How To Share My Faith With Others?

How to share my faith with others?

How to share my faith when I am not comfortable in doing so? Just ask God to give you the courage to do so. Here are some encouraging scriptures about sharing your faith.


I Want To Learn How To Share My Faith!

How To Share My Faith With Others?

Here is my simple guide on how to share my faith with others!


How To Share My Faith…

It took me a while to learn how to share my faith with others. Do you want to learn how to tell others about your faith in God, you need to share with them some personal details that you think might influence them to want to know God since God has impacted your life.

An important thing is to not talk to them in a way that would be rude and also be sure you do not talk too much. (keep it brief as possible, preferably under 3 minutes)

Allow them to ask you a few questions when you are done sharing and if by chance you do not have the answer for them, then tell them you will get back to them asap to let you know. 


I Love To Share My Faith And You Will Too!

Sharing your faith can be a very exciting thing to do, it is like any good news you come upon and share with a friend, but so much more important!

There is a chance that you might be afraid to share your faith because you don’t know what to say to others. In that case, then just tell them what God has done in your life? 

You can not go wrong if you just share what your life was before you believed and followed God. Then share what God has done for you in your life to make your faith become stronger!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to share my story with others?” If you have, you are on the right track. Learn how to share your faith here.

What does the Bible say about faith? Your testimony is something nobody can debate or argue with you!  We encourage you to learn how to become rooted in your belief in God, and then go into this world to share your faith with others! ~ Bill Greguska


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How To Share My Faith With Others!

 I’m thankful for the ability to share my faith in a lot of different places. It’s something that I take as a responsibility and an obligation to handle as best as I can. ~ Tim Tebow


Matthew  28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


Guideline About Writing Your Story!

  1. Give a couple of examples of how you were before you accepted Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior.
  2. How did God change your path in life that you were on?
  3. Tell what your life is now because of your new found faith in God.
  4. What is in your plans for the future as you continue to walk closely with God each day.


To Receive Christ, A Person Needs To Do Four Things:

  1. Admit they are a sinner.
  2. Ask forgiveness and be willing to turn away from your sins.
  3. Believe that Christ died for you on the cross.
  4. Receive Christ into your heart and life.



Share My Faith With Others In 5 Ways!


How To Share My Faith With Others!

  1. Explain how God took you from where you were, to where you are now.
  2. Give God credit for pulling you up and back on your feet.
  3. When you share your story, other people will be able to read it, and many of those people will be directly influenced because of it!
  4. When you tell your story to others, in reality, you are encouraging them by sharing what God has done in your life. This is also an excellent way to strengthen your faith by sharing with others.


More Resources To Help You Share Your Faith: 

  • Share, an interactive website that presents the Gospel in a simple way.
  • Get involved in My Hope America with Billy Graham, an outreach combining short films with personal relationships.
  • Read more about the Gospel, what it is and what it does.
  • Find resources for sharing the Gospel, including videos, printable tracts, advice on sharing your testimony and articles about sharing your faith.


Four Simple Steps How To Share My Faith?


Five Things To Remember In Sharing My Faith With Others!

Gary Cobb, a BGEA staff member who helps train others to share their faith, shares five things to remember.

1. To understand my past life is an important tool to share my faith. 

2. Earn the right to share my faith!

3. People are looking for a cure when I share my faith with them.

4. Keep it simple. The Gospel is already clear.

5. Tell them God loves them the way they are when I share my faith! 

#1 – Avoid Arguments When You Share Your Faith.


There is always a chance when getting into a conversation with an unbeliever, with the hope to share the gospel. Instead, you end up in a fruitless debate. That ought to be avoided at all cost.


#2 – To Save Precious Time as I Share My Faith.

If you know when to walk away from a conversation, then you won’t be wasting your time or theirs, besides not burning a bridge with them, in hopes to be able to talk at some other time. Using a Bible tract can be effective, but ultimately just sharing what God has done in your life is the best way to do it.


#3 – To Build a Relationship as I Share My Faith.

I know of some Christians who are going through times of challenge and of doubt, who are shy of sharing their faith. You can only giveaway from the abundance of what you have. 


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