God’s favor and help in finding a new job.
          39. Mickey- Starting kidney dialysis tomorrow.  His kidneys have progressively worsened. Now they are not working.   He will be off work until August 10th. He is a Christian.  Lord, we pray right now for Mickey We pray for your peace, comfort, and help.  We pray for any anxiety to be lifted in Jesus name.  We pray for a divine work in his body. For his kidneys to heal and that he won’t have to stay on dialysis.  Lord, we pray for the doctors and nurses treating him and for wisdom and direction. At this time, he has no one in his family willing to donate a kidney. Lord, we pray for your divine hand in his life, and we give you the Glory. Posted on Prayer List 1
          40. Tasha- gave her life to Jesus a few weeks ago.  She is battling lupus badly and problems and pain in especially her feet.  Some wounds won’t heal so she has to bandage them and can only wear flip-flops.  She is planning to attend church Sunday. Lord, we pray for divine healing to her feet. For all wounds to heal and lupus to leave her body.  We thank you for saving her life spiritually, and now we pray for her physical healing.  
          41. (2) Anonymous – In need of help to work with difficult co-workers.  Pray for God’s assistance and protection and strength upon them and healing in the situations. Both are Christians. We pray for the hearts of the co-workers also and anything that needs to change in both parties it will humbly be addressed and for a swift shift in the situation. 
          42. Brenda Tisdale’s niece ~ Her niece just had a baby, and her  Niece’s blood pressure is critically high.  They cannot get it down.  She is asking for all to pray for her niece right now.  Lord, we pray right now.  We pray for her blood pressure to drop in normal range.  We pray for the doctors and nurses treating her right now. Lead and direct them to her care.  Lord, we ask for your divine help here and healing to her body.  We are thankful for the life of her baby and protect Mom and baby.  We ask all this in Jesus name.
          43. Praise Report Brenda’s niece is out of the woods. Her blood pressure has dropped, and Brenda told me today she is doing better as Brenda heard from her.  Thank you, Lord, and Thank you all for your faithful prayers. Continue to pray for Mom and baby. Original Prayer-072515 Brenda Tisdale’s niece  Her niece just had a baby, and her  Niece’s blood pressure is critically high.  They cannot get it down.  She is asking for all to pray for her niece right now.  Lord, we pray right now.  We pray for her blood pressure to drop in normal range.  We pray for the doctors and nurses treating her right now. Lead and direct them to her care.  Lord, we ask for your divine help here and healing to her body.  We are thankful for the life of her baby and protect Mom and baby. We ask all this in Jesus name. 
          44. Lillian – having knee surgery tomorrow at 12:30.   She is an elderly widow who lost her husband a year ago. She is a strong Christian.  Lord, we pray right now for a successful surgery for Lillian. We pray she will sleep well tonight.  We pray for everything to go well and for her peace and comfort.  She will be in the hospital for four days and then be going to rehab after.  We pray for her strength and for her to have full function of her knees to come and full recovery.
          45. Ben Hersh – To continue to be productive at work, at the same time enjoying every day with his sense of humor and a big heart. Also, pray that his sister’s wedding coming up in less than a month goes well, and everyone has fun. Also prayer for general good health and that he could start eating food the traditional way sometime soon. 
          46. Lee – He is in the hospital getting multiple tests for some possible stroke-like symptoms. Lord we for the doctors and nurses treating him and for guidance in these symptoms. We pray for healing and total health to Lee and no permanent issues.  
          47. Cousin Mike’s business of Milwaukee Lifts and Ramp to be productive.

            Trust in God!

            It is always best to try to keep calm and also to trust in God!

          48. Original Prayer Update Kris –  they moved him to the 2nd floor out of ICU. He is going to get a new trachea put in with a dial so he can talk. He mouths words, he’s getting speech therapy and working on him being able to swallow, and will eventually go home with a helmet, and they will have to do re-operation and put in the bone where there is none. Kris has tried to get out of bed, so they had to put restraints on him; He’s asked for a chocolate shake. Lord, we pray for a full recovery for Kris. Pray for normal brain function and his entire body. We thank you for saving his life. Praise Update, many of you, had been praying for Kris.  As you all know he has a severe motorcycle accident early this month and they were not sure he would live. Just heard today he is swallowing, talking and eating. This is a total miracle. Now he is going home for a week and a half or so and will also have extensive therapy.  He is having some anxiety, so please pray for that to disappear.  And he said he was ready to change his life for good. He is reading his Bible in the hospital.  He wants to live a life pleasing to God.  Thank you, Lord. Keep praying for him. 
          49. Carrie- will be starting a new round of chemo that is related to a genetic type of cancer she was told she has.  She just found out after testing that she carries a specific trait.  This kind of chemo is supposed to help her specifically for this however it has been told to be quite severe to her body.  Lord, we pray for a divine healing touch for Carrie.  We pray you will heal her body of all cancer. We pray for strength and peace for her at this time and for her health to remain strong.  Lead and guide the doctors treating her but most of all we know you are the Master Physician and are in control.  We thank you, and we praise you, and we ask all this in Jesus name. 
          50. Lindsey- In need of a job and new place with her three children as she has fallen on tough times recently.  Lord, we pray right now you will supply all her needs. That you will protect her and her children.  That you will intervene on their behalf.  We thank you that you have drawn her to you Father, and she is attending church also, and she is seeking you in her life.  With you taking the lead, she cannot fail. We ask for a divine miracle for her and her family. 
          51. Chris, Christopher, Ashley ~ For Chris and his new job situation and wisdom and patience for Christopher and getting him prepared for school to start in fall, that he can both pay attention and enjoy school to the best of his ability. I also pray that I can be a good influence on Christopher, please pray for me that I can be a good grandfather.
          52. Anonymous Female   Need many prayers. She needs healing for over loss of son and husband five years ago, but both died at the same time in a car accident, but she is still hurting so much and need healing for her broken heart.  It is impacting her entire life. Battling a lot of depression and its impacting her extended family a great deal.  Especially her young adult daughter that is hurting to see her mom this way. She cannot attend the church they all did because she sees the funeral of her son and husband there.   Lord, we pray right now for your healing to her mind. Help her with the grief and pain.  It is so real but helps her to see hope in her life and future.  That God does love her, and she has a child alive who needs her desperately too. Lord, we pray for a divine touch to her in a powerful way.  Pray for me in Jesus name. 
          53. Lillian update – Doing great after knee surgery.  She was moved to the rehab and getting PT 3 times a day….. doing so well doctors are amazed at how well she is progressing. All Glory to Jesus and the prayers sent.  Keep praying for her full recovery.  Lillian is an elderly widow who lost her husband a year ago after a long illness.  She loves the Lord and still serves him in prison ministry and has done so for many years. She is an inspiration to many how she walks out her faith daily.  May the Lord continue to strengthen her in a mighty way. 
          54. Cheri- See’s oncologist on August 12th regarding a new lump in her neck. She battles low-grade lymphoma NHL and severe arthritis pain, so they are monitoring it.  Lord, we pray for healing for Cheri in all areas needed in her life.  Lord, we place her in your care ask for your help with all the needs. Pray for me in Jesus name.  
          55. Neighbors Adam and Nate that their needs are met in the new house they are living in, and that I can be available to help them when they need help. Pray for me that I will be a good neighbor to them both. 
          56. Terry- Who is a diabetic who has suffered mini-strokes in the past as well as other health issues. Ultrasound & MRI has shown that his carotid arteries are again very narrow as is an artery that goes into his brain. His doctor knows all this but can’t see him until October. In the meantime, he has been getting dizzy spells & feels as tho he may have a stroke.  Lord, we ask for a favor in moving up his appointment and healing his body. He lives in New York & is flying back here to Milwaukee in September to visit, and his family is concerned about him flying under these circumstances. Lord, we pray for a miracle in this situation. 
          57. Angelica- popped her knee last night and she was also performing in a play at the church at the time.  Has issues with a genetic knee issue   Lord we pray for it to go back into the socket. Pray for me to help her and for any pain and swelling to subside and for healing to her knee completely.
          58. Peg- Having right knee and heel pain. After meniscus tear surgery, it never has been entirely the same and becomes swollen, stiff and tight and hurting more recently. Been elevating with ice and heat intervals.  Very hard to walk due to plantar fascitis pain-causing inflammation in the tissue that connects my heel bone to the toes.  Lord, I am asking for complete healing of arthritis to my knees and healing of the right heel pain.  Pray for the pain to subside and more mobility.  I do not want to have more surgeries which the doctor believes may be the case.  I am trusting in the Master Physician and asking for your divine healing and help. Pray for me.
          59. Pam- Continue to pray for healing for her body. Suffering from rheumatoid and psoriasis arthritis. Having humeral IV injections.  Lord, we pray for divine healing to her body.  We pray for the physical pain to leave, also pray for her emotions as she lost a very dear person in her life Marc who passed away from monotonic dystrophy and she is grieving the loss.  On top of all this, we pray for complete healing.
          60. Sierra- In need of prayers.  Battling eye issues for quite a few months and a lot of eye irritation.  Seeing multiple doctors find out the cause and they are still irritated.  Lord, we pray right now for Sierra’s eyes.  We pray for your divine help and healing in this situation.  We know you can heal her eyes instantly. Lord we also know you use physicians as your gifted helpers here on earth, so Lord brings the right help her way.   We pray for any pain and irritation to subside and for comfort and peace upon Sierra. In Jesus name, we pray.

          61. KE-  Needs prayer his  Mom had surgery for an aneurysm this am waiting for an update.  He is feeling very overwhelmed as a single parent and a lot of other issues and asked for prayer. He and his family invited to a church service, so let’s pray he is lead to go and gets extra prayer and support.
          62. Bethany- Having C-Section tomorrow at 7:30 am. Please pray for it all to go well and for baby Miles to be born healthy and Mom will have no complications.  Lord guide the surgery team and may all go smoothly.
          63. Peg- Going to orthopedic doctor tomorrow for heel pain issue that has gotten worse in the last few weeks making walking more difficult. Also discussing knee replacement surgery timetable.  Lord, I know you can do a divine work in my body and heal it instantly if you choose, but I also know you gave us doctors for a reason and purpose so use whatever you have to help me. I am putting this all in your hands, and I trust you completely.  Please pray for the pain to subside.
          64. We need to continue to pray for our nation and world. – Just on the news this week. Cyber attacks again. Mass shootings Legionnaires, Severe Weather, Wildfires.  Earthquakes, Typhoon near Taiwan today, an increase in evil and wickedness, wars and rumors of wars. The list goes on and on.
          65. Pray for peace in families and let the peace start with each one of us. Bind Satan and all the evil he has been trying to deceive the world. 
          66. Kayla-she is getting four wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow; they have deep roots, and the orthodontist said they should have been removed years ago. Lord, we pray for Kayla, and we pray for all to go smoothly and with no complications in getting the teeth out.  Pray for me and complete healing and recovery. 
          67. GP- Needs physical healing to her body in a powerful way. Multiple medical issues they are testing for.  Please pray for divine healing for her. Has many responsibilities with children and her job and a single mom. Lord, we pray for your divine help in her life.  Free her from physical pain and heal her body. 
          68. KC- Needs a job.  Lord, we pray right now for a door to open for her.  We trust you will provide the best job for KC, and you are already working out the details. 
          69. Eric R-  passed away suddenly of what seems to be a blood clot that went from his lungs to his heart.  He was new to our church along with his fiance Sherrelia. Eric was 51 years old.  He gave his life to Christ at our Easter outreach just this spring after he and Sherrelia began attending last summer as a result of the Woodlands outreach. Lord, we pray for this family. We pray that the Lord will bring comfort and peace that only He can provide and surround them with love and prayers during this challenging and painful time.  We thank you, Lord, that he was saved, and the family can have that assurance that he is in heaven spending eternity with Jesus. 
          70. Cheri- They are doing CT Scan for the lumps in neck and check.  Has been in remission of low-grade lymphoma but the oncologist doctor is concerned about the lumps, and they took blood this morning also she will get results on the 26th. Lord, we pray right now for a divine healing touch to Cheri for complete healing to her body and all areas needed.   We pray against physical pain also to her body too. We thank you for all the doctors you have provided her. They are a gift from God. 

          71. Sue Sauer women’s conference fills her with Joy. 
          72. General prayers for Mark P. from our Bible study. 
          73. Rebecca- Christian High School student, commuting during the week to attend a private Christian high school lived with a family during the week of the school year in Watertown and would come back to Men Falls. On weekends. The family that had her last year will not be able to keep her this year.  School starts in two weeks, and her mom has no alternative options at this time.  The school has been excellent for Rebecca – good friends, family atmosphere, caring staff.  It has been a magnificent place for Rebecca and brought healing and help as she has had to deal with her father’s death.  Rebecca’s Mother Karen is asking for prayer and that God would either Provide Rebecca with a new family to live with or pray for me and help Rebecca to get her license and confidence driving and for me to get another car so she can commute or If Maranatha isn’t the school Rebecca should finish her high school at, then guidance as to what school Rebecca should attend. Lord, we know you have a perfect plan here for Rebecca, and your Will is done in this situation. You are already working out the details on her behalf and behind the scenes.   We pray for peace and protection upon this family and trust you will provide all her needs and do the best for her now.  In Jesus name, we pray.
          74. S and Mom-  Mother in the hospital due to complications from congestive heart and another issue.  Also, pray for S and her family and that the Lord will lead and guide them in her care.  Also for God’s peace to comfort the entire family during this stressful time.   We ask for a divine healing work in this situation we pray in Jesus name. 
          75. Eric Reed Funeral – Funeral today for Eric Reed 51 years old. Lord, we pray for his fiance Sherilla & his entire family. We are thankful he knew you Father and gave his life to you. And ask now that you provide comfort, strength, and peace to his loved ones and also that those that don’t know you will see their need for you, Lord Jesus.  Also, we are aware through death you can bring the message of life. The message of eternal life. 
          76. Update Lillian -came home Saturday from recovering from her knee replacement. Her daughter said she was doing well. Please pray for Lillian’s full recovery as she is still healing at home.  Thank you all for your prayers.
          77. Denise S, who is the daughter of one of our classmates-Monika Hoskins, -had major surgery this morning. Please pray for her, for her husband Steve, and for Monika as she watches her daughter recover.
          78. Anthony- Going through some struggles. Needs a divine touch in his life.  The family is asking for prayers. May God do a miracle in his life. 
          79. Paul Jr and His Mother, Paul Jr, knew the Lord growing up but has chosen a path of destruction and walked away from God and also now in a relationship with a woman into witchcraft and occult.  Mother also needs prayers as she is hurting and heartbroken for her son.  We pray for him to come back to the Lord and pray that God will open his heart back up to him and remove obstacles and that he will return to living his life for Jesus.  We pray his mother will continue to stand in the gap for her son and keep the faith and prayer for her son and not lose hope. God is working behind the scenes. He is able. 
          80. The family of Aisha C.  – Her brother was killed in a drive-by shooting. Please keep Aisha and her family in prayer during this time of loss.  Funeral will be held Saturday. May the Lord of all comfort surround them all with His strength, perfect peace and love. 
          81. Mary- Taken to emergency today. Was admitted now for testing. No further details, just not feeling well and severe stomach pain and her blood pressure was a bit low.  Pray for the Lord’s healing touch to her body. The Lord knows the situation, and he is in control.  We thank you for doctors but know the Master Physician Jesus is in control.  For her health and healing to her body in Jesus name. 
          82. Andy-  Moving to Florida next week.  Pray for a smooth and safe transition going down there.  Still, needs help moving items to POD the next few days. Contacted Teen Challenge to see if some of the men could help with a donation to the ministry.  Lord, we thank you for those that served and helped already.  Barb, Steve and Bill and Peter who will Monday. Thank you for their servant’s hearts. We pray that God will bring the help he needs for remaining items and packing. 
          83. Cheri- Continued prayer for lumps nodules in her neck. Oncologist testing and doing scans to ensure that low-grade lymphoma that is in remission has not come back. Pray for all to be benign. Lord, we pray for divine healing in all areas needed in Cheri. 

          84. SR- Please pray for divine physical healing and for all tests to come back clear.  Pray for the Lord’s perfect peace upon her.
          85. Cheri- Has oncology results will be in on Thurs. Has been in remission for low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma  She lumps in her neck that they are concerned about.  Direct and guide the doctors reading the reports.  Lord, we pray for Cheri and the Lords divine touch to her body, mind, and spirit.  We pray for the Lord’s healing upon her in every area of her life needed, and he will reveal his love for her.  We place this in your hands. 
          86.  Tom- Pray for healing from the side effects of his spinal surgery from back in January. Pray that the doctors give him the right medication to help him without the harmful side effects and that he can be up on his feet real soon again but even better. Pray for La Vonne strength to keep on helping Tom with all his needs and for her health and vitality.
          87. SR- was on the prayer chain for upcoming tests.  All came back clear.  We thank you, Lord, for meeting the needs of her situation.  We give you the glory. 
          88. Peg- Heel pain has improved as of yesterday afternoon.  That was the first time in 2 months I didn’t have stabbing pain in the heel. God is working behind the scenes and answering prayer.  Giving God the glory.
          89. AR- Going to doctor this morning. Can hardly move her hand and very stiff.  May have carpal tunnel issues.  Her job is at a bank, so she needs to be able to use her hands for handling money.  Lord, we pray right now for pain and stiffness to subside.  We pray for healing to her hand.  We give you all the glory and honor.
          90. Becky-,(diagnosed with liver cancer). A tumor has now been found in the colon. Biopsy results in a few days. A PET Scan to be taken tomorrow. Lord, we pray right now for Becky. Please do spiritual work in her body.  And we pray for the doctors and nurses treating her at this time. We pray for your strength and peace for her and her family.  Pray for her Dad Al, who is a strong Christian and servant of the Lord too and her family.
          91. Lail- Please pray for her physical healing to her body for arthritis in her legs and heel pain issues.  Lord, we pray for her to gain mobility and for the pain to decrease and we are thanking you in advance for your complete healing to her body.  We are grateful to you for the wisdom you have given her already regarding exercise and the doctors and care you have provided. Also, pray as she is involved in outreach ministry and needs to stand on it for long periods and pray for the outreach she is attending Saturday in Madison that many will come to know the Lord through it.  We ask all this in Jesus name.
          92. Cheri – goes at 9;30 Florida time for tests results regarding lymphoma. Lord, we pray against cancer to her body, and we trust you are in control.  In Jesus name, we pray.
          93. Linda B, who just lost her mother and we’re going through grief and health problems.
          94. Terry- was on the prayer chain for carotid artery issues and he has a lot of health problems.  He was not scheduled for his appt month out of him visiting his family Sept 11th as he lives out of State. His family was very concerned he was not physically active enough to travel, but he still insisted on coming.  Many prayed he would get in for an appt before that trip. GOD ANSWERED PRAYER.  Just found out tonight sees the doctor August 31st.  We pray for God to do a mighty work in Terry and for complete health and healing. We thank you that you answered prayer. Posted on Prayer List 1
          95. Cheri( my sister) has battled low-grade lymphoma that is the type of lymphoma where the cells are dividing more slowly, so the lymphoma is a slow-growing type. They continually monitor it. She has been in remission.  She had a new lump form recently in her neck, and her oncologist doctors were concerned, and they did lab work and scans.  That she got the results today. And she is still in remission PRAISE GOD and does not need Chemo. Cheri will be seen again in November by an oncologist.  Lord, we pray for a complete divine, healing upon Cheri. We thank you for your mercy and love upon her life and touching her body. We pray you will compellingly affect her than ever before. Also, pray for the healing of her degenerative arthritis too. 
          96. Pastor Bruce and Marcia Headley- flying out tomorrow morning 9:30 am Pacific time.  And will be in and out of airports all days.  On a previous flight, God had spared their lives on the flight in Dallas where the steering had gone out on the plane while they were starting to taxi on the runway.  She is going to share the testimony when they get back to how God truly protected them more than once. Please pray for travel protection for them both. For the Lord’s peace upon them both.  Also, pray for the plane mechanics, pilots, and attendants, whether to be good and that they get the rest they need tonight as well as tomorrow with traveling all day.  In Jesus name, we pray.
          97. Trish- late 70’s -Was in hospital last week due to complications from diverticular hemorrhage, and she also battles mile  COPD.  She is home now but weak due to blood loss, so they have her on iron for two weeks but off her blood thinners.  Lord, we pray for divine healing to Trish. That she can remain in her senior apartment that she loves and for her blood counts to return to normal. For breathing to be eased and for total health to her body.
          98. Young woman and mother- received info from my friend who has internet radio prayer program that young mother of 4-month-old lost her husband a few days ago to cancer.  I don’t know her name, but God does, pray for me. Lord, we pray right now for her. We pray you will touch her like you never did before. That she will know she is not alone on this challenging journey of her life. You will be her help, provider, and comforter. May others step alongside her to help her and comfort her.

            Pray for me and also my daughter Sherry!

            My daughter Sherry giving me a haircut when she was in Beauty School.

          99. Stephanie- Lord we pray for her right now. Lord, we pray for your help with the car repair unexpectedly for her son’s car last and that you will help her with this, and that mechanic will do it all correctly. It cost more than expected, so we pray for her finances to be met too. We pray for the Lord’s divine healing to her family.  She is a widow with three children ( 2 adult and one senior in high school). Lord provide all their needs. 
          100. MR- Currently going through a lot of personal challenges and also is pregnant and supposed to deliver in Oct, however, had indications of contractions tonight. Lord, we pray for the health of Mother and baby and for God to protect them both. Also for healing to MR and that she will see her need for Jesus in her life. She was raised in a Christian home but has chosen to turn her back on God; however, we know nothing is impossible with God, and we pray for her to return to Him. 
          101. PD- Applied for a very promising job. Also, it has health benefits and full-time and room for advancement.  Lord, we pray right now for a favor in this job application. That if it is your will for PD to get this job, you will open doors if this with whoever is reading the resume and an interview will take place.  Lord, we prayed that PD would not be discouraged from waiting but encouraged that God is working behind the scenes on their behalf and in total control.
          102. Mellisa and baby Dillan – still at the hospital.  The baby was born a month early a little over 4 lbs. And being monitored carefully. Mom also has a lot of swelling legs, ankles, and feet. Lord, we pray for both baby and mom. For complete health to both of them and that baby will be able to breathe well on his own. For all organs to function correctly and for total health.  Lord, we pray for healing also for Melissa in many areas needed and for her to draw close to Christ. 
          103. The family of Chris and Glen S.  – Lost teenage granddaughter Summer very suddenly and tragically. We pray for the Lord’s comfort, strength and help at this time for this family. Also for her Mom Heidi.  Lord, we pray for your loving touch to surround them now. 
          104. Brother in Christ – Shared praise report that his male friend who is also a Christian (he has known 15 plus years) at least was at his church unexpectedly last night, and they ran into each other. He was there for one of his relatives to support them due to a recent divorce. Also, he does not regularly attend that church.  Also, he ran into his friend ( The Brother in Christ), and they spoke at length.  The friend shared that God supernaturally divine healing freed him from this temptation of homosexuality that he had struggled with as a teenager.  This man was praising God continually and said: “I’m Free” its ” Totally Gone” and sharing his story with others.   The Brother Christ also knew about his friends struggle for many years and prayed for God to heal him. He and wanted to share this Praise report for his friend.  Also asked we continue to pray for him. We know God will be able to use him mightily too.  PRAISE THE LORD.