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There Are Times We All Need Some Encouragement!

Many times when you and I need some encouragement, it is because things have gotten a little bit overwhelming. One thing to consider is to practice your faith during these times. Often too many issues are happening at the same time, and often there is a time deadline to meet to have an answer to your situation.

In general, you must figure out how to calm yourself in order to be able to think clearly. Prayer is a wonderful way of finding comfort by talking with God about whatever you are going through. An ironic thing is that the thing I needed encouragement in the past either works itself out on its own. There have been times I have worried myself sick years ago not letting things go when I knew quite right that I need to do so. Life lessons can be very valuable at times like that, realizing that worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair, we might feel we are getting somewhere, but in reality, we are not.


When We Need Some Encouragement God is Our Hope!


How To Eat an Elephant?


Do not quit ~ but rather ask God for help and get wise counsel!

Try thinking of it this way, whenever I come across either a small challenge or a real big problem in any part of my life, no matter what it is?  I try to think of the problem as if it I was going to be eating an elephant.

Then instead of thinking how I am going to eat the whole elephant (tackle the whole problem), I have learned that the best way to accomplish my goal is to take just one bite at a time. Before I know it, the elephant will be gone! And so will the problem. Otherwise, I would be spinning my wheels getting nowhere trying to tackle the whole (elephant) problem all at once.


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