How To Solve Problems More Effectively?


Let God Solve Problems With You!


Solve Problems
We all have to solve problems in life each day, and you know that problems will always be a part of life. Your job is to analyze and figure out how to solve problems. Take all your challenges and concerns to God in prayer.
Ask God […]

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Marriage Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage!



Marriage Tips Can Be Very Helpful!

You need to give it all you have when you are in a divorce.

Marriage Tips For You!

Marriage tips can be very helpful to your marriage. Be sure to make God the center of your marriage, and make forgiveness a high priority and that you can […]

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How Can You Find Forgiveness? 

Others may not always forgive you, but what is important is that you go to God and ask for His forgiveness! Here are some encouraging scriptures about forgiveness.


Forgiveness Is Priceless!

If I want to be forgiven, what is the first thing I need to do? The first thing you need to do […]

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Jesus Wants You In Heaven! 


I Am Looking Forward To Heaven!


How Can I Know For Sure That  I Will Go To Heaven?

The quick answer to this question is… Romans 10:9-10 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with […]

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Learn How To Understand Others Better!


Do You Understand God For The Most Part?


Understand Others
Learn how to understand others because that is one of the secrets of being in good relationships. 

Do you think that you know how to understand others?

You may believe that you do, and that might be true to some degree, but do […]

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Healthy Relationships Don’t Just Happen!

When a person is in healthy relationships, that means there are boundaries that are established such as respect and other things. Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning healthy relationships.


Are You In Some Healthy Relationships?


Healthy Relationships Are Awesome!

Being in healthy relationships is one of the best things in life! Yet a relationship is […]

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Power In Words Can Help Or Hurt!


Power In Words To Build Up Or Tear Down!


God Will Not Waste Your Pain/Power In Words! 


Power In Words…
Power in words that come from others come from how much power you allow other people’s words to have in your life.

The power in words that you have access to have the […]

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Do You Need A Better Attitude?

We all have a bad attitude from time to time, but is your bad attitude one that lingers on day after day? Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning attitude.

How Is Your Attitude?


A bad attitude makes it hard to get anywhere or do anything productive in life. I know it because […]

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You Can Encourage Someone Today!


Pray For One Another!


12 Related Pages To Encourage Someone Today:

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Encourage A Friend
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Helping One Another
Topics For Encouragement
Share Encouragement
Words Of Encouragement


Choose To Encourage Someone!


What Should Motivate You To […]

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How To Be A Good Friend?


To Have Good Friends, You Need To Be A Good Friend!


A Good Friend Is A Treasure!
Think about it, it does take a certain amount of effort to be a good friend. There is a balance of reaching out to the needs of your friend and making them a priority […]

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Do You Need Some More Confidence? 


Where Do You Place Your Confidence?


To find confidence can be a job in itself. Often many people try to find faith in themselves or other words, self-worth by what other people think of them, what type of job they have, what kind of house or car they own.

The real […]

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Got Bad Habits You Want To Break?


Bad Habits Can Be Broken!

Are You Tired Of Your Bad Habits?
Bad habits, we all have one or two at least. Here is some information that will be able to help with any bad habits you might have. Each and every one of us needs to break bad habits.

The […]

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Do You Pray Hard, Or Hardly Pray?


Do You Want To Learn How To Pray Hard?


Pray Hard…
How often do you really pray hard? Why is it that only when a crisis like death, physical problems, financial problems, etc.?

Do you believe that God hears your prayers? Do you believe God answers the prayers of a righteous […]

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Do You Think You Have An Alcohol Problem?

If you even suspect that you have an alcohol problem, there might be a chance that you are. Take this test to learn more! Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning alcohol.

If You Have Any Doubt…Learn More Here!


Is It Possible That You Have An Alcohol Problem?
Does it seem that […]

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Prevent Divorce By Relying On God!

Learn How To Prevent Divorce!


Prevent Divorce…
Here is something I would like you to consider: I know personally the pain involved in going through a divorce. It is the worst pain I have experienced in my entire life.

I did not want the divorce which is probably why it was so […]

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End Your Addiction, Before It Ends You!


 You Can End Your Addiction With God’s Help!


There Are Many Types Of Addictions…
Do you think you might have an addiction and you want to end your addiction?

Whether that addiction might be food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet, etc.

Trust me that the saying, “Once an addict, always an addict” is […]

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Strive To Stop Sinning!

Discipline Yourself And Try To Stop Sinning!


Stop Sinning!
Here is something I would like you to consider. I like what my old pastor friend Mel from Oshkosh, WI once told me, “The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.”

That made a whole lot of sense […]

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Make It Your Goal To Eat Healthy Foods!


Do You Want To Start Eating Healthy?


Eat Healthy…

Most Americans need to eat better food. That concerns me a great deal.
There is a saying that goes something like this, “You are what you eat.”  In that case, if you eat healthy food, you are going to tend to be […]

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Want A Good Marriage?


Remember A Good Marriage Still Has 2 Sinners Involved…


Good Marriage…
What makes a good marriage is the ability to forgive, accept, respect and love your spouse.

Having faith and love for God will direct the course of your relationship. Putting your spouse’s needs ahead of your own. 

Bottom line, what makes a good marriage? […]

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How To Be More Friendly With Others…


Be More Friendly You Will Enjoy Life More!


How To Be More Friendly To Everyone!
To have friends, you need to be more friendly to others. Doing a small gesture of kindness is a great start. Try to find things that you have in common. Ask questions and get to know […]

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Sex Outside Marriage Is A Sin!


Have You Had Sex Outside Marriage?


Sex Outside Of Marriage
God created marriage and His guidelines for marriage. He did it for our safety and protection because He loves us so much to do so.

Sex is an intimate act between a husband and wife. Sex in itself is pure under the […]

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Trust In God And Do Not Worry!


Do Not Worry! It Is A Total Waste Of Time To Do So…


Do Not Worry…
Worrying doesn’t help! God says do not worry and that we ought not to be anxious about anything, but then why do we still worry?

Have you ever thought that God tells us things we […]

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Avoid Sin By Guarding Your Heart!


Avoid Sin Because It’s Definitely Not Worth It!


Avoid Sin…
How can you avoid sin? There are a number of ways to avoid sin. One obvious way is by not going to places that will tempt you.  

To avoid sin, you need to monitor what you see with your eyes, hear with […]

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Stronger Faith Starts Here!


Your Faith Is Important!


Stronger Faith
Ask yourself the question, “Do you have stronger faith than a year ago at this time?” God tells us in the Bible:

“Truly I say to you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it […]

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God’s Will Be Done, Not My Will Be Done! 


The Bible Explains God’s Will!


God’s Will
God’s will is the ONLY right standard for living every time. The problem is that we fall short even if we set out to do God’s will.

We are fallen creatures, and God can understand that, and He has compassion and mercy […]

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How Can You Strengthen Your Integrity?


What Ways Do You Compromise Your Integrity?


Honesty and integrity are both choices to do the right thing even though it is hard to do, or when others are doing their own thing and whatever feels good! 

Integrity is doing the right things for the right reasons. Honesty does not come naturally, and it […]

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The Free Gift Of Salvation Is Free!


The Free Gift Of Salvation Is Nothing You Can Earn!


Free Gift Of Salvation…

There are not many people that do not like a free gift. The free gift I am referring to is the free gift of salvation.

Would you like to know where you are going once you die? […]

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If You’re A New Believer, Praise God!


As A New Believer, You Need To Know This!


New Believer
Do you want to be a new believer in Jesus Christ and would like to know what to do next? Let us help shed some light on this subject. 

You must first understand that God created you for life with Him and for […]

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