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Where Can a Person Find General Encouragement?

A little general encouragement can be of great help. Find it here!

When you need general encouragement in your life, where do you turn first? Do you go to a friend to talk with? Do you pray? What do you do? My suggestion is to stop and sit quietly and begin to ask God in prayer for whatever need you may have at this time. You can do this sitting right in front of your computer.

Once you pray and ask for God’s help, he will speak to you in some way or another. After doing this, I then suggest sharing your concerns with a Christian friend, pastor, or a least someone who cares enough to help point you to Jesus Christ. Without help from someone, it can be very hard to practice living out your faith because of the many temptations that there are in this world.

Do not give up on your Christian faith, but rather hold on to what God’s word says with all the general encouragement that is found in the Bible. Yes, some Christain advice can seem to be harsh, but bottom line, if it saves you from hell and a life of sin and heartache here on earth, I would think you would agree that being open to it would be wise! I am a sinner myself, and I would be inclined to hear someone speak to me in love rather than in condemnation and judgment over me. That is why when Pastor Ron and Sue Sauer counseled me, I was open to all their general encouragement and Christian advice that they shared with me. ~ Bill Greguska


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