End Addiction

End your addiction, and start a new life. Need Encouragement.

Are you tired of going around in circles? Make it a point to end your addiction today!

If you or someone you love has an addiction, you will find many links that can point you find some encouragement below!

  1. I believe that most people like you have either have battled a full-blown addiction in their past (as I did).
  2. Or maybe you are battling an addiction right now?
  3. Or perhaps your addiction has been covered up because you may be a functioning addict or alcoholic, such as many people I was acquainted with or have heard about.

Whatever the case may be, below are many helpful links to point you in the right direction to end your addiction and start a new life. ~ Bill Greguska


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  6. Alcohol Problem

  7. Bad Habits

  8. Drinking Problem

  9. End Your Addiction

  10. Gambling Problem

  11. Marijuana

  12. My Drug And Alcohol Problem

  13. Need Recovery?

  14. Personal Inventory

  15. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

  16. Quit Smoking Now

  17. Quit Smoking/Save Money

  18. Recovery Principles

  19. Test For Addiction

  20. 12 Step Program